NOIM; Connected Worlds
24 Sunshine Adventurers
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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24 Sunshine Adventurers

"Maintain a good and pleasant smile at all times. You're gonna be the foundation of your guild. How could people trust you if you're such a scaredy-cat? How could you lead the..."

"Oh stop teasing her..."

"Remember to maintain just enough distance. You'll be able to quickly adjust your position if you stay just within the right range. You'll also be able to retreat in multiple directions using this position and provide backup if needed."

"Remember to always try to hit their vital areas even if it's in a tricky angle. Not only you'll be able to utilize your lady luck talent, soon it would be effortless for you to shoot out on clutch angles."

"Remember to only use havoc during a sticky situation or after you've figured out the capabilities of the enemies. We don't have mobility skills as of the current phase of the game. We can't waste havoc dying first during the battle."

Edizon lectured Alice as he kept luring more and more monsters. Alice was dodging and shooting at the same time. She was also ordering havoc to switch from attack to defense whichever suits the current situation.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Alice continued to rain arrows at the cult monkeys. Alice needed to land a critical hit on a cult monkey twice before she can completely kill one. Havoc, the wolf guarded Alice against all the monsters leaked out and are currently approaching the party.


<Alice, Heavy Arrow Shot, 235 Critical Damage Dealt.> <Cult Monkey, Level 7, 195/430>

<Alice, Heavy Arrow Shot, 215 Critical Damage Dealt.> <Cult Monkey, Level 7, 0/430>

<Alice, Heavy Arrow Shot, 240 Critical Damage Dealt.> <Cult Monkey, Level 7, 175/430>

<Alice, Heavy Arrow Shot, 223 Critical Damage Dealt.> <Cult Monkey, Level 7, 0/430>


<Alice(Havoc), Scratch, 445 Damage Dealt.> <Cult Monkey, Level 7, 0/430>

<Alice(Havoc), Scratch, 445 Damage Dealt.> <Cult Monkey, Level 7, 0/430>


After a few minutes...

"Phahah.... hah... Bella... I can't take it anymore... Tell your boyfriend to stop luring more monsters... I can't..."


The blonde and the wolf duo laid down on the ground with their tounges out. Alice closed her eyes as she recalled what happened at the cafe last night...


Last night... Cafe Orathoria

After the group has finished discussing the name of the organization, they moved on into a much simpler topic.

"Moving forward... If we're gonna be the one pulling the strings. We're gonna be needing a guild that will symbolize freedom and adventure. A guild that will simply be a place for casual players to gather, it also means that it's a guild that can expand relentlessly without us having to pay a single cent. What every organization has ever dreamed of. Now, who wants to live the dream?

Oh, and more importantly... This guild will be the casual player's ticket to our grand plan. In fact, I have already decided a name for the guild...

Of course, for that, we're gonna need someone with a happy go lucky and charming smile... A shy, but, cheerful person... Someone that everyone can depend on... A shiny solo player that will be the light of the whole guild... Someone who's already been famous for playing other games..." Edizon stated with smiled.

"Hmmm... Hmm... Hm... Now, who could that be?" Edizon tapped Alice's shoulders twice, before smiling widely.

"Do you guys know someone like that?"

"No... don't tell me... Bella... How could you..." Alice felt a grim feeling down after he saw Isabella and William looking at her.

"How could you even call a guild Sunshine Adventurers?"

"Why are you guys doing this me?!"

"No... Pleaaaaseeeeee!"



And thus, later in the game, the Sunshine Adventurers Guild was created. It represented the freedom and adventure. Plus something sinister of course.


To be continued.
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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》