My Beautiful Commander
166 Meeting the owner of the Black Dragon Auction House
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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166 Meeting the owner of the Black Dragon Auction House

Inside a dark room…

In the midst of all the darkness, there was faint light emitting from the dancing flames which are in the form of a ring. One could see the images of a person moving around reflected in it's hollow.

A man was intently staring at the fire mirror floating before him. His gaze was transfixed on Xia Lian who was now walking with Du Weng and Lu Wen.

He blinked his eyes rapidly and pinched his hands to make sure that he was not seeing an illusion of her. If Du Weng was there to see this action of his master, he would have surely rolled his eyes and assured the insecure man that he was definitely not seeing an illusion. This was not the first time the man pinched himself, he was doing so from the time he saw her entering the auction room.

Lidan was not a man who was interested in the worldly affairs and he never stepped out of this dark room. Even he didn't know why but he felt like he had to watch today's auction at any cost. He may not believe people's words or auctions, but he never doubted the voice of his heart.

It was just a gut feeling, but he immediately used the fire mirror to watch the auction. He was initially disinterested but his whole body shook when he saw her. For the first time in ten thousand years, a flicker of life returned to his empty eyes...

Out of all the places, he never expected that she would be coming here. Most of all he never expected that he would see her again, alive and well.

It had been ten thousand years and he had been searching for her from then, in the hopes that she would be reborn again. He left the immortal realm and roamed around the world only in the hopes of finding her again. But he was bound to be disappointed. Out of depression he locked himself in the darkness, for it was his world without her.

Though she disguised herself as a male, his crystal blue eyes could see through any illusion. So he recognized her in an instant. She was petite and young and it was then he remembered that she was still a child with no memories of her past.

To make sure that he was not hallucinating, he asked Du Weng who was staring at the fire mirror in awe " Do you see this person? Who is he?"

" He is Doctor Wu, our new client." Du Weng was stunned on seeing his master ask about Doctor Wu. His master was not a man of many words and it can be considered as a fortune if they hear his voice. So, Du Weng concluded that this Doctor Wu must be great to catch his master's attention.

Both personally and professionally, Du Weng admired the young doctor. So he praised genuinely " Master, doctor Wu is very talented and even his character is excellent."

Lidan's brain was short circuited when he realized that he was not dreaming.

So, he was not imagining things…

Lidan didn't know if he should be happy or not and he had to admit that he was having mixed feelings after seeing her. Happy that she was alive and sad that she would be facing many trials and tribulations in the near future.

It was then he saw a mere human disgracing her. He was so angry and if he wanted to he can kill the noisy woman with a single flick of his finger. But, he will not reveal his presence in the mortal realm, not now at least.

So, he ordered Du Weng to not allow those group of garbage into the auction house ever again...

Humans or not, no matter what, he would protect her this time.

He then stared at the darkness around him and flicked his fingers. Five small floating balls of fire traveled to all the corners of the room cleaning everything in their way and illuminating all the torches in the room.

The originally gloomy and dark room was now bright and filled with white carpets and white curtains. Seated on the couch, Lidan's face finally showed a hint of satisfaction.

When she was taken away from him, all that remained was the darkness in his heart. Since she was back in his life, it's time he removed the darkness around him.

" Master, Doctor Wu is here to meet you. Can we come in?" Du Weng's voice made Lidan incredibly nervous. He opened his mouth but found himself too excited to speak.

Du Weng was familiar with this indifferent attitude of his master. Taking the silence of his master as a sign of agreement, he opened the door and motioned Xia Lian to follow him carefully. Lu Wen remained outside the room, he knew that guards are not expected in such meeting with important people. Xia Lian did not say anything because it was the way this world worked.

Du Weng gaped in shock on seeing the room which was completely lit. He promptly recovered from his shock after sensing his master's glare and retreated from the room not forgetting to close the door behind.

Lidan observed the girl before him. She was curiously observing him while he was studying her. When he noticed the dragon head on her shoulder, his fingers trembled violently and his lips twitched noticeably. Now there was doubt, she was the same person. It was only a matter of time before she remembers her past.

Xia Lian observed the man before her. He was completely dressed in white silk robes which only magnified his kingly aura. On seeing his handsome face, Xia Lian was dumbfounded. She started to wonder if all the people in ancient era are so good looking…

The most striking part of him was his ocean blue eyes. She had to say that those were the prettiest eyes she had ever seen. She saw him observe her and there were a lot of emotions in his eyes which she was not able to decipher. But there was no malice in those pure eyes.

She found herself relaxing herself after staring at his eyes. At least she knew that he was not going to harm her.

" Doctor Wu, please take a seat..." For the first time in ten thousand years Lidan had a genuine smile on his face.


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