My Beautiful Commander
150 Test subjects
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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150 Test subjects

Xia Lian stopped beating him after a while. The raging fire in her heart finally subsided, thus calming her and putting her actions to a stop.

" Eh?! Why did you stop?" Lu Wen was initially disappointed but after staring at the empty plate, he changed his mind " Master, I think it's enough. Let's stop the play now."

Though Xuan Li Wei did not like him, he was truly grateful in his heart after hearing such melodious words.

" Stop?" Xia Lian chuckled " The play has just begun…"

Xuan Li Wei shuddered and was about to speak something when the door to the room was kicked open and a figure in red rushed into the room.

On seeing Xuan Li Wei's battered state, Jun Moyin was instantly angered and he charged right at the kid who was dressed in white. Xia Lian's brows rose up in amusement as she welcomed his attack.

" Moyin, be careful…" Xuan Li Wei was now worried about his brother ah! He knew that this brat could never beat up this great demon. Even he was helpless against her, how could Moyin fare against such a person?

Xuan Li Wei opened his mouth in disbelief as he witnessed the series of events unfolding before his eyes.

Xia Lian caught his hand which was aimed at her face, and flipped him over with ease as if he weighed nothing. Not giving any time for the kid to grimace in pain, she lifted him up and threw him onto the couch.

" Tsk… Such a waste." Lu Wen rolled his eyes at Jun Moyin and then turned towards Xia Lian " Master is so great! Not many can stand against you." He was genuinely proud making Xia Lian's eyes turn into crescents and reveal her set of pearly white smile.

" What master! I will beat the crap out of you!" Xia Lian simply pressed an acupuncture point of Jun Moyin and pushed him back onto the couch.

" You didn't recognize me, did you?" Xia Lian staggered.

" Who are you?" Jun Moyin clearly did not remember her.

" You really did not recognize me…" Xia Lian was heartbroken and leaned against the wall with a sad face.

Jun Moyin squinted his eyes and searched through his memories in vain. Thinking that the kid before him is bluffing, he exploded "You brat! How can this young master be acquainted with the likes of you?"

That's it! Xuan Li Wei facepalmed. This Moyin was truly a fool!

Jun Moyin clearly did not understand the present situation as he questioned Xuan Li Wei ignoring Xia Lian " Big brother, why are we with this brat! Where is our Sis Xia Lian?"

" Big Brother, I need to apologise to her. You were already beaten up by this brat. I can't imagine how you will look after sister-in-law beats you. So, I will admit my mistakes."

Xuan Li Wei's face paled immediately after hearing the word sister-in-law. If he had enough strength in his body, he would have strangled that loose mouthed kid to death.

Xia Lian was confused on the other hand. Why would he call her sister-in-law? Did this kid hit his brain when he fell on the ground earlier?

" Moyin, are you alright?" Xia Lian cleared her throat and spoke in her original voice startling him. Jun Moyin lifted his head abruptly and stared at the young boy before him with large eyes and open mouth clearly resembling a goldfish.

" Sis L-Lian?" he stuttered unsure if he heard right or wrong.

" Hmm… So, what is this sister-in-law?" she tilted her head in confusement.

" A slip of tongue. Please don't mind me." It scared the wits out of him after realising his mistake. He almost sold off his big brother!

Xia Lian did not think much about it and she brushed it off thinking that the brat was just spouting some nonsense. But, there was another thing which she was itching to know about " So, why do you want to apologise to me? Don't tell me that it was also a slip of your tongue."

" Sis Lian, you must promise me that you mustn't be angry with me later."

Now, she was sure that the kid did something insane. " I don't make promises."

Jun Moyin tried to move his hands as if to plead her, but he found that he could not move his arms at all. His face was suddenly filled with apprehension making Xia Lian chuckle " It's the effect of my numbing powder. Don't worry, it will fade after a while."

" Sis Lian, it's me who advised big brother about all that flirting. So, don't be mad at him."

Xia Lian's face fell " Oh! I understand."

So, this brat was the one ah! Very well, she would make him understand that she was not the one to be messed up with.

She fished out two pills from a porcelain bottle and stuffed one into each of their mouths. After a few moments, they found that the numbness in their bodies disappearing gradually. They stared at her with amazement, these pills were superb.

She then walked towards Xuan Li Wei and fed him another pill. She was sure that his body would be in a pain, so he needed a pain killer and her anger was already appeased. She then took out a jar from the table and applied the cream all over his face. That would take care of the bruises and scars, she was now satisfied. She almost destroyed his pretty face!

Jun Moyin gaped at her foolishly and Xuan Li Wei was frozen on the spot. He really did not expect such sudden change in his wife ah!

She then turned around and squinted her eyes at Jun Moyin while enunciating each word clearly

" Both of you are going to be the test specimens of the live testing."


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