NOIM; Connected Worlds
32 Suckerpunch
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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32 Suckerpunch


"You knew that something was wrong with me, yet you didn't even bother to confront me. What a good friend you are."

"I was looking for the perfect opportunity. Why? Did you want a hug? Hahaha." Edizon threw a pun as he stood up and faced William.


Hearing this, William didn't even bother to reply. He rolled his eyes and snorted at Edizon.

"As a friend in your present and previous life, I formally welcome you to the wonderful present that you now live in." Edizon threw a smile as he placed his arm over William's shoulder.

"Do you want me to punch you in the face?"

"Eeeee! That was incorrect. The correct response is 'Thank you Edizon for freeing me from my past. I would've lived my new life in misery and waste the opportunity that was given to me if it wasn't for you.'


Hearing this William took a deep breath before turning sidewards to face Edizon. After a few seconds...

"Is it just me? Or you're a lot more talkative in this lifetime?"

"Hahahahahahahahahaha" The two couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was as if they were kids that are happily playing at the backyard, without a care in the world.

"Finally you're back."

"I am."


Not far from the two. A red-haired woman tumbled sidewards evading the incoming poisonous fruits falling from the sky.





'Those two are still not done talking...' Isabella thought to herself as he briefly glanced at the two men from a distance. She was already starting to feel the pressure pile up, yet these two were still taking their time.

After a few moments, her brows knitted as she heard two men heartily laughing not far from her location...


'I'm really gonna... Calm down... Calm down... This is training... This is training...'

Isabella bit her lips. She tried to focus on fighting the cult monkeys and not burst out in anger but a few minutes later another wave of laughter echoed through her ears...




"Ahhhh!" Isabella screamed as she threw a punch at the Cult Monkey Clubber in front of her. After hearing the two laugh a few more times, she unconsciously vented her anger towards the clubber in front of her...


<Origin Energy Imbued Heavy Punch + 75% DMG, 573 Damage Dealt.> <Gobi Cult Monkey [Clubber], HP 0/500>



Not far from the battle, the scream of Isabella immediately caught the attention of the two...


"That was Isabella, right? Is she in trouble?" William asked as they both watched the red-haired woman beating up the monkeys surrounding her.

"I think it was more of a battle-cry. Stylish right?"

"..." William ignored Edizon's usual blabber about Isabella and continued watching the battle. After noticing that Isabella's movements were starting to slow down William immediately asked...

"How long has she been fighting?"

"Around 20 minutes."

"Her movements are already starting to stutter. We should really start training the both of them as soon as possible. Our bodies will get stronger whenever we level up but our mentality won't. It would be futile if their mind can't keep up with the pressure."

"About that. I think it's about time that we tell them."

"Don't you think it's too early?" William frowned as he questioned Edizon's statement. In his opinion, the two wouldn't be able to help that much even if they knew what was happening. It would only stress them out and it could even affect their training.

"It is but... *Sigh*... It seems that you've forgotten the core rule of our friendship."


"We don't manipulate our friends. We ask them for help."

"Hahahaha." William let out a soft laugh upon hearing Edizon's remark. This was the main reason why he never needed to look for other friends even after spending high school and college with just the two of them in their circle.

Although Edizon is probably the most deceitful and manipulative person he has ever known Edizon's honest and thoughtful nature to his loved ones is really something that you'll only find in the movies.

A few moments later...

"Hey." Edizon called out after noticing that William was still lost in thought.


"For what it's worth. I'm sorry I couldn't help you in your previous life."


"Heh... Then I guess you owe me one." William took a bit of time before he could come up with a reply. He almost choked out when he heard what Edizon said. He imagined how pitiful he must have looked like in order for Edizon to say such words.

"I'll think about it... No." Edizon chuckled. He acted as if he was considering it, only to end up saying no.

"What do you mean 'No.'? The rules clearly state that you're not allowed to leave your friend behind."

"You just made that rule up just now."

"I did."

"Then I guess we're even now."

"What do you mean we're even now? A friend should always do everything to save one friend's life."

"That doesn't count. This is not real life."



The two continued chatting nonchalantly while they watch Isabella fight a whole army of Cult Monkeys.

After a few minutes, William noticed that Isabella was already starting to chase her own breath...

"We should go now..." William was about to start walking but he immediately stopped upon realizing something.

"Wait a minute... We are so close yet that damn monkey isn't even sending a single troop to attack us."

"That cult leader is too careful. He's only sending troops to the nearest threat. Once we close in as a group, it'll probably call back the horde to protect himself."

"How long have you known?"

"It was my initial assessment. You just helped me confirm it a while ago."

"How dare you two! I was running around while continuously fighting for more than one whole hour!

And you're saying that you two were just watching from afar?!"

"You've lasted more than two hours, actually. Hahaha."

"I really want to punch you right now."

"Relax, if it makes you feel better... I was explaining to Isabella the logic behind your moves. This includes my assessment of your thought pattern when fighting the mob.

Although you are able to freely utilize various factors during the battle, your decision making is a bit..." Edizon was about to finish his explanation when an angry scream echoed through the ears of both of them.


Upon hearing Isabella's scream William immediately let out a hearty laugh as he commented...

"It looks like I don't need to do it myself. Hahahaha."


"Let's go."



To be continued.

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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》