6 Practicing Calligraphy
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Author :Unexpectedly
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6 Practicing Calligraphy

After his talk to his father he did not immediately went to his mother he still want to confirm something so he headed to his room and as he entered he saw a stack of papers, ink and brush in his table he touched the table and everything vanished.

Ling Tian transfer the table and the papers inside his world and after checking that the door is locked he went to his world physically and there he found the table and other objects he just transferred.

Ling Tian sit in front of the table and look at the stack of papers , he did not immediately start writing he first crossed his legs and close his eyes.

Since he have a powerful soul he already memorized all the this his mother teach him about calligraphy, he was trying to slowly understand it before writing.

1 week pass by before Ling Tian opened his eyes and a peaceful and noble aura was being emitted in every pores of his body.

And in his eye you could see a glimmer of wisdom unmatched to his age and appearance.

"So that's how is it the art of calligraphy is also divided into different ranks."

Stage 1 - Understanding the word

Stage 2- Harmonizing the heaven and word

Stage 3 -last stage is that what his father called INTENT in this stage you could guide the spiritual qi of heaven and Earth towards his written word and different word will have different power.

In in that one week Ling Tian's understanding reach stage 2, still he was a bit disappointed that he didn't learn his intent ,but Ling Tian did not know that even the greatest talent would at least need a year or two to reach stage 2 from stage 1, but he break the norm.

What makes his progress faster is that he is in his world where there is a dense spiritual qi of heaven and Earth the World Energy also help him comprehending the knowledge faster.

Ling Tian just shook his head and he thought that he still did not understand the intent.

He quickly recovered and forgot his disappoinment and pick up the brush, and as he picked it up his entire demanor change drastically and if you could just ignore his small frame he just really looks like a master.

As he hold the brush his eyes sharpen at with a dip in ink he quickly wrote a one word 'Bird' and as he finished the word the spiritual qi of the surrounding gathering in the word he just wrote and after few seconds a chirp was heard and then the word lit up and transformed into a little bird made of ink and after flying circle atop of Ling Tian head the bird flew away.

And since he couldn't control the Heaven and Earth energy it flew away after thanking Ling Tian for granting it a life , Even though it's only temporary and would not last long.

But Ling Tian was not interested in it, he was till sitting and staring blankly, when he finished his first calligraphy word Ling Tian grasp something but it quickly pass and his instincts telling him that that was the key in understanding the word Intent.

Maybe it was due to the time difference where the laws of Heaven and Earth is moving 100 times faster than the outside.

Although he didn't manage to fully grasp it he was still in a good mood at least he already now know on what is the key to advance.

Happy on his today's harvest he cheerfully leave his Heavenly world after checking this out.

After he returned the table , he glance at the clock at saw that not even minute passed.

After checking if things is still in their place he made his way to the study room and he saw his mother reading a book.

"Mom! Father said that you will guide me to the library, can we go now please.."

Ling Tian sat in front of his mother with his puppy eyes.

"Sure honey...ohh how's the look of your father when you said you could already read and write?"

"Hahaha you will laugh out loud mom, his mouth wasnwide open that can fit a large egg."

The mother and son was laughing while walking into the inner part of the house and when they reach the very end of the house, Chen Rou'er walked to the table in front and bit her finger and let out a drop of her blood in the cup.

A few seconds pass there's still nothing happened and when Ling Tian was about to ask his mother, the cup on the table lit up  and a few strange rune was absorbing the drop of blood.

Then the wall next to the table vibrates and open and revealed a stairs downward.

"Come on Little Tian the library is downstairs"

After saying those Chen Rou'er walked in and as they were walking downward Ling Tian asked,

"Mom why is that you need to drop a blood to enter the library can anyone who drop a blood can access our library?"

To satisfy the carving of knowledge of her son.

"Yeah you just need a drop of blood to open the door , and only our family can access the library and if other try the same as I did they will receive a curse that will erode their body."

Ling Tian felt a chill and he was terrified just thinking about what will happen to those trespasser.

"You don't need to fear it little Tian you can freely use the library safely, now where here.."

After consoling Ling Tian they finally arrived at their destination in front of them is a stone wall it did not have a hole for key or buttons so he was wondering how it will open.

Chen Rou'er without a word just place her palm on the stone door and the door is slowly opening, and she silently enter the room.

Ling Tian hurriedly follow her and when he enter the room he was amazed, the room is big as a basketball court.

The room is filled with unaccountable books.

Chen Rou'er stop walking and turn his head and look at his son.

"Little Tian welcome to our family hidden library just brows anything you like."
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