8 The Library
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Author :Unexpectedly
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8 The Library

"The library is divided into 3 different sections there are The General section in the Left, Martial arts section in the middle and the Cultivation technique section on the right. "

"In the general section you could find different types of information, example History Books could be found there"

"As for Martial arts section all the Martial arts technique of our family have and collected ones are stored there."

"As for the last one as it's name suggest you could find all of our family cultivation techniques."

"And I need to remind you touch could read all the Martial arts and cultivation techniques here but you cannot practice it, you need to be 5 years old , because your body may not be able to sustain the stress and there's a high possibility of dying."

Chen Rou'er was explaining the inner workings of the library and she especially warned her son about the dangers of cultivating early.

Ling Tian was earnestly listening to his mother and when he heard the warning of her mother he just smiled, it may be dangerous to others but as a Saiyan and having a hundred years of light training his body is even sturdier than a healthy adult.

But since her mother warned him he just nodded on her promising that he would just cultivate when his body is sturdy enough.

After making sure that her son understand her warning, Chen Rou'er bit her farewell and walk back upstairs.

After reassuring his mother , Ling Tian first pick the general section since his mother was already in out of site he unhurriedly touch each book in general section, it took Ling Tian An hour before he finished copying each book in the general section.

He found a empty seat nearby and enter his Heavenly world, and upon entering the first thing he did was compiling the books of the same category, History,legends, different types of herbs and beast.

Although compiling didn't take long it consume a large amount of his Spirit/soul qi.

The final outcome after the compilation is 4 thick books and when he use the identification skill on the four books he got the title and summary of the books.

The first book is,

[History: Happenings through the ages]



The others are,

[Legends:Legends of Heroes and demons]



[Herbal Encyclopedia: Medicine and poisonous plants ]



[Fantastic Beast and where to find them]

(AN: whoooooho ...I think I need hagrid here.)



He was pleased by the outcome of the compilation of the books.

He turned his head and look at the giant wall clock and he saw that he was already in the library for more than an hour, so stood up and after checking that everything is on place he move out.

He decided that he will just copy the other books tomorrow, he was really curious about the world he living in.

As he exited the door it automatically closed, the same happened when he reach upstairs the open wall automatically closed it self.

Ling Tian felt hungry he knew that it was almost noon so he unhurriedly walk to the dinning hall.

And as he expected when he enter the hall he saw that his father was already there with his mother.

After greeting his parents he took his seat and the family of 3 silently eat, the only sound you could hear is sound of plates hitting each other.

After eating almost 20 Jin of meat and a large bowl of soup and rice, Ling Tian burp in satisfaction.

After the servants cleaned the table his father Shen Feilong turned his head and look at Ling Tian and asked,

" Tian, how do you feel about our library?"

" was large and there were a lot of books I think I could just pick some and ignore the others, and father I will also visit the library tomorrow I found an interesting book I want to read it."

Ling Tian did not tell his parents that he already has a copy of everything in the general section and he even compiled it.

Even though he trusted his parents, he already made up his mind that in the future when he was already strong enough to protect them , that's when he will confess about his reincarnation.

"That's good you should read books and accumulate knowledge if you want to be cultivator , brute Force is not enough if you want to stand above the masses you should also be knowledgeable."

Ling Tian was listening carefully, Even though he had a soul of an adult he was still inferior to his father, although he read a lot of novels he still found that the advices of his father logical.

" Yes father I will remember your advices."

Shen Feilong was pleased at the answer of his son.

"Little Tian I know that you've already been warned by your mother about the dangers of cultivating early, but I still need to remind you again, when I was still traveling I witnessed a lot of so-called genius of powerful family that died prematurely because of their arrogance."

Ling Tian just nodded, he knew better than anyone the haughty and arrogant attitude of the rich young masters , even though he did not personally experience it he has a hundreds of novels as reference.

Ling Tian already noted that when he would start his journey he would as much as possible avoid encountering that kind of young masters, but if he was cornered he would mercilessly wipe them from the world.
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