Naruto System Within Naruto
228 Chapter 228 : Who Will Go!!!
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Naruto System Within Naruto
Author :Seion
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228 Chapter 228 : Who Will Go!!!

As Linley pondered about it, he felt more and more not making sense as Uncle Ben wasn't on the List needed to protect him he had handed down to Zetsu...

By right he should have been gone in a frenzy losing such valuable chip...

At first, he didn't think much as he expected Zetsu to make a move but as time passed, he felt it was weirder and weirder...

Although your words sound true, all of us have observed him and found nothing wrong with him, even Tia and Ria observed him who have special abilities unique to them... : Madara

Perhaps that is true... But i feel as something is wrong and i can't pinpoint what exactly... : Linley
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How would they know that Zetsu with Linley's meddling in freeing Uncle Ben gained access to a translator in their scroll learning many things??

This was something beyond their comprehension and by the time they realise this, it would be far in the future...

Hours passed and returned to the village as they held an urgent meeting with all clans and important people staying within...

In the room of Hokage...

Tsunade's clone, Natsuhi's clone, Mito, Serena, Pedro, Hashirama, Madara, Tia, Ria, Mikoto, Minato, Izumi, Irina, Kushina and Izuna watched as more people tagged alone inside...

Aki, Yama and Nara along with Fugaku and Hyuga leader were there as more and more entered...

Such as the leader of the Hoki Clan, Inuzuka Clan, Kohaku Clan and more...

After they all gathered here, they learned what transpired and what kind of deal they came to terms with each respective Kages...

They talked about what is to come and about their worries as well...

In the secret locations, it was decided that four people will be selected to go and those were from the following Clans...

From Uchiha, from Hyuga, from Aburame and Inuzuka as they were the best to guard the following route...

Aburama can spread various bugs and keep the area under control, Inuzuka can use their nose and ears for sound and smell while the former two their skills were obvious...

After selecting these four, everyone else dispersed and left the office as only the core members stayed behind...

So Linley which of the 4 do you think will be most suited for the job?? : 3rd Hokage

I can't tell, each of them has their own ways... : Linley

Uchiha's have their Sharingan, Hyuga have their Byakugan, Aburame have their bugs and Inuzuka have their nose and ears... : Linley

Zetsu has an army that can travel in the ground, therefore, it would be best for Hyuga to go and be on the lookout with his eyes... : Linley

If we go by that aspect then, Aburame who can plant his bugs in multiple spots has an advantage as well... : 3rd Hokage

Not to mention Inuzuka can mark their territory and know when someone will pass from there... : 3rd Hokage

Yeah, there are a lot of things to consider and we must also select someone with overall power... : Linley

I say, why are we rumbling like this?? : Madara

Yeah, this is easy to solve... We have someone who had the means and the power to defend each one of the spots... : Hashirama

As these two spoke, they all looked at Linley who was stunned for a few seconds as he didn't think of that and now that it was brought up, it made sense for him to go...

Not to mention that if he splits himself in 5 and halves his stats accordingly he can start practising again and powering up himself even more...

He has 5 boxes and 5.000.000 which might be enough for him to unlock the next Tomoe or possible two of them before the war escalates...

Since that is the case, i will create 5 clones and use them as Anbu to leave for those spots when they got selected... : Linley

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    《Naruto System Within Naruto》