5 Calligraphy
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Author :Unexpectedly
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5 Calligraphy

"Now since you already memorize the characters the next I will teach you is how to write and it would be better if you learn calligraphy from me , you may not know this but when I was younger I was known for my calligraphy so it would make me happy if you have Talent in calligraphy."

Chen Rou'er smile faintly and her eyes is clouded as if reminiscing something.

Ling Tian saw the expression of his mother muttering silently in his mind.

' it looks like my parents has a mysterious pass, well whatever mystery is it there will be the time they will tell me about it.'

"Don't worry mother I will try my best to learn all of your teachings"

Chen Rou'er glance at her son and saw the determination in his eyes, she smiled.

"Very well , I will teach you all I know maybe it will help you in the future."

At the end of the day Ling Tian was already proficient in writing, while his mother teach him calligraphy he only learned a little of it.

He thought that since calligraphy is just a different way of writing he could easily master it, but his experience proven him wrong.

The art of calligraphy in cultivation world is extremely hard to understand.

Ling Tian,seeing that he did not understand majority of the calligraphy lesson is downcast, his mother Chen Rou'er saw the expression of her son just smile and Pat his head saying,

"Tian'er if others knew what did you learn in a lesson and saw your expression they might be become insane, you should be content on what did you learn today"

"Actually in my years traveling I saw many talented people in calligraphy but not as talented as you if others refer them as geniuses then the correct definition of your talent is monstrous."

Upon hearing what his mother said his mood gradually improve and smile cheerfully.

" Yeah I know Mom , I guess it was one of the many things I inherited from you, mom can I get all the book penetrating about calligraphy since I already know how to read and write I guess reading books will make me more proficient ."

Chen Rou'er simply nodded her head and said,

" Yeah I will let the servants deliver it to your room in addition I will also send some ink and papers so you could practice, remember son it was useless to have a knowledge if you don't implement or work it out, the more you practice the more you have a chance making you own style."

"Hehe thanks Mom, I promise I will practice hard if I have time but before that I think it's time to find dad and let him honor our bet."

While saying that Ling Tian stood up and stretch his body and playfully exited the room and ran out looking for his father.

Seeing the fleeing back of her son shook her head and look at the window while muttering,

" Looks like the cultivation community in the future will be noisy with Little Tian wreaking havoc."

Just thinking of what will happen in the future make the smile in her face more resplendent.

Ling Tian on the other hand ran towards the office of the village chief , he knew that most of the times his father stay there and doing some paperworks.

And as expected when he reach the office he barge in without knocking the door and saw his father sitting with his eyes closed.

As he the sound of door slamming is quite loud his father Shen Feilong opened his eyes and when he saw that it was Ling Tian who barge in he straighten his posture and called out in annoyed tone.

" Little Tian how many times I tell you knock first before you enter!"

Seeing the annoyed expression of his father Ling Tian let out a few giggles and then he walk in front if his father and let out a smug face with crossing his arms on his chest saying,

"Hehe father I'm here for the bet, I already learned on how to read and write!"

When Shen Feilong heard the first sentence he was bewildered , but when he heard the last sentence his bewildered expression turned into a great shock.

"What? You only have a lesson this day, unbelievable! , How many characters did you learned?"

"Hmm.. mother said that I only need to learn the first 3000 characters , and also mother teach me calligraphy."

Shen Feilong furrowed his brows when he heard what Ling Tian said.

"She did teach you calligraphy? You're still young , who much did you learned and what did your mom said?"

When Ling Tian saw the strange expression on his father he raised his eye brows but still answer his father truthfully.

"Mom teach me a lot but I only understand a few of them, and mom also said that she saw a lot of genius when she was still traveling but compare to them I'm a monster."

Shen Feilong was shocked at the high evaluation of his wife towards Ling Tian, and he knows that she would not like towards something like this.

He also knew that she rarely compliment someone highly like this even towards his family and friends, so that means his son truly have a potential to surpass Chen Rou'er if he would focus on his calligraphy, and it would be even better if his son would also inherit his talent.

"Hahaha since Rou'er said that that means your talented in the field of calligraphy, now listen to me son you must practice your calligraphy often and try to make your own style and develop your intent, it will be great help for you in the future."

Ling Tian keep nodding and when he heard the word 'intent' he got interested in it.

"What's Intent father?"

"Intent is a type of energy and there's a lot of different intents and for those who dabbed in calligraphy called their intents as 'Will of Words', and in the future if you cultivate and develop your intent you could used the intent in attacking of defense , the use of intent is unlimited the more creative the owner the more useful it is."

"If you want to know more you could just find the information in library, ohh..since I have still a meeting later just go to your mother and let her guide you to there."

Ling Tian just nodded his head and as if remembering something important he turned and look at his father and said,

"Father since I learned it just a day you lose on out bet you owe me a wish, but I still did not have something like to wish so I want to keep it first."
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