9 History and Ranks
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Author :Unexpectedly
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9 History and Ranks

Upon returning to his room Ling Tian teleported himself to his world and and he entered in the Library oHP where he found an empty spot and he sat down crossed legged.

Ling Tian mentally pick the first book he compiled,the History book.

"Saint Ancestral World is originally only owns a single Continent, but due to a massive disaster the Heaven's Will of the world used its energy in laying a massive array which it divided the Continent into 5 to what cultivators known now."

"The first one is the East Continent representing the Azure Dragon,  and as a part of the former massive Continent it mainly consisted of high mountains and an boundless vegetation, it was also the most dangerous Continent due to large vegetation beast lurks everywhere and there's a legend that each mountains have their own rulers and the higher and bigger the mountain the more powerful the beast occupying it."

"The second one is the South Continent representing the Vermillion Bird here volcano and desert are occupying majority of the Continent and if you're a fire cultivator then you will progress faster here than other Continent."

"The third one is the West Continent representing the White Tiger, here just like the East Continent was full of high mountains and it was also rich in metal minerals than other Continents all together."

"The fourth one is the North Continent representing the Black Turtle, unlike the other Continents The North was divided into thousands of island forming an turtle shape if viewed from the sky. It was also ranked as the second most dangerous Continent due to occasional sea beast tide."

"And due to countless years of accumulated faith the four Divine god beast bestowed the saint ancestral world a wisp of their soul and plant it in each Continent to be their protectors and as time passes by the four Divine beast gain their respective flesh Bodies."

"Legends said that the four protectors will only show themselves when the world is on verge of destruction or when the eye of the formation breaks."

"And lastly the Center Continent also known as the Divine Land of cultivators , here the density of qi is 3-4 times of the other Continents, powerful cultivators gather there the Divine Land also rich of resources and there's a lot of ancient ruins , and countless inheritance of a former experts."

The more he read the more he marvel the size of the Continent when it was still whole if legends are true.

The East Continent as second most largest Continent is two times as large as Asia, Russia,and Europe combined.

Ling Tian also found out that sects are differentiate into ranks just like the villages including the cities,and empire.

Each Village, City,Town,Sect, and Empire are ranked from Tier 1-5.

In the East Continent the largest Sect is Tier 3 and the largest empire is also a Tier 3.

They say that only on Divine Land could you find Tier 4-5 powerhouse as other Continents cannot produce a large amount of experts die to lack of resources.

The largest Sect on East Continent are Rising Moon Sect, Thunder Clap Temple and the Iron Blood Sect.

It was commonly known that Thunder Clap Temple was the most powerful sect among the three, the disciples here are mainly practicing thunder related arts and they also practice buddhism Martial arts.

Different from the buddhism of the Earthling here it's not necessary to have your head bald.

The second most powerful sect is the Rising Moon Sect, just like the Thunder Clap Temple Rising Moon Sect they also known for their practice of water or ice related arts.

Since the nature of two elements are Yin majority of the disciples here are female.

And last but not the least the Iron Blood Sect, although dubbed as the weakest of the 3 major sects it was also the most mysterious one.

The Iron Blood Sect is known for its disciples being Battle maniac they love to Battle, and it was also known for being the most difficult to enter.

The requirements are twice as hard as the other two sects so the number of the disciples of the Iron Blood Sect only numbers tens of thousands, it was ten times the number of the other two sects.

But it also said that although this sect named as the weakest they were also feared by the other sects.

They were like wolves if you touch one of them you will be besieged by a pack of them.

As Ling Tian saw the history of the 3 sects his blood is boiling in excitement, especially when he read About the Iron Blood Sect.

But he was not sure if he would reach the requirement standards of the sect.

It also said that the three great sects are opening their gates to accept disciples every 15 years and it's been five years since they accept disciples so he have 10 years to prepare and power himself.

They also only accept those that at the age of 16 below.

After he finished reading the history book he open the book named [Fantastic Beast and where to find them] he found the title of the book familiar.

In the book it was explained that beast rank from 1-9.

Rank 1 as the weakest and rank 9 as the strongest, rank one beast are those animals that stepped on cultivation and it was also explained that when beast reach rank 9 they could transformed themselves into human form.

In the history of the Saint Ancestral World transformed beast are formidable experts they are stronger than human in the same realm so they were feared and admired.

Only those human with special bloodlines can rival them in the same realm.

He was also one of those bloodline user but he was confident that his bloodlines are far superior than the majority of them, maybe only those Divine bloodlines can rival him in terms of bloodline.
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