3 Timeskip and Sharingan
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Author :Unexpectedly
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3 Timeskip and Sharingan

3 years passed.

In those years Ling Tian keep acting baby and when he reach 1 year old he showed them that he could already walk and 5 months later he showed them that he could already talk.

Practically all residents in the village knew that the son of the village chief is a genius.

And all those years Ling Tian knew that their village is just one of the most small village and based on what his father said Villages are graded from 1-5 and Tier 1 as the highest and Tier 5 as the lowest their village is one of the numerable tier 5 village.

The number of the residents in the Red Stone village is numbered 200+ .

The main income of the residents here is herb picking , mining and blacksmithing.

Their village is close to a volcano and blacksmiths uses the geocentric fire from the volcano to melt iron.

On the west of their village there's a mountain range and canyon, his father said that it was dangerous in the inner mountain becomes Fierce Beast live there.

So when they pick herbs they only venture the outer part of the mountain to keep safe, but sometimes there will be some beast that patrolling in outer part of the mountain.

Even though they cultivate, their realm is not that high so they are cases when someone dying.

They also mine in the bottom of the mountain.

And when his father mentioned about cultivation realm Ling Tian keep pestering his father about cultivation knowledge.

But his father said that he will not tell him and he should be the one to find it, and to do that he need to learn to read and write.

But Feilong did not know that his son already knows to read and write it just that he couldn't find the library.

Ling Tian knew that they have a hidden library and there where they keep important books.

So today Ling Tian approach his parents and with his puppy eyes he ask:

"Dad ! Tell me the location of Library please!"

" Tian'er tomorrow I will let your mother teach you how to read and write and the faster you learn the better, I will only tell the location of the hidden library if you know how to read and write, do you understand me?"

Even though his father was struggling with those eyes he still keep his strict image as a father, Ling Tian on the other hand was beaming with smile when he knew the condition his father set.

" was only reading and writing I can learn it fast."

Feilong was amused by his son way of speaking.

"Then let's see if you can learn to read and write in a month fluently then you could have a one wish from me what do you think?"

When Ling Tian heard what his father said he smiled slyly and his eyes shining with a crafty idea.


After securing the deal Ling Tian bolted out and run to his room.

His mother Chen Rou'er could only smile wyrly he was already used to the bickering of father and son.

When Ling Tian entered his room he carefully lock the door and sit on his bed.

"It's been three years I think it's time to awaken my Sharingan ."

Sitting crossed legged he control his Spirit Qi to his eyes, and when the Qi make a contact with the eyes it produce a light red hue and followed by the unbearable itchiness just like thousands of giant ants stabbing his eyes.

Thankfully the awakening did not last long and just a few seconds he suddenly feel a refreshing

Cool breeze and when he opened his eyes and his original black onyx eyes turn into red with a single tomoe.

As he open his Sharingan he suddenly felt that the time slows down, but he knew that it was his perception that enhanced, he could also see things getting clearer his eyesight also improved immensely.

His eyes also have x-ray like vision but he could only penetrate a layer of any materials.

He could also memorized things instantly, he still did not know whether he could see through illusion or not maybe he could test it in the future.

Satisfied with the awakening he cheerfully access his Heavenly world spiritually.

For the pass 3 years Ling Tian gradually discovered that he could bring a certain amount of resources to his Heavenly world and let the world produce it automatically.

For example when Ling Tian throw a piece of raw iron in his world he felt as if his world trying to communicate with him and asking for permission if it could absorb the ore.

And when Ling Tian allows it to absorb he could feel that the world is asking for more of ore and he had a feeling that when he let his world absorb iron ore until it was satisfied something good will happen.

So starting that day he will sneak inside the storage room and pick a few iron ore.

Since miners in the village need to give a 5% of their mined ore they have a lot of ore in the storage.

So sneaking a few pieces everyday will not be easily notice.

So after a year of consumption the Heavenly world of Ling Tian birthed a mountain with a iron vein and every year it was producing at fast speed.

And since the Qi in the Heavenly world is abundant and majority of the iron is mutated and become spiritual iron.

And through hundred year of accumulation it produce a few iron vein and the mountain also expanding along with the world.

When the mountain first birthed it was only a size of a 3floor building now it was as tall as Mount.Fuji in Japan.

And based on the identification skill he discovered that spiritual iron is rare and it was priced 100 times more expensive than the ordinary iron.

He knew that he will not have a money problems in the future.

His senzu beans plantation on the other hand was producing a hundred beans every year and he already accumulated more than 30,000 senzu beans which means that he could have had 30,000 life saving item.

His library on the other hand is still the same since he did not know where is the family library his library is still empty.
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