4 Learning
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Author :Unexpectedly
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4 Learning

He also didn't slack off in training his body although it was only some light training like running for his stamina and horse-stand for his legs and balance.

Maybe it was due to his Saiyan bloodline his body even to all his light training his height did not exceed his age maybe when he reach 15 or so he will pass the rapid growth phase.

His parents was also amazed by the appetite of their son and they were wondering where all those food go.

He need to eat a food worth for 20 regular men and he knew that it will increase as he grow older.

Fortunately he have the spiritual iron mine in his world or else he will be broke due to his appetite.

He was training in his Heavenly world and there's one this bothering him if counting the time he was inside the world he should be already a few hundred years old.

He thought that it was such a bug, it come with advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage is that if he or his people live in this world they will gain a 100 times more life.

And the disadvantage is that he could not implement one of his plan that is breeding a normal beast to a fierce beast.

He also discover that his identification skill could be use on himself, and when he used the skill he received a set of information directly into his mind.

Name:Shen Ling Tian, 4 years old

Luck:10     Talent:7 Willpower:9

Bloodline: Saiyan (Ancient Moon Swallowing Ape)

Unique Trait:  1.Zenkai (Battle Seeking Heart- the more the the owner Battle and Injures the more power spike he/she would receive after full recovery.)

2.Sharingan (1 tomoe- Able to enhance perception of the owner, can see through solid materials, can instantly copy anything the owner saw.

2 tomoe ???,3 tomoe ???.)


He instinctively knew that 10 is the maximum number for Luck,Talent and Willpower.

And he was surprised that he got a score of 10 on his luck and his talent although not the max he got the cheat like abilities like Sharingan, world power and Zenkai on his arsenal, so he would not lose to those extremely talented cultivators he could even surpass then if he use his power wisely.

He already plans in his mind he just need to wait for the right time to implement his plans.

Ling Tian exited his Heavenly world and drifted in the land of dreams.


The next day Ling Tian woken up by the hot ray of morning sun.

After washing his face he make his way to the dining room.

There he saw his father drinking his tea and when Feilong saw his some he smile warmly and greet him.

"Good morning Tian'er"

"Good morning Dad."

As he sat down he saw his mother with 4 male servant in tow carrying 4 wooden buckets of white bun.

Then the servants slowly placed it in the table after a respectful bow they left.

As Ling Tian saw the buns his eyes lit up and he immediately wolf down the buns one on each hand.

Shen Fei Long and Chen Rou'er could only stare at their son, even though they were already used on the amount of he eats everyday they still found it amazing.

Not even half an hour pass the four buckets of buns are now empty.

Ling Tian on the other hand was already used to the expression his parents giving him.

" Ahhh….I'm stuffed I think I ate to much this time."

Ling Tian said with a satisfied expression while Patting his bulging stomach.

His parents could only shake their head and wryly smile at their son's atics.

"Tian'er after this you should get ready your Mom will teach you to read and write"

Recovering from his amazement Feilong inform his son the schedule for his private teaching with his mother.

" Don't worry dad it will not even take a week for me to learn to read and write and don't forget about our deal yesterday hmmp…! "

Said Ling Tian with his arms crossed in his chest and wearing a smug but cute expression.

After they finished eating they rest for awhile and Ling Tian walked to the study room and there he see his mother Chen Rou'er sitting and in front of her is a few books , Quill and ink and a stack of clean white paper.

" Tian'er come sit besides me Today I will teach you on how to pronounce and write the characters "

Chen Rou'er seeing her son entering he wave her hand and Pat the empty space beside her.

" Tian'er you have to remember that our language , Altogether there are over 50,000 characters in ancient era and through the passage of time people rarely use over 20,000 characters. An educated Han person will know about 8,000 characters, but you will only need about 2,000 - 3,000 to be able to read and write."

" So I will only teach you 3,000 characters and on how long will you learn it will depend on you, Now let's start listen carefully."

After saying that Chen Rou'er begin explain on how to properly pronounce each letter.

And as time passes Chen Rou'er's expression become strange and at the end of the lesson a proud smile painted on her beautiful lips.

" Good, it looks like you have a incredible memory Tian'er I just need to pronounce it once and you already pronouncing it fluently, hehe it looks like your father lose this time"

"I think at the end of the week you will already proficient in reading and writing."

When Ling Tian heard his mother's compliment he proudly say,

" Of course it was thanks to you Mom and your genetics , hmmm..I'm lucky that I inherited your genetics instead of dad."

The smile on her mother's face grew wider and her eyes lit up.

" Hehe... Right! right"

"Now since you already memorize the characters the next I will teach you is how to write and it would be better if you learn calligraphy from me , you may not know this but when I was younger I was known for my calligraphy so it would make me happy if you have Talent in calligraphy."
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