My Beautiful Commander
134 The Temple of Stars 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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134 The Temple of Stars 1

" Hmm.." Xuan Li Wei hummed in response as he was thinking about something else. He then flicked his fingers while murmuring a few words in the same language which the little girl used while summoning the whip.

In the blink of an eye, a battle axe materialized in his hands. The shiny black luster of the axe's body attracted the onlookers eyes. The twin crescent shaped blades with their sharp edges can evoke fear in anyone who are facing this monstrous weapon. The blades were crafted with such precision and care that their surfaces now resembled mirrors which clearly reflect anything before them.

The handle of the axe had a dragon engraving on it making the proud weapon look even more majestic. On clear observation, one can find different kinds of runes inscribed on it's body. Xuan Li Wang stared at the weapon in a daze. No matter how many times he saw, he could not help but be attracted by this divine weapon. Such is the charm of this weapon. But, one could not stare at it for a long time, because of the bloodthirsty aura around it.

Xuan Li Wei stared at the battle axe haltingly and no one knew what exactly is going on in his mind. On seeing his son stare at the battle axe absentmindedly, Xuan Li Wang gently called out " Wei'er.."

" Father, there's something that has been bothering me for a long time" Xuan Li Wei spoke slowly without breaking his gaze away from his battle axe. And these thoughts are making him restless everyday.

" What is it?" Xuan Li Wang was internally surprised on seeing his ever decisive son stuck up on something. When had he seen his son in such dilemma? He could not help but think as what or who messed up this fellow's thoughts.

Xuan Li Wei did not speak up immediately. He stared at his axe for a while before chanting something which made the axe disappear from his hands. He sighed deeply before opening his mouth to speak.

" When my weapon chose me, I did not feel pain in the slightest." Xuan Li Wei paused for a bit before speaking a low voice with a hint of pain " But, she went through spasms of pain before my eyes and I was not able to do anything. I stood there like a rock just staring at her. I was useless.."

" And I believe there's more to that whip and her. I've never heard of someone going through pain while acquiring a divine weapon." Xuan Li Wei was sure that there is something more to that situation.

" Who is the she we are talking about?" Xuan Li Wang was more curious about the owner of the second divine weapon.

" My wife.." Xuan Li Wei rolled his eyes at his old man. Who in the world is more skilled than his wife and what sort of a question is that?

On hearing his son's answer, a certain old man became speechless. Just what sort of attitude is his son showing ah?! Why is he having a faint feeling that his son is becoming a hopeless romantic?

Xuan Li Wang shook his head. He should not be having such thoughts regarding his son's future. What hopeless romantic? His son is a passionate lover! Yes, that's it..

Then again going back to the matter in hand, Xuan Li Wang pondered for a while before speaking

" There are many things which we cannot understand. But, it should not be a matter of concern if she is alright now."

Xuan Li Wei had a sour expression on his face as he stared at this useless father.

" cough.. What is it? Don't look at me like that.." Xuan Li Wang was flustered now. Why is it that he is the one who is receiving such mean looks? He is not at fault ah!

Xuan Li Wang was not able to remain calm anymore as he pointed his finger at a certain unfilial son " If you are worried about your wife, then go to the Temple of Stars. The old man who seems to have all the free time in the world will answer your questions."

" I know. But I never thought that you are so useless…" Xuan Li Wei criticized his old man without any slightest hesitation " I am leaving now. I need to find the old man and find out what exactly is happening."

Without waiting for his father to answer, Xuan Li Wei immediately soared into the air leaving the palace. He should find that old man at any cost today. There was this nagging feeling in his heart that something is not right with the scenario on that day.

Initially, he felt that he was being paranormal and making a mountain out of a molehill. But, after careful thinking he found the crux of the problem.


There was no barrier that he could not break, but no matter how hard he tried he was not able to break through the barrier surrounding her on that day. It was as if something was preventing him from going near to her and it left him feeling unsettled. Luckily, she did not suffer anything major except the bone wrenching pain and why she suffered from such pain is another question which has been bugging him lately.

With a myriad of thoughts in his brain, Xuan Li Wei rushed towards the Temple of Stars with a lightning speed.

After an incense stick¹ worth of time, a simple shrine came into view. The shrine was on the highest peak of Yun mountain range. The Yun mountain range was near the northern border of the Qilin empire. As the name Yun implies, it was as if the mountains are shrouded by clouds. A simple shrine in the midst of white mist like clouds looked picturesque.

When Xuan Li Wei entered within the Li² radius of the temple, an old monk dressed in pristine white robes who was meditating in the temple opened his eyes abruptly.


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