My Beautiful Commander
153 Barrels of Vinegar 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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153 Barrels of Vinegar 1

Xia Lian felt that all these men are truly a feast for one's eyes. She then stared at her bunny who was dressed in a bunny outfit. She personally made this outfit out of grey fox fur. The large stuffed ears on his head made him look like a real rabbit, fluffy and soft.The kid looked so cute in that dress that Xia Lian started to squeeze him. No matter how many good looking men are there around her, the little bunny is the showstopper of the day.

Just when everyone finished settling down in the room, two devilishly handsome men entered the room. One looked like a celestial in white and the other looked ravishing in red. All the men who were seated along with Xia Lian stared at Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin as if they were enraptured. It was only He Chun who turned his head away after a single glance, he was not interested in things like beauty and looks.

Likewise, the smile on Xuan Li Wei's face froze as soon as he saw the horde of men in the room. Each one of them looked good and why were they seated around his wife?

He was unhappy and his face had a bitter expression as he stared at all the men in the room. Jun Moyin started to whistle a song as he observed his big brother's funny yet miserable expression as he sat opposite of Xia Lian. The sight was too funny.

There was another one who was unhappy seeing all the flies around his little sister. Lu Wen observed each man in the room quickly assessing them.

Bolin and Bohai- Naive and naughty. Eliminated from the list of pestering flies.

Jun Moyin- Ravishing body but no ulterior motives detected. Successfully eliminated from the list.

He Chun- Refined and warm. Possible husband candidate. Danger!

Lu Wen pretty much assessed everyone in the room but he almost stumbled when his eyes fell on Xuan Li Wei. The initially handsome face was twisted as if he ate something bitter. Even he was able to smell the sour scent of jealousy that is being emanated from the great general's body. It was at that moment that Lu Wen decided that this person was the biggest fly of all.

Now the first task at his hand was not to allow anyone of these dangerous men sit beside the girl.

" Qiu…" Lu Wen called out to his other half and pointed to the space on the left side of Xia Lian " Sit beside master."

Yang Qiu was not able to understand why this man is acting like that. Nevertheless, he obediently nodded his head and sat beside Xia Lian who was busy playing with the little bunny. Lu Wen then naturally sat on the other side of Xia Lian making a certain person mad.

The temperature around him suddenly dropped and the expression on his face dropped as no emotion could be detected from those bottomless eyes. Jun Moyin gulped on seeing this, his brother was definitely mad!

The two men on either side of her seemed like thorns in his eyes. He decided that he would toss them out of the window.

Just as he was about to take a step forward, he saw a certain ungrateful girl squint her eyes.

Xia Lian's lips twitched when she saw Lu Wen and Yang Qiu sitting on either side of her. What was she doing sitting between this pair of sweethearts?

She didn't want to deprive them of the basic privacy. So,squinted her brows and stood before Lu Wen.

" What?" Not answering his question, she simply grabbed his collar and dragged him to sit beside Yang Qiu, while she sat beside Lu Wen.

" How can you leave your sweetheart alone big brother?" Xia Lian blinked her eyes innocently making Lu Wen and Yang Qiu blush at the same time.

Xia Lian: "..." Aiya! Being young feels so good!

Xuan Li Wei who was dead set on tossing them out of the window, now had a foolish expression on his face. Sweethearts? He immediately understood what was happening and his face eased up a bit.

" Who is he?" he asked her while pointing at Lu Wen. He naturally saw the man's protective nature towards his wife and he was really curious about their relationship.

" Eh? He's my sworn brother, Lu Wen and that is his other half, Yang Qiu." Xia Lian's words made him brighten up instantly. With this Lu Wen around her, he was assured that not even a single fly could enter her vicinity. But, the only person who bothered him was that calm and gentle man who had a kind smile on his face. Who was he?

With all kinds of thoughts in his mind, Xuan Li Wei finally sat beside Jun Moyin with a not so good expression on his face.

He Chun naturally had a deep understanding of all the poisons and he heard about the new poisons which the kid concocted from Bolin. He was astounded about how this kid could be so sly and now he was playing with his little brother with an innocent expression on his face.

Suddenly finding the kid cute, he found himself stretch his hands and pinch Xia Lian's cheeks.


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