2 Shen Ling Tian
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Author :Unexpectedly
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2 Shen Ling Tian

"Honorable Pan'gu I already have a choice I will pick the 2nd choice and I want to be reincarnated in the immortal/cultivation world."

Xhennia replied he was little excited when he thought of his new life after this.

"Very well human you did not disappoint me on your choice now what's your nine Wishes?"

Pan'gu said with a slight smile on his lips obviously delighted on his (Xhennia) choice.

"My first wish is that I have a Saiyan bloodline but without a tail just like the Saiyan of universe 6 of Dragon Ball."

"My second wish is that I could have a Heavenly world just like the one in the Novel I'm reading Shadow hack and the information on how to  expand it further base on the law of my world there."

"Third I want my world to have a time difference where the ratio is 1:100 which means one year on real world but 100 years on my world."

"Hmmm.. my fourth wish is that I could have a senzu beans plantation where it automatically plant and harvest itself and of course a storage building where  it can store senzu beans infinitely."

"My fifth wish is that I could have a Sharingan that without the blindness curse and will awaken whenever I want."

"Sixth I wish I could have a magical library in my heavenly world just like the one in the Novel Library of Heaven's Path."

"Seventh I wish I could have the highest talent in blacksmithing, medicine,and pill making"

"Eighth I wish I could have a identification skill where I can identify the name of the person or object, can identify their age, origin and talent witch divided into Luck,Talent,and will power and I could also identify if the person is lying  or not."

"And my last wish I want my body to return on Earth by the time I will undergo the reincarnation and I want my aunt to find someone she love and live in a happy life."

His last wish some may found it a waste of chance he did not regret it he already treated his aunt as his second mother and since he will literally died he did not want her to be heartbroken and waste her life so he wishes that she could get someone she could share problems with and live a happy life.

After he state his wishes he look deeply on the eyes of Pan'gu waiting for his confirmation.

Pan'gu after hearing his wishes he slightly nod his head and when he heard the last wish he was impressed even though he will already live in a new life he did not forget his filial love for his aunt.

"Very well I could grant you your wishes but I need to remind you that you're Sharingan will have to start at one tomoe based on what I read from your memory and it will only evolved to higher tier when you rise your cultivation. I hope you survive in that world you should already have known that you could died in that world if you're not careful."

After that he wave his hand and Xhennia disappeared.

And after Xhennia disappeared Pan'gu mumbled something then he slowly close his eyes and entered meditation.



Saint Ancestral World, Divine East Continent

Red Stone Village

In a certain house there is a man pacing back and forth seemingly nervous and excited at the same time.

Not far from the man is a tightly shut door and a pained shout of a woman and Everytime the woman scream the man outside would glance at the door he wanted to enter the room but base on tradition he was forbidden to enter until he was called in.

And after seemingly hours the man could hear a scream but this one was different it was a scream of a newborn baby.

As if hearing a Heavenly music the face of the man lit up and he impatiently stand in front of the door and waiting to be summon.

Then the door open a middle aged woman bow to the man and said,

"Chief congratulations for having a healthy son, you may now enter."

The man immediately enter the room and he saw his wife holding a baby.

The woman on bed saw his husband and said

"Look Hubby our son is so cute what do you think is the best name for him?"

The man look excitedly at his son and after hearing what his wife said he name his son,

"Since he was my son he should have the courage to surpass the heavens so I should name him Ling Tian, his name will be Shen Ling Tian"

Then Shen Fei Long saw his son smiling he laughed loudly.

"Haha see my son is smiling he likes his name "

The two adults keep laughing and they didn't that their son can understand them and if they knew it they might be die from shock.

Ling Tian on the other hand saw and heard what they're saying the language they use is Chinese thankfully as a anime and novel lover he studied Japanese, Korean and Chinese so that he could watch or read raw chapters or episodes.

And he really likes his new name it was cool fitting for his goal.

And as he was thinking he suddenly attacked by extreme drowsiness.

And without further ado he immediately sleep.

And by night time he was woke up from extreme hunger and to get the attention of his mother he cried loudly and not long after his mom breastfeed him.

And by the time he was full he pretend to be sleeping and when he see that his parents are out of sight already he check his Heavenly world with his Spirit.

In his Spirit form he looks like an adult form of his current self, his looks is similar to his face when he was in Earth it just that he was little more handsome this time.

His Heavenly world is a little different from the original in the Shadow Hack his Heavenly world can be accessed through spiritual or physical in the spiritual access his real body will remain in the real world and only the spirit will enter the Heavenly world.

On the physical access he can teleport his body to his world and this can also be used to hide from enemy if needed he could also bring other living being such as beast,animals or even human he just need to touch them physically and *whoosh* they will find themselves in the Heavenly world.

As he let his Spirit float into higher ground he survey the land, since it was still a 1 sun Heavenly world the size of the world is still 5 kilometer SQ.

At the East side there was a farm with the size of 100 meter SQ. With a Pagoda shaped storage building on the middle.

Ling Tian knew that it was the senzu beans and the plants is still budding he did not know how long it will produce beans but he knew that with 1:100 ratio of time difference it will not take long in real world.

And as he look to the Western side he saw a huge Library with mystical runes and by the connection he was the only one who can enter the library, and without his permission no one can enter it.

By the time he finish checking his world he returned to the real world and slept.
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