NOIM; Connected Worlds
15 Isabella Ready? Go!
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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15 Isabella Ready? Go!

Tsch... How could I forget... How?!

"Bella? Is there something wrong?"

"Ah no... Hahahaha." I scratched my back and laughed for a bit to ease Alice's curiosity.

"So what do you think? Hehehe..." Alice asked with a smirk. I took the time to soothe down and review her Character Page again.

[< Character Name: Alice

[HP] 1000/1000

[MP] 200/200

[Strength] 15

[Dexterity] 15

[Intelligence] 10

[Agility] 10

[Wisdom] 10

[Charm] 25

[Luck] 25

<Talent : [Phenomenal Hand-Eye Coordination] Allows the character to shoot targets with ease.>

<Talent : [Lady Luck] This person is extremely lucky. So lucky, that it can even allow her random shots to hit the target.>



"No wonder a newbie like you could hit a moving target twice."

"Hehehe." Alice grinned as she bragged about her incorporated talents.

"How about you Bella? Can I look at yours?" Alice asked out of curiosity.

"Let's not waste any more time. Let's go far in before the big guilds gather up and take over this place." I replied with a serious face. Whew... It's a good thing I found a valid excuse...


Lockeguard city plaza. The two were chatting leisurely while walking around. For some reason, they decided to ask an old man with funky hair that was dilly-dallying around about our whereabouts...

<Elvis Joe, [Level 205]>

"Hello sir, we lowly adventurers are looking for two women around our age. Did you happen to see them?" Edizon asked politely.

"Wow... You two are not bad... If you're interested in being my..." The man ignored Edizon's question and started talking cool and all but eventually got cut off by Edizon...

"Hello sir, we lowly adventurers are looking for two women..." Edizon asked again with the same robotic but polite tone.

"I HEARD YOU! I tell you what. I'll tell you where they went if you do something for me..."

"Hello sir, we..."

"Do you want me to snap your puny life?" The old man yelled in a fit of rage.

"Sir, you see it's urgent." William finally couldn't help it and decided to interject. It was pretty obvious that Edizon was testing out the limits of the NPCs in the game but it was only a matter of time before they get zapped by this level 205 old man.

"If it's urgent you can tell me. Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"Sir, it's faster this way?" Edizon immediately got my message and slid in an excuse.

"Oh yeah, by how much?"

"5 seconds..."

"Hahahahaha. Interesting... Interesting..."


Back with Alice and me...

After a few minutes, we finally reached the forest. I looked around and observed the surroundings. The fresh air seems to be thicker here. Apart from otherworldly looking plants and a few odd trees, someone might mistake this forest to be from somewhere in the real world.

We continued marching forward for an hour or two as we killed the soft wolves on the way. Handling three to five at the same time is manageable now as we hit level 5. It was around the time Alice started to get a hang of it, she wasn't as nervous as before and her accuracy rate shot up high. She could now position herself properly but maneuvering in close combat is still a hefty task to her as expected. With how small the forest is, it didn't take long before we finished exploring half of it.

[<Quest: A part of this small city. An alarming number of soft wolves. Soft Wolf Origin fragment Collected 17/20>]

We occasionally met some players along the way, but we ignored them as usual. After what happened with Edizon and William I started to become agitated when it comes to other people. Just when my quest was about to be finished... I started getting this strange feeling that someone is observing us. It would be bad if we got caught during a during an encounter with another pack. So I decided to trust my hunch and prepare for the worst.

"There's something following us. Don't..." I warned Alice in a low tone, but...

"Wait... What? Where?... Ouch!"

<75 Damage Dealt.>

She screamed as I sent her a kick to the knee. She's really getting on my nerves right now. I just had to do it for my sanity.

"Just pretend that you didn't notice. We'll stay here for a bit and observe further. It would be bad if we got caught off guard during in an encounter with another pack of Soft Wolves. Go practice your archery or something. Just stay two meters near me." As I said this, I sat down in a nearby trunk just a few meters away from Alice. Not too far. Not too near. Just the right distance to respond in case one of us is a target.

A few minutes later a huge wolf suddenly came down from a huge tree and threw itself towards Alice. Noticing the scene, I immediately charged forward and flanked the large wolf with a kick in its body to throw it over.

<50 Damage Dealt.>

The large wolf was thrown over by a few meters, it dug its claws to the ground to stop the momentum.

<Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2950/3000]>


The large wolf was surprised... No... To be exact it got excited. Saliva started dripping down from its mouth as it scanned our bodies. A typical lecher. It let out a howl before going for another charge.

"Wha... What do we do? What do we do?" Alice asked repeatedly like a broken tape.

"Just try to aim at its head or other vitals. I'll distract it. Remember do not hit me!" I replied. After discerning the plan, Alice immediately opened up her inventory and passed me all of her health potions. She took a deep breath and finally got her game face on. It took a while but... Finally, this is the Alice that I know.


"Let's go!"


Meanwhile, Edizon and William just entered the forest and was leisurely walking around searching for us.

"Are local NPCs usually around level 205?" Edizon asked.

"No... You see Lockeguard city is a unique case." Willam reply while casually collecting the Soft Wolf Origin Fragments on the floor.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know. The world quest about Lockeguard city and the four great kingdoms never progressed even in my previous lifetime."

"Was it regulated by the world government too?"

"You wish. Even empires that have two times the population of our whole world wasn't able to conquer them. How can a bunch of trained soldiers from our puny world achieve that?"

"So that's why you chose this as a starting place." Edizon snapped with an enlightened smile.

"Yep. There would definitely be a lot of enemies in the future." William replied. The two continued striding towards the heart of the forest. Occasionally they encountered some pack of soft wolves but that wasn't enough to cut off their conversation.

A few minutes later...

"But still, I'm curious what happened to the quest..."

"Nobody figured it out."

"A quest connecting four great kingdoms and an unbreachable city..."

"Do you think we can do it?"

"We'll see."


Back with me and Alice...

<Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2592/3000]>

<Talent : [Genetically evolved bloodline, Crazies] This Soft Wolf has eaten a variety of odd creatures in its lifetime, causing its own bloodline to mutate and slowly corrode its own sanity whenever it loses too much blood.

[+15 HP regen if left untouched for 10 seconds. Immediately debuffed after taking damage.]



"You need to make sure to hit it every 10 seconds or less or it will start regenerating again."

"I know! I know!" Alice shouted in an agitated tone. We've been fighting for straight 10 minutes now and we've only managed to bring down the this thing's health by 400. Moreover, it had the ability to regenerate rapidly after being untouched for 10 seconds. So handling it with just two people is a bit tricky. Not to mention it was 10 levels higher than us. We started hacking towards the huge wolf with haste.

<90 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2502/3000]>

<48 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2454/3000]>

<52 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2402/3000]>

<90 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2312/3000]>

<92 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2220/3000]>

*huh* *huh* *huh* *huh*

Within 15 minutes, I already started feeling some pressure. The wolf would often target Alice so I had to block of its path while continuously attacking its vitals for more damage. Occasionally, it would try to run away to regenerate so I have to trip it down or land an attack within its legs before it started running or else we wouldn't be able to catch up to it no matter what. Due to the Wolf's physical advantage, it only took a while before It found a chance to slip past me...

"Tsch..." Fighting this wild animal is a bit harder than I thought.

"It's running away. Eight seconds Alice! you can do it!"



"Three Seconds!"

<50 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2172/3000]>

"Phew! Bela continue!"

"I'm on it!"

<121 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2099/3000]>

<87 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2012/3000]>


Just when everything was going smoothly the wolf started squirming. It let out a huge howl as thick killing intent gushed out from its body. I subconsciously stepped back and decided to play it safe. Alice continued firing arrows as the target was stationary but the creature was immune while transforming... Its eyes became bloodred while its muscles bulged out from swelling.

<Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 2012/3000]>

<Talent : [Genetically evolved bloodline, Crazies] ...

[+Becomes Crazed when HP drops 70 percent and below.

[+50% Attack]

[+50% Speed]

[+30 HP Regen when untouched for 10 seconds, immediately debuffed after taking damage.]


Alice and I exchanged gazes after noticing the buff added to the boss. We both let out a grin as chills crawled all over our bodies. We didn't feel exhausted for some reason... It was pure excitement...

Alice took a deep breath as she grabbed an arrow from her quiver. She then asked with an ecstatic smile.


I couldn't help but let out a smile back at Alice. This really was the feeling that I was looking for... I unsheathed my knife over before assaulting the wolf that was charging towards me. I took a deep breath as I thought to my self. 'Finally, something worth my time.'

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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》