My Beautiful Commander
184 The Story so far
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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184 The Story so far

It's been a long time since I updated the story and I'm sure that most of you must have forgotten what happened by now. Let me start with the characters.

This story is based on the concept of two lifetimes and so there will be two names for the same character.

Let me start with them.

Xia Lian - Also known as Huang Lian.

Xuan Li Wei- (~~~) / (yet to be introduced)

Huang Lidan/ Lidan- Huang Lian / Xia Lian brother from past life.

- Owner of Black dragon auction house.

Feng Yi and Feng Er - Guardians of Huang Lian.

Feng Huo & Feng Zhi- Guardians of Huang Lian and have not made an appearance.

Doctor Wu Gong/Bai Long - Master of Xia Lian and later shown to possess the ability to see through time. Father in law to Aunt Qian

Aunt Qian - Daughter in law of Doctor Wu Gong


The Xuan Family ( The Royal family of Qilin Empire)

Xuan Li Wang- The Emperor of the Qilin Empire.

Gu Xinyi - The Empress and the birth mother of the First and the Second Prince.

Wan Bing - Imperial Concubine and the birth mother of the third Prince.

Jun Hu Rui- Imperial Concubine and the birth mother of Xuan Li Wei and Xuan Li Na.

- Adopts her nephew, Jun Moyin after Jun Moyin's death.

Xuan Li Yan - The first prince.

- Has a crafty mind and takes care of the trade and business affairs of the empire.

Xuan Li Min - The Second prince and also the crown prince.

- Takes care of the administrative affairs and assists his father in ruling the kingdom.

Xuan Li Shan - The Third Prince

- A renowned scholar and is in charge of the education and examination system.

Xuan Li Wei - Male lead and the Fourth prince.

- In charge of the military and defense system of the Qilin empire.

Jun Moyin - Adoptive son of Jun Hu Rui who is also his blood related aunt.

- Spoils Xuan Li Na the most.

Xuan Li Na - Fifth Princess & blood sister of Xuan Li Wei.

- Called as Little devil and spoiled rotten by all her elder brothers.

- Loves Jun Moyin the most.


The Xia Family

Xia Jiang - Prime minister and Xia Lian's father.

Hua Ming Yu- The official wife and mother of Xia Lian and Xia Ming.

Lin Rong - Xia Jiang's concubine

Xia Jingli - Xia Lian's step brother

Xia Feiyan - Xia Lian's step sister

Xia Ming - XL younger brother


The Hua Family

Hua Ming Yu - Xia Lian's mother.

Hua Bingwen - Father of Hua Ming Yu and grandfather of Xia Lian.

- Former commander and the strategist of the Qilin Empire's military.

Hua Ting - Xia Lian's uncle and Xuan Li Wei's master

- A posthumous character.

- Younger brother of Hua Ming Yu.


List of Animals.

Na Na - Sister wolf of Pug and Xia Ming's mount.

Pug - Little wolf and brother to Na Na, Xia Lian's pet.

Hurricane - Horse of Xia Lian.

Shadow - Horse of Xuan Li Wei.

Bubba, the Blue Bird - The messenger bird.


List of Subordinates:

Ah Jin - servant / sub-ordinate to Jun Moyin

Mu Chen - sub-ordinate / friend / Sworn brother of Xuan Li Wei. Has golden eyes which can hypnotize any person.

Great One until Six - Hidden guards of Xuan Li Wei.

Du Weng - Appraiser in the Black dragon auction house.

Fan Ling/ Xin Li - Former courtesan and presently the comrade / bodyguard of Xia Lian.

Bao Su - Hidden guard trained by Xuan Li Wei, now a protector of Xia Lian under Xuan Li Wei's orders.

He Chun - A kind hearted Doctor who is stays away from worldly desires.

Bo Lin and Bohai - Twins who have polar opposite attitudes and He Chun's pupils.

Yinri - A transmigrated character who is a member in Xia Lian's squad in the modern world.

Lu Wen - Sworn brother of Xia Lian and lover of Yang Qiu. (Lu Wen x Yang Qiu = Our favorite Yaoi couple)

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Nirvana whip / dragon ornament - Xia Lian's weapon

Battle axe - Xuan Li Wei's weapon

Important plot points:

- After coming into contact with Nirvana, the divine whip, Xia Lian remembers a blurry fragments of a woman dressed in red. Brushing it off to the side, she concentrates on the condition of the Hua family.

- Xuan Li Wei promises her to bring her grandfather out of desolation and only then Xia Lian realizes that she cannot depend on Xuan Li Wei forever.

- To improve herself, Xia Lian leaves the Qilin empire with Xia Ming and vows to return after three years.

- Lidan, the owner of the Black Dragon Auction house befriends her after finding out that she is his sister in the past life.

- Xia Lian meets He Chun and the naughty twins who gets impressed by her abilities in healing and medicine. She also happens to save Lu Wen and Yang Qiu, the yaoi couple.

- Xia Lian meets Yinri, the subordinate in her modern life.

- To be safe, Xia Lian sends Bao Su to find investigate her background.

- With the help of Yinri and Lu Wen, she decides to create an army.

- In the meantime, Lidan leaves for the upper realms after ten thousand years.

The story stopped at that point and I think that these are the points worth mentioning. If you have any doubts, you can drop your queries in the comment section of the next chapter. Hope this update is of some help to you all.

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    《My Beautiful Commander》