My Beautiful Commander
172 The Slayer Grounds 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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172 The Slayer Grounds 3

As soon as the man's words dropped, Xia Lian narrowed her brows with an apparent frown written all over her face. Soon the frown was replaced by an evil smirk as she sensed a dark aura coming from her surroundings. Purely out of instinct and amusement, she turned around to take a look at Lidan with raised brows.

His emotionless eyes coupled with his deadpan face made him look like an Evil Satan who descended from hell. But, it was exactly this appearance that made her heart feel warm. She chuckled while patting his hand " Lidan, there's no need to be angry. If he messes with me, I will simply beat him to death."

Lidan who was completely enveloped in a torrent of dark emotions felt his killing intent vanish in an instant just by a single touch of hers. He was angry at the man and he almost lost his self control at that moment. But now he felt strangely calm in his heart. His little sister was not the one to suffer a loss and whoever ends up in her hands never had a good ending before. He had a vague feeling that this disgusting specimen of a man was going to be brutally slaughtered in her hands.

So, he simply nodded his head and sincerely advised her "Yes, if he dares lay a finger on you chop his hand off and if he dares lay a hand on you chop off his head."

Xia Lian's eyes flashed with a mischievous glint as she heard his words. Lidan's behavior and his gentle temperament made her curious… Why is he so confident about her abilities and why is that he was spoiling her to death? This was not the important matter for now and thus not paying much attention to it, she immediately focused on the battle before her eyes.

The man was extremely relaxed swinging his sword as if it was a child's play for him. His calm and poised appearance did not betray the air of confidence around him. No matter how talented he may seem, he was just a disgusting man in her eyes.

The man seemed to be not speaking empty words as he clearly defeated all his opponents without any mercy. About ten men challenged him and he won against them without expending any efforts. Either his opponents were severely injured or at the brinks of their deaths at the end of each match. Upon seeing his skills not many came forward to challenge him again. They were not fools to invite death to their door steps!

Taking in the scene before his eyes, the man's face was flushed with delight. He had trained hard this time to grab the title of 'Slayer' and he would make sure to crush all his opponents this time. With these thoughts the smile on his face became more evident.

He turned to the woman in black who had an expression of disgust as she glared at him. Somehow, that look of hers sent his blood boiling and he wanted nothing but to devour her. Xia Lian felt goosebumps all over her body as she noticed the clear lust in his eyes.

" My lady…" the man chuckled deeply but it somehow sounded creepy when it reached everyone's ears " It seems that you are mine now."

The woman pursed her lips and there was clear annoyance reflecting in her eyes. She was feeling weak right now, but she was not the one to willingly follow and serve him. She knew that if she retaliated, there would be only a single outcome for her i.e; death. She would rather die than submit herself to him.

Slowly a firm determination crept into her black iris. Just as she was about to open her mouth she heard a young voice and she swore that she heard mirth in that voice…

" You seemed to desire the lady. Too bad, even I find her to my liking. If you are not willing to back down, then you must defeat me in a fight."

That young voice what had yet to mature initially shocked everyone in the room. But soon the shock was replaced by thunderous laughter. Everyone in the room stared at her with looks of ridicule and contempt but she paid no attention to anyone of them. Her attention was fixed on the man on the stage who was staring right back at her with a different expression from all the others. It was not a look of contempt, he was staring at her beautiful eyes with an inquisitive gaze.

" I accept but on a condition. If I win then you will belong to me." he had a mischievous grin on his face which made Xia Lian feel nothing but unprecedented abhorrence.

" I agree…" Xia Lian spoke in a robotic voice which made it difficult for one to interpret her current emotions " Let me warn you in advance. In case I win, I assure you that you will regret meeting me."

Her fiery words only made the man grin with amusement. It had been a long time since he found such temper and attitude, not to speak of this time it was a kid who was about half of his age and size. He admired such courage, but courage without strength would take a person nowhere. He was sure that he could mold this kid into right shape, if only he could win him over to his side.

Both parties were dead set on taking down the other in their own way.

After shooting an assuring glance at Lidan, Xia Lian leaped onto the stage. Her landing was smooth and graceful reflecting her calm and confident demeanor. The light and gentle fluttering of her black robes due to the wind and the lazy smirk on her face as she held her hands on her back gave the impression of an otherworldly celestial.

Under everyone's admiring and heated gazes, a youthful voice tinged with a hint of playfulness sounded out throughout the arena.

" Get ready to be thrown out of the stage…"


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