1 Lottery and Pan“gu
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Author :Unexpectedly
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1 Lottery and Pan“gu

Earth, Year 2019

In the whole world country P is considered as a one of the over populated country so that means poverty is also one of the main problem of the nation and over 20% of the population is jobless so the people in country P is always thinking about how to make money and one of the fastest way to get rich is LOTTERY.

But the chances of winning is one in a million witch is extremely rare.

(To all the readers right now admit it or not it was a painful that sometimes our wallet is empty.)

And Xhennia is one of those, it's been a year since the day he first try the lottery and sometimes he won but the one he won are those one of the lowest prizes.

Today Xhennia as usual try to test his luck.

And different from the norm he bet at the largest prize category the mega jackpot.

" Last night I dreamed about my parents as if conveying some number combination, hmmm….I will try my luck this time I hope the numbers my parents gave me will win."

As Xhennia walking he spotted a small lottery stall.

"Huh? Is it new? I always pass here it's my first time saw this stall .!"

As his objective is to bet lottery he approach it thinking it was better if there was a nearby stall so he could save time walking.

As he approach the stall he realized that the receptionist is a handsome middle age man.

" Excuse me it's my first time seeing this stall here since when did the lottery company build this one?"

As he face the man, Xhennia ask a question.

"Actually we only finished building this one this morning and I assume that you will bet so basically you are our first costumer."

The Middle-aged man replied, Xhennia felt something strange about this man but he quickly forgot it and focus and writing the number in his dream.

As he filled it up he noticed something new.

It was asking for contact number but he remembers that there's no need for contact number to bet so he eyed the Middle-aged suspiciously.

"Excuse me Sir why is it have to put my contacts

I'm sure yesterday I also bet and there's no need to put the contact info, are you sure you're stall is approved by the government?"

The Middle-aged man on the other hand is calm and still smiling and he pointed the certificates hanging in the side of wall, and when Xhennia inspect it he can confirm that it was authentic.

"Actually sir it was new implement form and where on the testing stage if you did not want to put your contact number you could just leave it blank."

"Really? Ok since I will not lose anything why not try something new."

Xhennia said, and after that he wrote his contact number and hand it to the Middle-aged man and waiting for receipt.

After he got his receipt he thank the receptionist and walk back home.

As Xhennia walking back he did not notice that the Middle-aged was looking at his back with the same smile but there was a strange light flashing in his eyes.

"Interesting this boy's luck is rapidly increasing and it looks like it will not stop until tomorrow.

Hmmm..looks like he got the greatest chance of winning the lottery game that old bastard initiated."

The middle age man whisper to himself and when he saw that Xhennia already gone he lightly clap his hand once and everything vanished including the stall.

Xhennia reach his home and since he did not have anything to do he decided to watch his favorite anime that is 'Dragon ball: Super'.

Since his childhood he was already a fan of Dragon Ball starting from Z to Super and when his parents pass away watching anime specially Dragon Ball and reading novel and light novels is the only thing that soothe his pain from being orphan.

Thankfully his aunt take him to her house and raised him until today.

And he was guilty and thankful, thankful for adapting him and guilty because she did not married anyone because she was satisfied raising him.

Though they were still problem financially they still live with savings, it was thanks for the contribution of both of then.

Back to present when Xhennia open his phone he immediately surf the usual anime website he frequently use.

Seeing that there's an update about the newest episode of Dragon Ball: Super he was delighted and without wasting any more time he immediately watch it.

By the time he finished watching it 30 minutes already passed and seeing that it was close to 6 in the evening he quickly stood up and cook.

By the time he almost finish cooking he heard a knock from the door , and with out looking back he knew that it was his aunt. And as expected by the time he already finished cooking he saw his aunt already changed his working clothes.

"Good evening Aunt how's work going?"

"Haa…. Same as always how about you I heard that you take a day off how's your day?"

"Yeah I took a day off because I want a little rest and I also bet the number that my parents gave me in my dream, remember what I told you this morning I will bet on it and nothing will lose if I will not win."

"Well then good luck I wish you win, now let's stop talking and eat."

And after a little conversation with my aunt I entered my room and went to sleep.

In the morning Xhennia woke up early habitually and after he finished cleaning his face he got a text message, Xhennia did not immediately check on what's the message and cook first a breakfast for two.

After he finish cooking he saw his aunt exited her room and when she saw what Xhennia doing she helplessly shook her head at first she always lecture him that it should be her on doing that chores but he insisted that he was already adult so he should be doing the chores.

"Good morning aunt"

"Good morning."

Their breakfast is same as always and after they finish eating his Aunt went to her room and take a bath since her job is required to be there early.

Xhennia on the other hand went also to his room and check his phone and when he saw the number he was bewildered and when he open the message he was shocked because what he received is :

"Hello Mr. Xhennia where from the lottery company and you were like because you're the only winner of the Grand prize and if you wish to redeem the prize reply Yes to this number.

Note: Replying is free charge.

Sender : XX lottery sweepstakes company."

Xhennia excitedly replied YES to the number and after he click the send something incredible happen.

The phone that he was holding is flashing a very bright light, Xhennia was terrified and as he was about to throw the phone he was enveloped by the light.

And if anyone is watching him right now he or she may shout about miracle because in the place where Xhennia standing previously is now empty.

Xhennia on the other hand was petrified because of what happened earlier and what he is seeing now.

In front of him is a gigantic man and by his estimate this man was larger than the planets he knew altogether.

As he was standing there like a statue the gigantic man spoke for the first time he arrived here.

"Congratulations Human you're the sole winner of the lottery game I make out of boredom, and as you can see I'm Pan'gu the first being created by universe and I know that you're clueless about what's happening right now so I will answer some of your questions."

As the man is speaking his voice is like a rumble of the thunder but when it reaches Xhennia it becomes soothing and comforting.and after Pan'gu finished speaking Xhennia jolted awake and hurriedly ask a question.

"Where I am and what happen to my body in Earth?"

"You're here in the highest realm of all universe or in other words you're here on the first universe that exists witch means in the place where I was created and about your body on Earth it got teleported here that mean you're body right now is your real body not just some spiritual body."

Pan'gu replied, and Xhennia was now clear about where he was right now but there's a question witch he want to clarify.

"You're saying something about Lottery what's that about?"

"As I said earlier I made this game out of boredom and you have 2 choices right now one is to continue live on Earth and you will get the prize but after that you're memory about what happening right now will be erase"

"And the second choice is the to start a new in other world or realm of your choice and if you choose the second you will retain your memory from Earth till right the way whatever choice you make the prize still the same."

After hearing what Pan'gu said, Xhennia was put In a difficult spot he wanted to stay on Earth because he was worried about his aunt and on the other hand he wanted to start a new and go adventure.

"Honorable Pan'gu your saying that the prize on both choices is the same can you please inform me on what's that prize?"

Pan'gu was silent for a while then he waved his hand and a wheel with nine divisions appeared and on each division have an Goldy runic symbols and what's weird is that even though it was his first time seeing it he knew that those runic letters are Numbers from 1-9.

"This was the wheel of wishes it was divided into nine witch means depending on what you get that was the number of wishes you could have, for example if the wheel rotate and stop in the number 1 that means you could have one wish."

"Now go approach it and press the button when you need the wheel to rotate and press again when you need it to stop."

After nodding Xhennia approach the Wheel of Wishes and press the button and as the wheel is rotating he silently pray for all gods that he knew.

And after calming his nerve he press again the button then the wheel slowly stop rotating and by the time it completely stop it was pointing the runic number which means 9 meaning he could only have nine wishes.

Pan'gu seeing the result was a little surprised, 'the luck of this one is one of best I knew' he mumbled to himself.

"Ok human you got the number 9 witch means you have 9 wishes and before you say on what's your Wishes you first have to pick on the 2 choices"

"Honorable Pan'gu I already have a choice I will pick the 2nd choice and I want to be reincarnated in the immortal/cultivation world."

Xhennia replied he was little excited when he thought of his new life after this.
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