My Beautiful Commander
164 Consignmen
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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164 Consignmen

" Doctor Wu, do you have any bank account on your name? We want to deposit the money in your card." Du Weng rushed into the room and the old man's face was swollen with happiness. The auction really excited him this time. It was the first time their auction house made such huge amounts of money only by selling a single poison and a single antidote. The heavy atmosphere during the bidding sent his blood boiling.

" Take this card and make sure to put all the gold under that name." Du Weng took the golden card from her hands and stared at the name on it. It was the name of the Fourth prince of Qilin empire or rather the name of the man sitting before him. He had a hundred questions he wanted to ask as he was curious about how Doctor Wu was on such good terms with the rumored War God.

Alas! But, he was not in a position where he could ask whatever that comes to his mouth ah! What if Doctor Wu becomes enraged and makes him kneel like that unfortunate woman. Du Weng subconsciously tilted his head to find Lin Rong who was still kneeling on the cold floor with her head bowed down.

" I will take care of the deposit." that was all Du Weng could manage to speak on seeing the woman who was trembling on the floor. He was not that eager to kneel on the cold floor just for the sake of satisfying his curiosity and he immediately escaped from the room lest he should speak something impulsive and anger this young doctor.

" Li Wei,come with me. There is something I want to show you." Xia Lian spoke while dusting her clothes as she stood up. Xuan Li Wei stood up suddenly as if a bolt of lightning suddenly struck him making Xia Lian chortle. Her lips twitched when she saw Jun Moyin and Lu Wen still sitting on the comfy couch and relishing on the snacks.

" Should I invite you both specifically?" she snapped at the two idiots who are lazing around.

Jun Moyin and Lu Wen displayed wronged expressions on their faces. She addressed that big brother of his sweetly calling him Li Wei. She didn't even invite him and Lu Wen to come with them, but she was expecting that they should join these both.

What are they? Third and Fourth wheels between this pair?

No chance!

" Sis Xia, you both can go ahead. Brother Lu Wen and I have somethings to talk about." Jun Moyin really didn't want to be the third wheel but there was someone who didn't think the same.

" We have nothing to talk about…" Lu Wen's declaration made Jun Moyin look like a deflated balloon " This guy must be bloated by all the food he ate. Let's leave him here, he's not a kid anyway."

" Then sit here for a while. We will be back soon." Xia Lian was quite considerate with him. She really thought that Moyin was feeling uncomfortable.

" Sis Xia, I am fine. I will be coming with you." Jun Moyin spat out the words with great difficulty and to his relief she did not question him anything and simply waved her hand at him indicating that he can follow them.

Xia Lian led them to the huge storage room in the backyard of the auction house. There are many guards stationed at the front door of the storehouse. On seeing Xia Lian, one of the guards stepped forward and saluted her.

" Doctor Wu, let me lead the way…"
Xia Lian did not refuse him because she did not know the way inside this house which had intricate pathways. Also, she did not know where her consignment is…

The storage room was made of many compartments. The most valuable items were locked away in the innermost rooms and less valuable items are placed in the rooms with less security measures. The guard led Xia Lian to a room which was definitely not the innermost one…

" Doctor Wu, your goods are placed in this room. I will be taking my leave now." the guard handed over the key to her and took his leave.

The trio followed her into the room as she unlocked it and under the faint light of the torches on the walls they saw large number of crates stacked upon each other. The sight before their eyes made Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin widen their eyes with Lu Wen remaining impassive as he knew about this.

" What are these?" Xuan Li Wei asked in a low voice. He had a faint idea but nevertheless he asked her.

" These are the boxes having antidotes and tonics. These antidotes are the improvised version of the ones I sold in the auction house. Even my poisons cannot affect you if you take them. Give them to all the trusted soldiers in the army."

" As for the tonics, give them to everyone. It does not do any wonders when consumed but if consumed daily it will slowly improve the muscles and strength of the body."

" For now I was able to make only about a thousand of antidotes. Doctor He Chun and the twins are in charge of concocting them and delivering it to your army barracks."

" As for the tonics, there are five hundred of them. Take this recipe with you and give to one your most experienced and trusted doctors, he will know what to do." she handed him a paper while speaking.

It seemed that she had no intention of stopping as she continued to lecture him " Ah! And that medium sized box is for your family. There are antidotes and skin care creams in there. Anyone can use them and tell the women in the palace that those are not skin whitening creams, they are just normal moisturising creams."

Speaking till here she paused and buried her nose in her hands thinking deeply. Xuan Li Wei almost laughed out loud on seeing her like this.

" Are you done lecturing me?" there was mirth in his voice.

" Yes, I am." she nodded not noticing the word 'lecturing' and stared at him with her large eyes.

" Then we will be leaving now." Xuan Li Wei sighed while rubbing her head " Be careful and don't act impulsively. Make sure to eat well."

" Alright, I will listen to you." Much to his pleasant surprise she nodded her head like an obedient cat.


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