NOIM; Connected Worlds
14 Isabella Sunshine
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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14 Isabella Sunshine

"Bella... I'm scared..." Alice mumbled as we headed towards the gate.



It's been two hours already and still, no word has been heard from the two. Maybe they really ended up ditching us?

As we came closer to the gate. Alice started shaking in panic. I could feel her sweaty hands as she gripped my hand tightly. It was really sweaty... ugh... After a few moments, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to fend her off.

"Hey, get off me!" I yelled at Alice and stared daggers at her. It was my way of sending a message to calm down. We resumed walking forward without talking to each other. I thought it would help her calm down but, that only made Alice more nervous. After a few more moments, she started talking to herself...

"Maybe we should do my quest first... My quest seems straightforward..."

"Bella... Wuwu... I'll PK you when I'm stronger..."

"Calm down. Calm down. They're just soft wolves. Just soft wolves... Maybe they're even fluffy..."




As soon as we reached the exit of the city we began to prepare ourselves. After a few encouragements for Alice, she finally calmed down. We continued walking towards the forest, and after a few yards, we immediately saw a soft wolf lying down in a huge rock.

"Bella look. They're a bit tinier than normal wolves... They're really cute..."

"Yeah..." I couldn't help but admit. the soft wolf in front of me even looked fluffy because of its fur. Plus its size was a bit smaller than the real ones. Aside from their fangs covered between their jaws, they seemed pretty harmless...

It looked so easy at that moment but as soon as it noticed that we were gazing at him, it immediately ran towards the forest. It seems that unlike video games, the living creatures in the game have their own thoughts and are able decisions...

"It's like it has its own thoughts... Bella, what if it's just acting cute..." Alice asked nervously.


If only those two came, maybe this Alice would be much more confident...

"Come on!" I shouted as I pursued after the soft wolf. Noticing that we were gonna start hunting, Alice summoned all of her courage and immediately followed. The soft wolf was really sluggish compared to a normal wolf. Paired with its fluffy fur, It seemed as if it was a furball bouncing around.

*Cute...* we couldn't help but mutter at the same time.


Meanwhile... Edizon and William finally arrived at the center of the town. Their expressions couldn't be painted for some reason... Oh how funny... *giggle*

The two took a deep breath before staring at each other.

"I told you, I needed help. Hahahaha." William laughed.

"Well, no shit, sunshine." Edizon replied as he threw a disgusted gaze at William.

"Relax, it's gonna be fine."

"Yeah, you were whimpering on the ground a few moments ago."


"Yeah, well, there's no point in stating it out loud is there?"

"It's fun, actually." Edizon raised his left brow before walking towards the town. Seeing that there's no point in extending the conversation, William followed along without saying a word.

After a few moments...

"You know that's a good story. A heroic young man and a wimpy kid saved the world from otherworldly beings that are trying to take over the planet. Classic."

Willam rolled his eyes as he muttered.

"You can't be narcissistic and funny at the same time."

"I just did."


Back with us hunting...

"Slow it down!" I shouted at Alice. The soft wolf was only a few yards away from the forest, it would be bad if we attracted more of them.

After hearing what I said, Alice nervously aimed at the body of the soft wolf.


The arrow wasn't on mark and was only able to barely hit the feet of the soft wolf.

<50 Damage Dealt.> <Soft Wolf (90%) 450/500>

*arugh...* The soft wolf cried out as it changed its direction towards Alice and Isabella.

"Not bad for a beginner." I teased her as I continued charging towards the soft wolf. She really wasn't that bad, being able to hit your target while moving on the first try? What up?

As I was about to engage with the soft wolf. The wolf immediately leaped towards me, spreading out its sharp claws aiming towards my body. After a quick evaluation, I immediately slid down the ground and bent my body then stabbed the wolf in its belly two times before turning around and charging towards the beast again.

<Critical Hit! 123 Damage Dealt.> <Soft Wolf (65%) 327/500>

<Critical Hit! 125 Damage Dealt.> <Soft Wolf (40%) 202/500>

<+Status Effect : Severe bleeding. -3% HP Per Second.>

The soft Wolf tried to run, but it eventually bled to death after another arrow on the back from Alice. As soon as the beast died it turned into origin essence and was directly absorbed by Alice and Isabella turning into EXP Points. Alice immediately ran towards the location where the wolf died and grabbed an item it left.

"Wow... Not bad for our first hunt..." Alice mentioned as she tossed the Soft Wolf origin fragment to me.

"I thought you just started archery?" I asked while swiping down to call on the interface for my inventory.

[<Quest: A part of this small city. An alarming number of soft wolves. Soft Wolf Origin fragment Collected 1/20>]

"Hehehe I told you I'm pretty good at it. The system even recognized my talent look!" Alice bragged as she opened the interface and showed her character page.

I was speechless when I first saw her character page. The game was really something... Being able to incorporate your talents and experiences from reality... But... Wait... What?... I froze as soon as I realized something... My face started to turn red and I couldn't help but hide my embarrassed face...

Tsch... How could I forget... How?!
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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》