My Beautiful Commander
162 The Grand Auction 7
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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162 The Grand Auction 7

" You there, not only did you slander me but also manipulated others with your words to go against me. Just because of your mistake, I don't want to punish everyone. Who gave you the courage to go against me?" Xia Lian's voice was no longer polite and her gaze was like daggers slicing the other party's hearts.

Lin Rong shivered under Xia Lian's gaze, it was as if she was a pest under those cold and bottomless eyes. She felt as if she was rooted to the spot and as if someone was choking her throat. No words were coming out. Why is she sensing such deep hatred from those eyes?

On seeing the trembling figure of her concubine mother, Xia Lian's lips curved up. It was a smile that did not reach her eyes.

" Shouldn't you be apologizing to me now?" there was not even a hint of respect in her voice as she spat out the words.

Lin Rong knew that she was the one who was impulsive this time. So, she did not make a fuss out of it and immediately apologist " Please excuse me for my rash behavior."

Lin Rong felt that she did pretty good in apologizing, but her whole body turned cold after hearing the following words…

" Are you taking me for a fool or are you thinking that you can spout all sort of nonsense and get away with it. Not everything can be fixed with a single word called sorry…"

" Kneel and apologize to me…"

Xia Lian didn't feel even the slightest bit of pity for the woman. They were chased away from their home and if not for that veiled man and her friends, she and Xia Ming would not have lasted this long. Her mother was missing and her whereabouts were unknown till date. It was clear that her mother was hiding from someone as she even requested the emperor to take care of them in her absence. Who knew what kind of hardships she was facing?

With the thought of her missing mother, the last shred of pity disappeared from Xia Lian's heart. It was already a miracle that she did not tear up the woman before her into pieces. She was not a saint and she would definitely make the woman kneel before her.

And this would be only the beginning…

Xia Lian was not the one who would kill her enemies or torture them physically. She would rather make sure that they would regret their existence on the earth. It would be the same for Lin Rong, the woman would be crying tears of regret sooner or later.

Xia Jiang initially wanted to defend his wife but remembering that this Doctor Wu is someone related to the Imperial family, he held himself back. He glared at Lin Rong as if saying not to cause any more trouble.

Flinching under his gaze, Lin Rong understood that she had to kneel or else she would be disposed off by her own husband. She knew him too well and nothing is more important than her life.

Taking in deep breaths, she maintained a poker face and knelt on the floor which was as cold as her heart " Doctor Wu, now I am deeply regretting my impulsive behavior. Please forgive my rude actions and meaningless words."

Lin Rong was truly regretting her actions and she was not acting now. Why had she gone against this Doctor? She was reprimanding herself as she knelt on the ground with her head bowed down.

Xia Lian swept a faint glance over her before announcing in a loud voice " Continue the auction and those who dare to go against me will end up like her."

Continue the auction? Lin Rong was dazed…

The meaning of Doctor Wu's words was that she should continue kneeling like that. Lin Rong felt deeply ashamed and enraged. She felt wronged but she knew that if she spoke anything now, not to speak of that doctor her husband will behead her immediately.

The auctioneer on the stage also backed Xia Lian " Doctor Wu is our honored client. Going against him is equivalent to going against us and such persons will not be allowed in here in near future."

" As a show of our faith, Prime minister Xia and his family by Lin Rong of Qilin empire can no longer participate in any of the future auctions. Since you are already seated in for this day's auction, we will not chase you away."


The auctioneers words not only made Xia Jiang's mind go blank but also Xia Lian to be surprised. She knew that her poisons had impressed the old man but that was not enough for them to become so fiercely protective of her.

" Let's continue the auction from 200,000 gold…" his words made everyone push their thoughts to the back of their minds and concentrate on the auction. No matter how curious they are, the auction before them is more important.

Xia Lian stood on the corridor with a deep frown on her face. What exactly happened now?! She made her way back to the room and raised her brows at Xuan Li Wei…

Xuan Li Wei: " It's not me…"

This only made her further confused. She had thought that Xuan Li Wei was the one who made them do this, but now it was clear that it was not the case. She must ask that old man Du Weng about his later on!


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