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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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16 Alpha

A few yards from Isabella and Alice's location the two was casually walking towards the center of the forest.

"Do you think we should tell them?" Edizon asked while collecting the Soft Wolf Origin Fragments on the ground.

"I don't know... I guess it's not time yet." William replied in a straightforward manner.

"Mmm..." Edizon nodded and resumed walking. William shortly followed behind as he continued to ponder over the situation.

"We need complete control for now..." William declared in a low tone.

"You know that we'll need help eventually right?"

"But still it's not time yet." Willam closed his eyes as he recollected what happened in his past life. He thought to himself 'It would only trouble them if they knew what happened back then...'

The two continued chatting as they killed soft wolves along the way. Just when they were about to enter the middle area of the forest, they encountered an unwelcoming group.

"Back off. The hunting grounds from here on belongs to the Heavenly Iron guild." A huge burly man blocked the path forward. Behind him was eight more men staring at them in a fierce manner.

"Players..." the two examined the group for a moment before looking at each other. The group in front of them had nine members. The leader was quite easy to spot within a glance, in the middle was a towering young man with his head held high.

William summoned his intent and swiped at the direction of the man in the center, to view his player information.

<Jamie of the Heavenly Iron, [Level 5] [HP 1800/1800]>

William mumbled as he read the player name within the interface. Having played the game in his previous life, he didn't even bother to look at the level and the other information available. He continued to scan the expression of the man at the center of the group. After failing to recognize the name of the player he observed his face and body shape, to see if the man in front of him is someone significant in his previous life.

"Do you recall them?" Edizon casually asked, ignoring the violent stares of the group.

"No. Never heard of them..."

"Can I?"

"Yeah, sure, go ahead."


Somewhere near William and Edizon, two ladies and one crazy wolf were slowly hacking away each other.

<Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1470/3000]>

<Talent : [Genetically evolved bloodline, Crazies] ...

[+Becomes Crazed when HP drops 70 percent and below.

[+50% Attack]

[+50% Speed]

[+30 HP Regen when untouched for 10 seconds, immediately debuffed after taking damage.]


*Awooo* The huge wolf in front of the two howled before dashing forward. It swung its claws at Isabella using the momentum to quickly close distance.




<221 Damage Recieved.> <Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 639/1500]>

"Cover me! I need to Heal!"

"Got it!" Isabella didn't wait for Alice to finish and immediately sprang behind and consumed a health potion. Meanwhile, Alice shot two arrows consecutively to slow down the wolf and delay its advance.

<Health Potion, +350 HP Restored> <Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 989/1500]>

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

<49 Damage Dealt.>

<Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1421/3000]>

<53 Damage Dealt.>

<Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1368/3000]>

Noticing the situation in front of him, the wolf howled in rage. It ignored its injuries and directly rushed towards Isabella. The wolf continuously sent a barrage of claws towards Isabella, giving her no time to breathe.



<250 Damage Recieved.> <Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 739/1500]>


<Alice, 53 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1315/3000]>

<Cherry Cloud, 121 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1194/3000]>

<Cherry Cloud, 98 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1096/3000]>

<Alice, 48 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 1048/3000]>

<Cherry Cloud, 119 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 929/3000]>


The three exchanged blows for a brief period of time. But Isabella couldn't keep up with the difference in speed so she eventually took some blows. It wasn't that Isabella couldn't follow the wolf's movements. It's just that the level difference was too high. The jaws of normal players would surely drop if they were to see the exchange between the three. A young and delicate woman dodging the gigantic claws of a lecherous wolf is really a scene to behold. And yes, it is something like Twilight.

"Alice I need you to intercept for a bit. I can't heal while it's pinning me down!"

*gulp* Having no experience in close combat, Alice almost fell down upon hearing Isabella's request, she knew Isabella needs her to physically knockback the wolf.




<223 Damage Received.>

<Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 293/1500]>

"Alice!" Isabella shouted in rage. A critical hit would surely send her to the respawn point. After discerning how urgent the situation was, she summoned her all of her courage and immediately ran towards the huge wolf.


<230 Damage Received.>

<Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 63/1500]>

The wolf immediately followed up another swipe after his last attack leaving Isabella with almost no time to dodge.

"Shit. I can't dodge this." Isabella thought to herself after seeing the angle of the wolf's attack. She hastily tried to rotate her body but with the current speed of the wolf, She'll most likely take a hit from this attack...

But just when the claw was about to hit Isabella, a random kick from Alice landed on the wolf's head and threw the huge wolf for a short distance. After successfully landing a kick, Alice didn't dally around, she quickly resumed raining arrows towards the wolf, this created just enough time for Isabella to heal up and re-engage into battle.


<Alice, Random Kick, 35 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 894/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 54 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 840/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 53 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 787/3000]>


<Health Potion, +320 HP Restored> <Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 383/1500]>

"That was the last HP potion we have. Continue attacking. I'll focus on defense for now!" Isabella immediately warned Alice after consuming the Health Potion. Isabella continuously maneuvered her body to dodge the barrage of attacks while Alice furiously launched arrows aimed at the vitals of the crazed wolf. The three continued hacking away at each other as if they will never stop until the other party is dead.

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 54 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 733/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 52 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 681/3000]>




<Alice, Arrow Shot, 57 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 624/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 52 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 572/3000]>


<Alice, Arrow Shot, 49 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 523/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 60 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 463/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot Mastery reached Level 2!

+10% Damage

+Deep shot: Applying greater force allows arrows to pierce deeper into the target. Adds bleeding status to the target. (-5 HP per second, This effect can stack.) (Can only affect targets with flesh and blood.)




"Just a bit more Bella. Hold on!" Alice roared. With the additional damage gained from the level 2 Arrow Shot, it was now possible to kill this darn wolf in front of them. She had been raining arrows on the wolf with complete trust that Isabella can keep the wolf at bay. Alice has been confident with Isabella's abilities ever since they met, whether it was fighting or strategy, she knew how good Isabella was.

But what she didn't notice is that Isabella's consciousness was just hanging by a thread at the moment. She had been dodging and intercepting attacks in high speed by a full two hours already.

After a few moments, the fatigue eventually caught up to her, thus leading her to space out for half a second and causing her to take one crucial hit from the wolf.

<263 Damage Received.>

<Cherry Cloud, [Level 5] [HP 120/1500]>


The claw landed on her chest causing her to be thrown two meters away. Being an experienced fighter, she quickly stabilized herself and started charging towards the wolf again.

"Keep going. I can handle it!" Isabella shouted back at Alice.

'Tsch, this wolf is really pushing me to my limits. Heh, Let's see who can last longer.'





<Alice, Arrow Shot, 76 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 387/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 65 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 322/3000]>



<Alice, Arrow Shot, 72 Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 250/3000]>

<Alice, Arrow Shot, 120 Critical Damage Dealt.> <Havoc, the Crazed One, Alpha Soft Wolf [Level 15] [HP 130/3000]>


"Let's finish him!" Alice instantly shouted when she noticed that the critical hit knocked back the wolf for a bit. She knew that another attack from the both of them would finally finish this crazed wolf. Knowing this, she immediately fired another arrow with complete faith that Isabella would follow up with a quick attack. Isabella was way ahead Alice, she already took a stance within just a quarter of a second when she noticed that the last attack from Alice knocked back the head of the wolf. She then immediately threw a quick stab aimed at the chest of the wolf...

Just when the attack from the both of the ladies was about to hit, The wolf used the last bit of its strength and smashed both of its paws to the ground, causing a small fraction of the earth to surface and block the arrow from Alice's attack. Having trained a variety of martial arts, Isabella immediately noticed the irregular changes within the movements of the wolf. She quickly canceled her attack and bounced backward, dodging the attack of the desperate wolf. The wolf next used the quick interval to dash off and headed towards the cover of the surrounding trees. Without Isabella slowing the movements of the wolf. It was far cry if Alice can hit a target that fast. She tried to fire an arrow to slow the wolf down but it was easily dodged.

*huh* *huh* *huh* *huh*

"It got away..."


Isabella didn't answer and took the time to lay down and closed her eyes. The beauty didn't have a shred of concern with how she looks right now. Her mind was exhausted to the point of almost losing her consciousness. She held an irritated face as she couldn't accept that the wolf got away just like that.

Just when the two was starting to catch up their breath. A howl echoed through the forest.


Moments later, they started hearing swift footsteps circling around them. Isabella quickly got up and unsheathed her blade, carefully monitoring the movements around them.

"A pack of soft wolves..." Alice murmured.


Another howl voiced over from the same direction. The two traced where the howl came from and their gazes landed at a huge bleeding wolf on top of a tree. It was Havoc. Somehow its genes further mutated after losing so much blood. Just like a human, The huge wolf was now standing on a branch of a tree using its two feet, while its left paw was grabbing on the trunk to keep its balance.

*Awooo!* *Awooo!*

Isabella noticed the changes in the Soft Wolfpack as soon as Havoc howled.

"He's commanding them..." Isabella muttered. Cold sweat ran down through the two ladies as they looked at the huge wolf on top of the tree.

"Che-he" Seeing the gaze of the two, the huge wolf let out a wide grin, It howled once more and the wolf pack surrounding the two ladies started charging forward towards them.

"Get Ready!"


A small distance away from the two ladies...

"What do you think?" Asked the young man who was standing in the middle of a puddle of Blood.

"Not bad. They are pretty organized and well trained. They didn't protect their leader like lackeys and continued to adjust their formation even with the increasing amount of losses."

"Props to them, I guess..." The young man in the puddle of blood mentioned as he sheathed his blade. Suddenly a sound echoed throughout the forest...



*Awooo!* *Awooo!* *Awooo!*


"Someone encountered an alpha wolf?"

"What bad luck..."

"It could be them. Let's hurry!"
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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》