Natsu the Supreme Overlord Continuation
10 Acnologia Returns and attack on guild Superiors
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Natsu the Supreme Overlord Continuation
Author :dkdkw
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10 Acnologia Returns and attack on guild Superiors

Acnologia knowing that Natsu was getting stronger wouldn't lose to him as he had to find power fast or he'll get surpassed to think he defeated the strongest members of the guild now he was about to be defeated by Natsu and he knew Natsu will make his life a living hell.As he was walking he sensed dried blood coming from Fairy tail.As he knew Natsu wasn't their through his sending Of Gray and Lucy.

When he walked in he saw all the dead bodies of the previous Fairy tail members, slaughtered all of them blood everywhere blood on the floor everywhere and was horrified on why Natsu would do this but he didn't have the time.

First priest:We can revive them and you can have a strong army

Acnologia:He probably hated the guild(Natsu) and killed them all isn't he the same guy who tried to protect them he thought.

First and Second Priest:Healing Magic restore and transfer power.

Acnologia: My power, it's draining

Laxus:Acnologia we should kill you now but you healed us now we are forever in your service.

Acnologia:Then let's head out to Natsus domain

Romeo hating his decision wishing to go back in time and apologize to Natsu.

On their way Acnologia asked what happened to the guild.

Natsu in his dimension felt immense power coming to the dimension breach in his dimension.

Natsu:Acnologia alert we have to fight back let's go

As he grabbed his dual swords and rushed out followed by Erza, Gajeel,Wendy who wasn't into killing but promised she would help the team, Virgo with her advanced knowledge and strength(from having to carry and study the library books), And Aries who would try and do something, Zeref and Mac is with Brandish, Irene and Levy.As they transported through dimension they could see Acnologia and Fairy tail members coming.

Natsu: Last time wasn't bad enough I'll torturel you so much you'll wish you had stayed dead.

As Juvia appeared to Natsus side through water shapeshiftimg Natsu summoned his clones and they quickly had 3 times Acnologias army

Acnologia charged up to Natsu and Zeref while the others and his clones were fighting the fairy tail members only to impaled them not kill them that was his personal job.

Acnologia:Dragon breath

Natsu called on his END form and charged up behind Acnologia as he released his fire that Zeref dodged

Acnologia reacting fast turned to block END(Ethirious Natsu Dragneel) attack but started bleeding as Natsu used his sword to attack.Then the fairy tail members all jumped in front of Natsu so as Acnologia could heal

Laxus : Come back to me Mira

Mira: Go suck donkey b*lls

She turned into Her demon form and wrecked Laxus.

Natsu quickly made work of those blocking him as he used Shock Burst to stun them and started slicing their heads of.

Acnologia: Now you die as he shot killer beam at Natsu whose arm was gotten by the beam but because of his immortal body it only injured him even END couldn't withstand the whole blast.

Acnologia was charging up to shoot at him again when all of the clones started rushing him

Natsu:Fiight back I dare you

Acnologia:Screw you ahhhhhhhh

As if as water his clones swarmed Acnologia from everywhere slashing, cutting

Acnologia was about to be killed as Natsu clones opened up and Zerefs charged up death ball was the size of a spirit bomb

The clones all used Shock Burst at Acnologia while the Death ball had finally impacted with him and with such a force the clouds were blown away and the desert there were fighting on turned to solid ground as all the sand had been blown across the earth from bad where he lived to the riverbank of where he and Zeref fought
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