Night Ranger
Chapter 221: Brain Eating Monster
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Night Ranger
Author :Dark Blue Coconut Milk
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Chapter 221: Brain Eating Monster

Chapter 221: Brain Eating Monster

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That bloody maw was about to swallow Marvin.


A fierce gunshot echoed in the room.

Marvin’s wrist recoiled as the bullet hit her in her chest!

That frightening monster immediately stiffened!

A nauseating bloody and rotting smell spread as Marvin fired once again!


This time, the monster eventually fell down.

Her head quickly shrank before ultimately turning into nothingness. She became a headless corpse!

Her chest had a small hole from the shot, but it wasn’t bleeding.

Because she wasn’t human.

"Brain Eating Monster… Evil Spirit indeed."

Marvin quietly wiped his sweat.

Fortunately he had made the most accurate judgment.

When he entered this village he felt something wrong. The cold gloomy atmosphere carried frightening negative energy. It was likely brought about by a monster from the Underworld.

Thus, he secretly changed his normal bullets and loaded special bullets.

This bullet was soaked in the #4 Holy Water of the Silver Church and had a special restraining power against Evil Spirits.

This was a benefit of being an overlord.

As a loner, it would be extremely troublesome for Marvin to get ahold of Holy Water from the Silver Church.

But after the wilderness military campaign, Marvin and the Silver Church made a series of agreements.

He allowed Collins to open a church in White River Valley, allowed his territory’s inhabitants to believe in the Silver God if they wished and opened one of the gold mines to him.

Collins naturally returned the favor by sending a lot of precious items.

Holy Water was one of the less important things he sent. Collins had people bring many barrels of Holy Water, as if it had little value.

Marvin had all the types, from #1 Holy Water to #14 Holy Water. They had all kinds of uses and the concentration varied.

This was the advantage of being an overlord, the gain of resources.

In many cases, resources could be converted into fighting strength.

For instance, if he didn’t have that bullet coated in #4 Holy Water, this Brain Eating Monster might have not be so easy to kill.

But killing this woman didn’t make Marvin feel satisfied.

His heart even sank.

That recent gunshot certainly attracted attention.

He quickly loaded another bullet in his right pistol while quickly thinking, ‘The Assassin Alliance’s people didn’t need to cheat me. If a Master Tracker followed the clues here and found out this was a Sha village, then it shouldn’t be wrong.’

‘But even my perception can feel something wrong today. If it was really a Master Tracker, how could it truly think that this was purely a normal Sha village?’

‘In other words, if the Assassin Alliance didn’t lie to me, this village transformed. And it might have happened in these two days.’

‘With the Brain Eating Monster’s transformation ability, it might really be possible to accomplish this.’

At this thought, Marvin suddenly shivered.

He quickly went and opened the window!

Only to see the shadows of countless heads growing ten times bigger under the moonlight and gathering at the bottom of the inn!

There were no facial features on their faces apart from their bloody maws and their frightening sawteeth.

They blocked the whole street!

‘The entire village has been transformed!’ Marvin felt cold.

These Brain Eating Monsters were all pitiful humans before their deaths.

Their heads were eaten by the Brain Eating Monster, killing them. But three hours later, a new head grew.

This head was under the control of the Brain Eating Monster. This was a vicious cycle, as those Brain Eating Monster servants could also transform humans in the same manner.

If he wanted to stop everything, he would have to find the Alpha.

‘Since it has only been two days, it must still be resting. Turning a whole village would be very energy consuming even if it was a 3rd rank Brain Eating Monster.

Marvin closed the window as his brain worked to make a plan.

There was already no need to investigate since things had reached this point.

Brain Eating Monsters weren’t demons. They were a type of Evil Spirit. Marvin had a deep impression of the Brain Eating Monster corps of the Decaying Plateau’s Overlord Diggles.

Considering his projection repeatedly falling in the Scarlet Monastery, it wasn’t hard to find out that this matter was most likely related to the Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles.

‘He wants to set up a Disaster Door, but those actually need energy that a common treasure can’t supply.’

‘In the Saint Desert and the East Coast, the easiest to get would most likely be that thing in the White Deer Cave.’

‘Damn, did those Evil Spirits go nuts? Do they seriously think the Disaster Door would last for long? The Universe Magic Pool has yet to be broken, so the South Wizard Alliance would definitely notice it. It might also offend some of Feinan’s powerhouses, and they would look to settle the bill in the Decaying Plateau.’

Marvin was strolling around the room, a bit irritated.

He didn’t want to participate in the matter of the Evil Spirits. These guys’ behavior was illogical. Sometimes they would scheme more meticulously than the Devils, while other times they would act hot-headed like Demons. These guys didn’t follow common sense, having no characteristic other than liking chaos.

Could this be for vengeance?

Marvin recalled that Diggles’ projection was banished twice in the Scarlet Monastery.

This wasn’t an impossible explanation...

But there wasn’t enough time for Marvin to keep thinking.

Numerous footsteps could be heard coming up the staircase.

Marvin immediately pushed the table and the armoire over to block the door.

Just as expected, noise was soon heard at the door.

A lot of people were banging against the door.

These innocent villagers had already become the Brain Eating Monster’s servants and Marvin didn’t dare to rashly meet them.

Eliminating one in single combat was fine, but if it was a pack of them, Marvin had to find a way to slip away.

Even if he had Blazing Fury in both hands, their spells wouldn’t be of any use against Evil Spirits.

The top priority was still to find a way to escape.


"Thud! Thud! Thud!"

The knocking against the door grew increasingly fierce. This inn’s wooden door would be unable to hold on for too long.

Marvin frowned.

It would be a disaster if he was surrounded by a big group of Brain Eating Monsters.

Even though his Dexterity was high, one careless mistake and he would lose his head and his life.

He thought of many plans before taking a deep breath.


He once again opened the window.

There were even more Brain Eating Monsters gathered on the street now.

They already blocked the neighbouring few streets so that nothing could go through. And the closest building from the inn’s second floor was very far away.

Ordinary people couldn’t make such a jump.

It was very clear that someone had planned this arrangement.

His purpose was simple. It was to bury Marvin alive in this place and not let any news leave.

That Brain Eating Monster should be hiding in the vicinity.

However, Marvin was smiling.

‘Thinking I’m an ordinary person is your biggest mistake.’

He then put away the two pistols and fished out a shotgun from the Void Conch!

Like those pistols, they shotgun was also something Constantine used when he was young.

They were of the best quality among the Shas. Marvin’s second subclass had little use under normal circumstances.

But he didn’t expect it to be so useful today.

He jumped on the window frame and all the huge heads turned toward him.


The bloody maws kept shivering. Their desire for brain led them to keep crowding forward.

"Thud! Thud! Thud!"

The door behind Marvin clearly wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Marvin no longer hesitated and leaped really high toward the nearest building!

Night Jump!

The Night Walker’s ability displayed an extremely strong effect under the cover of the night.

Marvin’s body streaked across the sky in a parabola.

But this wasn’t enough!

He was still some distance away from the building when his body began its fall.

All the Brain Eating Monsters were excitedly rushing over.

Some even jumped up, wanting to take a bite of Marvin.

But at that time… Second Jump!

Marvin unhesitantly used this bonus ability.

His body once again rose up.

The Brain Eating Monsters let out angry noises.

But even with the second jump, it seemed Marvin would fall a bit short of that building.

At that time, he aimed the shotgun downward, at the Brain Eating Monsters behind him.


A fierce gunshot echoed from the gun barrel.

Marvin was pushed forward by the powerful recoil from the gun, stopping his fall for a few moments.


He grabbed the corner of that house’s roof and swiftly pulled himself up, avoiding the Brain Eating Monsters.

"See ya, Big Heads." Marvin sneered and sped up to leave!

In order to block off that inn, the Brain Eating Monster had people blocking the streets.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think Marvin would actually escape through the sky like this.

After jumping off that building, Marvin madly rushed away from the village.

There wasn’t anyone to stop him.

Not far off was the Assassin Alliance’s small team.

This small team was mainly in charge of providing support to Marvin’s operation while relaying his information.

Marvin crazily ran and arrived to the place scheduled in advance.

But his heart sank when he arrived!

Six cold headless bodies were lying on the sandy hill.

The last remaining person was looking at Marvin in shock. His body was apparently bound by something, keeping him motionless.


A bloody maw suddenly opened wide behind that man’s back. The Brain Eating Monster creepily laughed and unhesitantly bit down!

"Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!"

At that moment, three throwing knives flew out from Marvin’s hand!

Each knife had been soaked in #4 Holy Water!

The throwing knives flew extremely quickly and neatly stabbed into the Brain Eating Monster’s bloody maw!
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