My Beautiful Commander
147 Digging one“s own grave 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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147 Digging one“s own grave 1

" Big brother, why are you so excited?" Jun Moyin who was dressed in fiery red robes asked out of the blue making the smile on a certain person's face freeze instantly.

Xuan Li Wei chose not to answer and his eyes were fixed on the road ahead without sparing even a single glance at his brother.

But his indifferent attitude did not discourage the other person in the least as he continued to speak, but a trace of seriousness can be detected in his words.

" Brother, I think you what you did is not right."

Those words had the desired effect as Xuan Li Wei immediately turned around and glared at Moyin

" What are you speaking about?"

What did he not do right? He absolutely had no idea about what this brat is so concerned about and why he was suddenly going against him.

" It's about sister-in-law. You should not have used such flirtatious words with her."

" Eh?! If not with her, then should I flirt with you?"

Xuan Li Wei rolled his eyes and smirked at Jun Moyin, while the latter was horrified after hearing his brother's words. He was absolutely against it, even if he had an interest in men he would not have such strong tastes as to go for a man like his big brother!

The idea itself is too revolting!

Jokes aside, he had to know what exactly is his brother thinking. If his brother was seriously interested in Xia Lian, then he needed to advise this pig head so that something outrageous like flirting with a young girl who is barely 12 years old would not repeat again.

" Brother, are you serious about sister-in-law? I won't be polite if you are just playing with her" he finally asked the question which has been weighing on his mind for a long time.

" I've told you earlier that only she can be your sister-in-law. Doesn't this count as serious in your eyes?" Xuan Li Wei spoke with a never seen seriousness in his voice and his eyes were sincere as he said those words.

He could not help but wonder what was wrong with this brat. Why on the earth is he asking such meaningless questions, dampening his mood like that.

Jun Moyin's stern face finally softened after hearing his brother's words. So, he decided to open up with him " Brother, the way you are courting sister-in-law is not right. How can you flirt with her ah! She is just a kid!"

" She is a kid in your eyes, not in mine." For the first time in his life Jun Moyin felt the strong urge to beat this fellow into a pulp and knock some sense into his head.

" Brother, you need to control your carnal desires. She is just 12 years old. Are you such a beast that you would not leave a child at peace, constantly irritating her?"

" But, I've seen you speak with women in that way." Xuan Li Wei frowned. He always saw Moyin speak with ladies in that way. That's the reason why he started flirting with the little girl.

He was genuinely confused now. He thought that he was doing everything in the right way as he followed the lead of his younger brother, who was usually very good with women.

If not, why would he take such a risk of flirting with that hot headed girl?

Isn't it the same as courting his own death? He was not that stupid to do that!

On the other side, Jun Moyin's face paled as a sudden realization hit him. He was hitting on those ladies, he was not courting them! How could his big brother not even understand such a thing? So directly or indirectly,he was the one responsible for this huge blunder!!!!!

' Big bro, I never thought that you are this stupid!' Jun Moyin screamed in his mind. With this level of intelligence, it's only a miracle if his sister-in-law did not kill this man before they even fall in love with each other.

Brother, you will flirt with a woman if you are just attracted to her." Jun Moyin looked directly into Xuan Li Wei's hazel eyes as he stressed his next words clearly " If you are seriously desire a woman, then you should respect her."

Xuan Li Wei knew about her personality but he really did not think that flirting with her would be so disastrous ah! He never thought that his master plan would backfire on him. All this would have never happened if he has not taken his brother as an example.

With these thoughts floating in his brain, Xuan Li Wei glared at Moyin. The blame and complaints in his eyes were as clear as day.

Moyin naturally understood his brother's wounded animal appearance. He casually shrugged his shoulders " Who asked you to make your own assumptions. You should have asked me directly if you needed my advice on romance. It was you who dug your own grave."

" So, listen to me and stop flirting with her before she murders you out of rage." Jun Moyin really felt bad for his brother. He decided to look out for this brother of his who is completely clueless in matters of dating and pursuing women.

" Are you kidding me? Now that I realize my mistake, I would be a fool if I continue to flirt with the little girl." Xuan Li Wei paused for a bit before speaking in a low voice.

" She must be mad at me. I would not be surprised if she directly slaps me in the face." Xuan Li Wei prepared his heart for the worst.

" Knowing her temper, are you still expecting that she would simply slap you and let go of this matter." Jun Moyin spoke in a deep voice " You must harden your heart brother and I have a faint feeling that she would break all the bones in your body."

Jun Moyin smiled maliciously and Xuan Li Wei felt a cold sweat on his forehead as he knew that nothing could be done if the girl decides to beat him. He cannot bear to hurt her and he was sure that he would become a punching bag for her if a fight breaks out. He imagined her monstrous strength and he could even hear the cracking sounds of his bones.

He shook his head like a rattle drum to get a hold on his thoughts. He then shamelessly declared " If the matter goes out of hand, I would simply apologize to her."


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