My Beautiful Commander
183 The Lord of Huang Palace 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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183 The Lord of Huang Palace 2

' There is no medicine for regrets.' Lidan smiled wryly and shook his head to dispel all the negative thoughts threatening to engulf his entire person. Lian was alive now and it is only a matter of time before she remembers him. With that notion, he immediately stated " Feng Yi and Feng Er, I revoke your punishment. You can stop guarding the gates and resume your initial positions."

Their original positions? Their original positions as guardians of Princess Huang Lian!

Both of them were overwhelmed but it was soon followed by a feeling of shame, a despondent look replacing the original happiness in their orbs.

" Are you defying my orders now?" Lidan's eyes drooped in disappointment.

" Lord, we do not dare." both of them replied in unison.

Under Lidan's stifling gaze, it was Feng Yi who opened his mouth summoning his courage from all the corners of hell " My Lord, we are unfit to protect the princess."

" It is I, who decides if you are worthy or not. Do you think that I will risk my sister's life again?" Lidan raised his brows as if challenging them to defy him.

" Let the happenings of the past be a remainder to you both. If you are truly guilty, then protect her to the best of your abilities. Right now, she is a mortal with no memories and with a minute fraction of her original power."

" You don't need to show her yourselves. Protect her from the shadows. She cannot detect the aura of immortals and she will be in danger if those bastards show up in the mortal realm. I could have stayed by her side, but there are some troubling matters which should be taken care of."

" Protect her well till I return. Go..." leaving his last words echoing in the air, Lidan closed the gate behind him before browsing through the wide expanse of once colorful orchid garden now without a single bloom.

Ten thousand years... Was it? But, even now he could remember her planting and tending these plants all her life. He had seen women showing penchant towards roses, lotus, camellia, begonia and what not. Orchids, a rare flower just like his little princess Huang Lian.

He had to admit that his sister's taste was peculiar or rather that the girl was one of a kind given her preferences as orchids over begonia, royal blue over fiery red, swords over needles, horses over palanquins, green pastures over luxurious silk bed...

" Prince H-Huang Lidan?!" Lidan's reverie was harshly interrupted by an old voice drenched in euphoria. Turning his gaze towards the source of the rustling leaves he heard the increasing sound of a staff pounding the ground following which an old man dressed in plain grey robes came into his view.

" Old Feng Zhi, still taking care of the gardens?" Lidan chuckled lightly making the old man tear up instantly.

" When have I ever stopped tending to these plants?" Feng Zhi sniffed and wiped his tears " These loyal plants never bloomed after she... left."

Lidan's lips curved up on hearing Feng Zhi's words. This old man is the only one who neither admitted nor believed that Huang Lian died in the last war, in spite of the truth lying right before his eyes. He only mumbles ' That brat will return one day and believe me I am going to teach her a lesson with my staff...'

" Old man..." Lidan smiled softly " She is fine and she will return to this place soon."

" W-What?! Big brat, don't you dare trick me,lest I beat you to a pulp."

" I never lie."

Leaving the shell-shocked Feng Zhi behind, Lidan strolled forward towards the palace taking unhurried strides making all his people stare at him with wide eyes and 'O' shaped mouths. The bustling city fell into a silence before ascending to a complete chaos, all because of Lidan's appearance after a long long time.

" Is it P-prince Huang Lidan?"

" Y-yes..."

" Ouch! Why are pinching me woman?!"

" Ah... Just making sure that I am not hallucinating."

Loud whispers broke out along the crowd of the people making Lidan stop in his tracks. Eyeing the sea of red before him, he faintly raised his brows " What is it? This prince returned after taking a little holiday and It seems that everyone forgot about this prince, hmm..."

Lidan observed his people who were dressed up in shades of red robes, varying from vermilion red to ruby red and whatnot. Similar to the different shades of their robes, they sported a wide variety of expressions on their faces ranging from utter astonishment to complete bewilderment.

Regardless of their outer expressions, everyone had the same complaints in their heart.

10,000 years! Can someone please tell prince tell that he disappeared for about damn 10,000 years ah!

And on top of that he is calling that a little holiday...

" Prince Huang Lidan, is it true that you are in mortal world all these years?" an angry roar bellowed making everyone go on their knees instantly, the only exception being Lidan who yawned lazily while stretching his body. The strong oppressive aura in the atmosphere made everyone break into a cold sweat.

" Advisor Feng Huo, quench your anger. It's not good for your old body."

Lidan's smooth breeze like voice made everyone relax sub-consciously. But, it tickled the wrong nerves of the old man making him burst out in rage immediately " Young man, you better have answers for my questions. Follow me..."

" I am not going to run away. Old man, retract your aura. The poor fellows seem like they are going to faint."

The old man grunted in agreement and with a flick of his sleeves he retracted his aura making everyone release deep breaths of relief. Lidan obediently followed Feng Huo into the castle much to the old man's surprise.

" Prince Huang Lidan?!"

Inside the main meeting hall, almost everyone's jaw dropped as they immediately got onto their knees as they welcomed him back with excitement clearly written on their faces.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》