NOIM; Connected Worlds
33 That was my plan
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NOIM; Connected Worlds
Author :NovaByCreativeRobt
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33 That was my plan

"Let's go!"

Edizon and William rushed to help Isabella as soon as they heard her call.


... ...

Upon noticing that the two were approaching, Isabella abruptly changed her direction. She then ignored the Cult Monkey Clubbers behind her and made a sprint towards Edizon and William.





The Cult Monkey Clubbers and Poison Fruit Throwers didn't stop their barrage of attacks. Their aim is to slow down Isabella and force her to take several detours.

"Gobi gobi gobi gobi gobi!" Gobi The Ash colored Cult Monkey Leader felt ecstatic upon seeing the redhaired women try to run away. The Cult Monkey leader immediately diverted some of the monkeys to intercept Isabella's path...


... ...

Isabella continued her dash towards the two. She occasionally encountered some monkeys along the way, but that proved to be insignificant for a fighter of her caliber...


The knees of the Monkey fell down as Isabella's knuckle landed on its jaw.

<Heavy Punch, 233-253 Damage Dealt.>

After dealing with the monkey in front of her, Isabella didn't waste any more time and immediately proceeded to dodge the incoming poisonous fruits falling from the sky.

The Poison Fruit Throwers have been a headache right from the start. If fighting an army of large monkeys carrying spiked clubs is nearly impossible for a normal person. Can you imagine having to deal with poisonous fruits falling down from the sky at the same time?

As Isabella made her way towards Edizon and Isabella, her eyes landed on a group of Cult Monkey Clubbers not far from her...

'The Cult Leader must be planning to intercept me...' Isabella thought to herself. She immediately scanned the group as it closed in on her...

'Two coming from the left...'

'Three from the front...'

It didn't even take her a short moment before she determined that the incoming group of Cult Monkey Clubbers is not just blindly charging towards her, but instead planning to surround slow her down and force her to go to a detour.

After getting a good look at the enemies ahead, a grim feeling struck Isabella. She couldn't afford to slow down right now as there was still an army of Cult Monkey Clubbers behind her.

'Should I take a detour?...'

'No. My stamina won't be able to keep up...'

'The only choice is to breakthrough...'

'There's five of them... Is it possible for me to clear them fast enough?...'

Isabella was troubled. This was the first time she felt the limitation of her playstyle. Unlike William who uses two great swords to clear out groups of enemies, her playstyle is more similar to a brawler and is more oriented in staying mobile while taking out enemies one at a time. She couldn't possibly clear out five Cult Monkey within a short amount of time.

"Gobi gobi gobi gobi gobi!" The Cult Monkey Leader laughed out loud as it watched the redhaired woman close in towards the group of clubbers it directed.

'Tsch, I'm gonna have to take a detour...'

'I'm sure he'll figure something out...'

'Tsch, do I really have to depend on him every time...'

Just when Isabella was about to move towards the right to evade the incoming wave of Cult Monkeys a voice echoed through her ears...

"Your stamina won't make it if you take a detour. Dodge! Roll! Use their bodies as a platform if you have to!"


'That's right...'

'I can also do that...'

Isabella unconsciously bit her lip from the slight jolt of embarrassment she felt. Even though she was accustomed to fighting, she has never experienced fighting large groups nor being chased by one since such moments are rarely encountered in real life.

How could you expect a newly graduate lady to be accustomed to such a situation?


... ...

A few moments later, Isabella and the group of Cult monkey clubbers finally made contact. Contrary to expectations of the Cult Monkey Leader, Isabella didn't make a detour but instead charged straight in and directly started the chaotic fight herself...




<Heavy Punch, 225-253 Damage Dealt.>

<Heavy Punch, 215-253 Damage Dealt.>

<Kick, 220 Damage Dealt.>




After a few exchanges, Isabella immediately got surrounded by a group of clubbers. She tried her best to evade all of the attacks, but some attacks eventually slipped in...

<You have been hit by a wooden spiked club, 150 Damage Received.>

<A huge nail has bored through your left leg, +Bleeding, -30 HP per second.>

<You have been hit by a wooden spiked club, 150 Damage Received.>

<A huge nail has bored through your right shoulder, +Bleeding(2), -60 HP per second.>


The Cult Monkey Leader Gobi became more ecstatic after seeing Isabella getting beaten up by the five Cult Monkey Clubbers.

"Gobi gobi gobi gobi gobi!" Gobi laughed out loud as it thought that it finally got one of the humans who barged in on his sacred temple. Saliva drooled from gobi's mouth as chaotic and violent thoughts continued to fill its head.

The Cult Monkey leader laughed and laughed as it continued emitting killing intent. The thought of butchering these youths in front of him gave The Cult Monkey Leader an exhilarating feeling. Too bad the poor monkey didn't know was that rage will soon replace its mood after seeing what's gonna happen next.


... ...

Isabella sharpened her mind as she continued to exchange blows with the five Cult Monkey Clubbers. After a few more exchanges, the situation finally came to a point where Isabella took several hits and was on the verge of dying.

But just when the Cult Monkey leader was about to get what it wants... Isabella took advantage of the thin layer of defense in the center.

Throwing a heavy punch on the stomach of the Cult Monkey Clubber at the middle, she then used its body as a platform to somersault away.

'That was easier than I thought...'

Isabella thought to herself as she landed on the ground. Although her physical abilities and great control of her body can easily allow her to do the moves she executed. Being in a safe and controlled environment has clearly affected her way of thinking.

It would be farcry to experience being chased by a large group of people in real life, nonetheless getting surrounded by a group of large monkeys carrying spiked clubs.


After creating some distance, she took one last look towards the Cult Monkey Leader before freely sprinting towards Edizon and William.

'Troublesome monkey...'


... ...

After a minute or two Isabella finally reached Edizon and William. The two immediately intercepted the incoming batch of Clubbers to give Isabella some breathing room.

As expected the aggro of the mob quickly shifted to Edizon and William as soon as Isabella reached a certain distance.

'huh...' Isabella exhaled a mouthful of air as she steadily normalized her breathing. She then took a Health Potion and proceeded to stare daggers aimed at Edizon...

[Isabella] <You have taken a health potion. 1000 HP has been restored. Fleshly wounds have been healed. -Bleeding>


[Edizon] <You are being stared at by a hateful presence...>

After a feeling a chill on his spine, Edizon immediately noticed Isabella looking at her with an enraged expression.

Seeing this, he next braced himself as he loudly spouted out his alibi just enough so Isabella could hear it...

"William should be okay now..."

Isabella only snorted after hearing Edizon's remark. The silence from Isabella made Edizon think that Isabella didn't mind that they took more time than expected.

It didn't take a while before his thoughts were eventually proven wrong. Just when he was about to sigh in relief, Isabella's voice repeatedly echoed through his ears...

"We'll talk later."



... ...

Back in the battlefield...

"Adorable. Right?" As usual, Edizon ignored Isabella's remark and even asked William for his opinion.

"Would you just focus on clearing the dungeon?" William grunted as he swung each of heavy swords towards the surrounding enemies.

"Relax. I'm still testing some moves. I still haven't warmed up you know."

William rolled his eyes at Edizon. This lovey-dovey couple with him is just extremes at both ends. An ill-tempered and violent woman together with a pretentious and scheming man was really just a match made in hell.

William chuckled to himself as he remembered a joke he used to say in his past life.

'You two are really just a lovely pair... It even got me thinking... Maybe our world is being punished for letting the two of you get together.'


... ...

A few minutes have passed since the battle William and Edizon took over the battle. Although they are being chased by several killer monkeys, that didn't stop the two from continuing their nonsensical chatter.

"It's funny how you've become a lot more emotional."

[Edizon] <You have hit the vital organs of the Cult Monkey Clubber. +30% DMG>



[Edizon] <Knife Stab, +30% DMG, 273 Critical Damage Dealt.>

[Edizon] <Knife Stab, +30% DMG, 283 Critical Damage Dealt.>

"I saw everyone getting massacred one by one. What the hell do you expect?"

[William] <Heavy Slash(Right Hand) +Speed Swing, +30% DMG, +5% Armor Penetration, 235-280 Damage Dealt.> <(3)Gobi Cult Monkey [Clubber], HP 0/500>


[William] <Heavy Slash(Left Hand) +Speed Swing, +30% DMG, +5% Armor Penetration, 235-280 Damage Dealt.> <(4)Gobi Cult Monkey [Clubber], HP 0/500>

"Nothing much. Although it's surprising, who would've thought that a person like you is such a cry baby deep inside."

[Edizon] <Knife Stab, +30% DMG, 223 Critical Damage Dealt.>

[Edizon] <Knife Stab, +30% DMG, 243 Critical Damage Dealt.>

[Edizon] <Knife Stab, +30% DMG, 273 Critical Damage Dealt.>

"I've changed my mind. I'm gonna slice you in half after this."

"Heh... You're welcome to try, dear time traveler."


... ...

The battle of swords and chatter continued on for five for minutes. That's exactly the time where William finally decided to cut the shit.

"Don't tell me you still haven't formulated a plan?" William retorted as he continued hacking away.

"Oh... I was waiting to see if you managed to come up with a plan..."

"You're the one who had the chance to get a clear look at the situation earlier. Will you stop experimenting moves and tell us the plan already?!' William re-iterated.

Although William was smart, in a large scale battle, you couldn't possibly see through the situation unless you get a clear view of what was happening.

Yes, you could make assumptions but that isn't really the case you're in a three-man party that is trying to successfully clear an S Class 10 man dungeon.


"Fine. Fine... This dungeon is actually very simple. I'll make my way towards the Poison Fruit Throwers to gather up the agro of all the Cult Monkeys including the Poison Fruit Throwers, then you and Isabella use that opening to quickly clear out the clubbers from behind." Edizon exaggerated. He even picked the moment when they are running away just so he can boast how simple it is.


Hearing this, William didn't reply and only continued running as he took his time to analyze Edizon's plan. After a few seconds...

"That was I was going for earlier, if only you two followed up we should have cleared this dungeon by now."

"There's a big difference between making your way towards the target and slaughtering your way towards the target.


You must be wearing some lucky charm in your previous life, having survived that long."

"Hahahaha how great of you. You know it's easy to gloat when you're playing as a spectator."

"Whatevs. Let's go."

"Make sure you don't die."


"You wish."


Not even waiting for William's reply Edizon jumped on the shoulder of a Cult Monkey Clubber and landed behind William.


... ...

Upon landing, Edizon lazily to dusted off the dirt on clothes. Afterwards, he then immediately ran towards Isabella...

"Bella, I'm gonna take the lead. Clear out the clubbers from the behind while they're at me."

Hearing Edizon from afar, Isabella nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. She tilted her head as she observed the two from afar.

'It seems that William is now back to his usual self now...'

'I didn't consider him to be the emotional one...'

'Why are they taking this game seriously?'

'Just what the hell is up with these two?'




'He's smiling...'

'Tsch, it's amazing how he can still make that rotten smile after leaving me to fight the army of monkeys for half an hour...'

'Oh, my temper...'

'Calm down Bella... Calm down...'

Isabella copied Alice's usual dialogue just to calm herself down. The mantra unexpectedly worked out just fine, but after seeing Edizon's face in a closer distance, Isabella snapped.

*Crackle* *Crackle* *Crackle*

'Just what the hell is with that smile? Can't he see that I'm getting more and more annoyed?!'

Isabella stared at Edizon's face as soon as he arrived. Hugging her chest, she took a deep breath before wondering to herself...

'Would you still call me adorable after I serve you a round of beating?'



To be continued.
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    《NOIM; Connected Worlds》