My Beautiful Commander
163 The Grand Auction 8
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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163 The Grand Auction 8

The auction continued on and the prices of the Silent Night soared up with each bidding. The four bottles of the poison were sold at 8,000,000 each which was pretty good price according to her.

What made her dumb founded was the intense war of bidding's for her antidote 'Purgatory'. Once it was consumed, no poison could ever harm them. So she understood the excitement of the crowd.

The only problem was that Xia Lian was starting to get bored. The shirtless man, Mo Yan was not bidding much to her disappointment. Ever her shameless father was not bidding…

She then stared at the men in her room. Jun Moyin and Lu Wen were busy eating and it seemed that they are comfortable around each other. Lu Wen was friendly with Jun Moyin because the former decided that the latter was not a pest who would bother his little sister. Much to Jun Moyin's surprise Lu Wen was the one who initiated the conversation and they immediately hit off, thanks to their love for food…

" Gluttons…" Xia Lian snorted playfully and Jun Moyin immediately turned towards her " Sis Xia, so once the antidote is taken no poison can kill us, right?"

Xia Lian smirked on seeing the look of expectation on his face. She ruthlessly nipped off his thoughts " No poison can affect you except my super special signature poisons. So, don't even think about playing with me."

" Got it. I will never ever go against you…" Jun Moyin was scared to death and he raised his hands in surrender.

" Sis Xia, are poisons really that scary in the hands of women?" Jun Moyin was confused about this.

" Am I am Man or a Woman?" Xia Lian face-palmed at him.

" Of course you are a girl!"

" Did you forget that I am the one who created these poisons and here you are still asking if poisons are that scary in the hands of women."

Xia Lian was truly rendered speechless by this kid.

Now, Jun Moyin was truly scared. He was deceived by his sister-in-law's bunny like appearance. Though he was used a test subject, he was not traumatized by that experience. He only treated it as playing around. But, now it seems that he can't tease Xia Lian anymore and it made him sad.

His gloomy appearance was somehow very pleasing to her eyes. Nodding her head in satisfaction, she turned to look at Xuan Li Wei only to find that the latter was thinking deeply.

" What are you thinking?" she waved her tiny hands before his eyes successfully distracting him in the process.

" Oh! It's nothing." Xuan Li Wei shook his head before speaking " Your grandfather will be back in the capital soon."

" Really! Did my grandfather agree to come back?" Xia Lian's face brightened at the mention of the stubborn old man but it immediately turned into an expression of disbelief. She heard that no one can convince him, so she was not sure if that old man would agree so peacefully.

Xuan Li Wei was able to guess to what she was thinking " Even a stubborn man cannot refuse an Imperial edict."

" And there are your little cousins, two little girls in the family. He will return to the capital for their sake."

" Is he going to join the military?" the admiration and awe in her voice was evident and there was a genuine smile on her face.

" The position of Senior Strategist is reserved for him. No one can beat him in strategies of war. Such is his intelligence. His martial arts are also at the level of an expert. " Xuan Li Wei was not stingy with his praises. He may be good in martial arts and sword fighting, but his strategies are always a step behind the old man's. He had a deep sense of respect for Hua Bingwen.

" Expert?" Xia Lian's voice turned extremely sad " Didn't he lose his right hand? So, he won't be able to fight anymore, would he?"

Her words made Xuan Li Wei speechless. He wondered if this girl knew anything about her maternal grandfather.

" Do you know anything about your grandfather?"

" No, I didn't see him even once."

Xuan Li Wei was surprised but Xia Lian was telling the truth. The original body never met with her grandfather, she had no idea how the old man even looks like.

" Your grandfather is a left handed person like you. His right hand will never be a hindrance to him."

Realization dawned on her, if her grandfather is a left handed person then it's good. She wanted to see him fight one day…

" This is the scroll about your divine whip. Go through it later." Xia Lian immediately placed the scroll in her robes.

" This has become a mere decorative ornament on me." she spoke while rubbing the dragon head on her shoulder as Xuan Li Wei observed it.

" 15,000,000 gold is the final bid." The shout was followed by the ringing of bells three times successfully attracting the attention of Xia Lian.

" It seems that I am finally rich now. Now I can return your money." Xia Lian did not like to owe anyone anything. She sold ten bottles of the antidote and the mere thought of the amount of money which she earned was making her giddy with happiness.

Xuan Li Wei wanted to say that there is no need to return the money. But she would never listen to him. He would give her everything, if she would depend on him even a little. Knowing her independent personality, he chose not to speak anything lest it infuriates her.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》