NOIM; Connected Worlds
19 The Epitome of Shamelessness
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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19 The Epitome of Shamelessness

Two attractive pairs and a cub inevitably caught the attention of the crowd as soon as they entered the plaza. The snow-white cub circled around the short blonde haired lady as the lady hummed cheerfully...


"Look at those two pairs... Are they celebrities?"

"What a cute puppy! Honey, I'd also like a baby soft wolf as a pet if possible."

"Of course sweety, anything for my wife."

"Eh... It's those two... They're actually with two ladies... Go follow them."

"Waaa... That girl already has a pet... She must be a pro..."

"She does have the aura of a pro..."

"Come on, come on add her..."

"Uh... How do you add people to your friend list again? Quick, she's getting away!"


"Fufufufufu... humm... humm... humm... humm... humm... humm... Fufufufufu... humm... humm... humm... humm..." Alice couldn't help but laugh a few times, consistently breaking the tempo of her humming... This girl is sure loving the attention.

*Crackle* *Crackle*

"Tsch... Alice, Can you stop humming? And please, stop that thing from running around, we've already gathered too much attention." Isabella's temper has been through the roof after a long and tiring battle. It didn't take a while before she finally blacked out, and started lecturing Alice.

"But why... It's so cute..."

"Auow* *Auowu* The cub barked softly two times while nodding its head. It was as if this snow furred pup is saying 'that's right.'. It was going to circle around Isabella but Alice immediately grabbed it, in fear that it would suffer Isabella's wrath.

"Oh come on, Bella, look at how cute it is..." Edizon grabbed the cub from Alice and held it in front of Isabella.

'Tsch, this guy is acting up again...' Isabella thought to herself. Knowing that Edizon would only start making fun of her, she didn't even bother to reply and just stared daggers at the little cub before continuing to walk forward.

*Auowuwuwuwu* The little cub cried out as if it recalled a vicious nightmare, cold sweat started running from its little head as it tried to extend its cute paws towards Alice hoping to grab her attention.


With how small Lockeguard City is, it only took a few minutes before the group finally found Captain Lenon. They immediately lined up after noticing the huge amount of players on queue to turn over or accept quests.


"Hello sir... I have finally..."

"Good job brave adventurer, you have gained my trust... Next!"

"Captain, I have successfully claimed the head of 20 soft wolves... The City borders will now be a much safer place..."

"You have now taken your first step as a hunter... Didn't you feel enlightened? You should thank me..."

"Thank you..."


"Captain Lenon, grandma Fey wrote this message for you. She said she'll be waiting for your reply..."

"Oh, you've delivered the letter? Excellent job, I hope grandma Fey is doing okay... Thank you... so much... Next!"



The group's jaws almost dropped upon noticing a certain pattern after watching Captain Lenon for around 30 minutes. This sly bastard... This was just extortion in broad daylight!

Even the little cub wasn't an exception, it used its paws to cover its ears and tucked away inside Alice's clothing. After a few more minutes of waiting, it's finally the group's turn.

"Hello... We've come here to deliver the 20 soft wolf origins as proof that we've completed our assignment." Alice said in a shy tone.

Clearly, she was testing if she could earn some merit points by stating the fact that she helped finish Isabella's quest... Captain Lenon looked at the two ladies and stroked his chin as if he's thinking of something... The NPC in front of them loved to act and make innocent players expect a reward. After watching Captain Lenon spawn his bullshit for around an hour, Isabella is clearly almost at her threshold. Just when Captain Lenon was about to give a reply, Isabella suddenly interjected...

"Let me guess... you are eternally grateful?" Isabella grunted as her patience finally reached its limits. The crowd immediately bursted in laughter upon hearing Isabella.




'So that's how you want to play it...' Captain Lenon thought to himself. He ignored all the laughter and looked towards the group with a fake smile. Captain Lenon didn't fail the expectations of the crowd as he maintained his shameless demeanor. Up till now, no one knows how thick Captain Lenon's face is, but reports say that it is sure to be bulletproof.

Captain Lenon continued stroking his chin and after a few seconds, he finally thought of something...

"Let me see..."

"Who are you guys again..."

"Oh... Well isn't this the young lad Alice and uh... Oh, that's right... Cherry Cloud!"

"YAHAHAHAHA!" The crowd bursted in laugther, yet again. This Captain Lenon is really a force to be reckoned with. Other players with weird online game names decided to laugh along and keep a low profile in fear that they will become the next victim. Edizon and William glanced at each other as they sighed in relief. NPCs in the game react in various ways depending on their individual personality. This was the first time Edizon and William encountered Captain Lenon so they were worried about how Captain Lenon would react... On the contrary, what would you expect from the blonde and snow cub pair?


"Wahahahaha, Oh my god Bella, you're hilarious! Ahahahahaha!"

The crowd immediately turned quiet as soon as Isabella stared daggers at the woman and cub pair. The two tried to escape but even before Alice got to turn around, Isabella quickly closed in and threw a heavy kick towards Alice's leg.

"Bella... Bella... Noo... I'm sorry... Ah! Wuwu..."

<Heavy Kick, 100 Critical Damage Dealt!>

Alice shuddered in pain as she immediately lost control of her left leg. Isabella then violently grabbed the cub that was hiding inside Alice's clothes and immediately got up and walked away while carrying the little wolf. Nobody knows how much pain the little cub suffered back then... But at least it learned its lesson...






Back with Captain Lenon, Edizon and William...

'Heh... This Cherry Cloud is surely violent...' Captain Lenon chuckled to himself as he watched the redhaired lady go on a rampage. After a few moments, he finally decided to resume his business as there were still people lined up. His eyes landed on the two men in front of which was Edizon and William...

"Are you guys here to take a quest too?"

"Yes, do you have something interesting for us to do?"


"Kids these days really don't know how to hold back... You know what? I'm actually in need of..."

Edizon and William rolled their eyes. This Captain Lenon is really a big load of sunshine.


To be Continued.


Director, William: One... Two... Three... and... cut!

Plan and boring Narrator that doesn't even have a name: We good boss?

*William shooing away the narrator*

Producer, Edizon: What do you think? Should we give the girls another chance? Unless you want this guy *Edizon, pointing at the nameless narrator*

Director, William: Let's observe a bit further.

Producer, Edizon: Fine.

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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》