NOIM; Connected Worlds
10 Even Coincidences are Influenced by Certain Factors
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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10 Even Coincidences are Influenced by Certain Factors

Outside Cafe Orathoria.

After a few more blocks, the two stopped at a Cafe that was at the edge of the business district.

'This Alice... This is a lot farther than I expected... How did she know this place anyway? Cafe Orathoria... The name seems familiar... Hmm... Must be my imagination.' Isabella muttered to herself.

As they were about to enter the shop, the two men chatting beside the glass window caught Isabella's attention...

'Tsch, It is those two... Cafe Orathoria... This address...'

After a sudden realization, she focused her gaze at the man in long sleeves. Thoughts filled her head as she continued looking at the man... After a few seconds, she suddenly realized something...

'It's him...'

'It was really him...'

'Why does he have to be here?...'

Her face started to become red as she recalled her dream last night.


"Hey... Do you regret meeting me?"

"Silly girl."


"Bella? Look you're burning up. Oh, you poor thing. I'm so sorry, I should've called for a cab. If only I knew it was actually this far..."


Noticing that she wasn't paying attention. Alice traced her gaze and Immediately noticed the two men beside the window.

"Bella? You know those two?" Alice asked.

"Why would I know them? Do you want to die?!" Bella threatened. Immediately grabbing Alice's flab and pinching it.

"Hey, Bella... Oww... Wuwu..." Alice cried out after being tortured without even knowing why.

"The place seems a bit old. We past by Starbucks a block from here. Why don't we just go there?"

"Are you kidding me? Even your subdivision has a branch of Starbucks. It's about those two right... They seem familiar..."

"It is William and Edizon."

"Oh yeah... This branch is managed by Edizon right?... Hehehehe..."

"Alice, how did you know about that?" Isabella said in a threatening tone. Her gaze was piercing at Alice, who was in a panic.

"Bella... No... No... No... Ow... Ow... Please... Bella... I'm sorry... I found out about the cafe in an ad! It was a coincidence... It was a coincidence!"





Inside the Cafe.

"Silly girl? Are you f*cking kidding me?" William bantered. Rolling his eyes at Edizon after listening to his story.

"What? I really dreamt about it."

"It's not even cute." Edizon looked like he was about to puke.

"Was it accurate?"

"Fairly accurate. The both of you really did end like that. Wait... You didn't really call her that did you?"

"I did. Right before the white light erased the both of us. Epic right?"

"Oh my God." Willam was starting to get goosebumps.


As Edizon and William were chatting, two ladies entered the cafe.

"Welcome to Cafe Orathoria!"

The staff immediately greeted cheerfully. Edizon and William's gaze immediately fell upon the ladies.

"Speaking of... Did you?" William asked. Shifting his gaze towards the two then back at Edizon.

"Did what?"

"You know it's funny that you also did it in your previous life, but only this time you didn't inform me."

"..." Edizon didn't answer only waving his hand as if he was saying 'whatever'.

"They also came today in your previous life?"

"Yeah, we even had a chat at the guest floor."

Willam continued speaking while looking at Edizon.

"Look, seriously, why don't you just ask her out?"

"Even coincidences are influenced by certain factors."

"..." William rolled her eyes at Edizon. Saying to himself. 'This guy is just really a work of art.'





After a few minutes, Alice and Isabella finally got their drink.

"Bella, there are no vacant seats... My feet hurt..." Alice cried out.

"It's your fault anyway. Just wait a bit longer."

"Why don't we just share seats with Edizon and William..."

"Are you crazy? Do you want me to..." Isabella was about to threaten Alice when...


"Hey Sel, we've been waiting for quite a while already... Maybe we should just share seats with them."

"Good idea. I'll go for the one in long sleeves..."

*giggle* *giggle*


"Bella, where are you going?" Noticing Isabella's face Alice immediately cried out. Isabella ignored Alice, she immediately stood up and headed towards Edizon and William.




Back at Edizon and William

"What if she also had the same dream?" Edizon asked while taking another sip of coffee.

"Don't look at me. Does it look it's my fault?"

"You know that everything that will happen from now on is being influenced by your past life, right?"

"That doesn't make sense."

*Crash* *The sound of Plates crashing*

"I seriously fucked up time didn't I?" William muttered.

Edizon smirked. He snorted at William as he stood up and walked towards the ladies.





"Hey. Hey! Did anyone ever taught you how to say sorry?" Selena was fuming with anger after being grazed with a lot of force. She even stumbled and crashed down the plates, making her a lot more infuriated.

Isabella only turned around to look at Selena, not even bothering to say a word. Seeing the situation, Alice immediately ran towards them.

"Sorry, it was an accident I apologize for my friend... We'll pay for the plates and pastries that were wasted." Alice was smiling calmly she had been in situations like these dozens of time so she already knew what to do.

"You better teach this friend of yours a thing or two or else I'll..."

"Say one more word and I'll beat you up." Isabella threatened.

"Huh? Who do you think you are? Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Selena countered.

*Crackle* *Crackle* *Crackle*

Crackling sounds came out from isabella's knuckles. As the two women faced off against each other they immediately gathered the attention of the people in the Cafe. Just when Isabella was about to make a move, a hand gently grabbed the arm that she was going to use, sealing off her movement.

The attack of the woman dressed in red who was left unchecked was blocked by the other hand of the same man, gently swaying the hand of the woman to the side.

'Perfect neutralization!'

The two fierce women exclaimed inwardly.

William, who was at the back, saw it all. Looking at the women in red, Selena, he muttered. 'She also knows martial arts?' Being close to Alice in his past life, William unconsciously walked towards Alice and asked her.

"What happened?"

"It was Bella... She purposely grazed by the lady in red then this happened..." Alice was surprised but she didn't think of it that much.

"Ugh..." William facepalmed. This two really are a match made in heaven.





The same morning. In William's previous life.

*Ring* *Ring*


"Yo. Did you got home safely last night?"

"Yes. My head still hurts... Why did you call?"

"Do you remember the former member of our movie club in college? Her name was Isabella Murray." Edizon asked.

"Yeah, why? You still like her?" William replied.

"I don't know. I never really took interest in anyone aside from her. Maybe, I should make her come to the Cafe."

"What are you planning again?"

"I'll make some arrangements for the ad of our cafe to appear in her newsfeed."

"She doesn't use social media. We've already checked a bunch of times."

"But her best friend does."

"Come on. Stop obsessing about her. She'll literally break you."

"I'm not obsessing about her. I'm making a move on her."

"Hey look, why don't you just ask her out?"

"Even coincidences are influenced by certain factors."



*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

William dropped the call.

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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》