Night Ranger
Chapter 222: Are you interested in having some fun?
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Night Ranger
Author :Dark Blue Coconut Milk
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Chapter 222: Are you interested in having some fun?

Chapter 222: Are you interested in having some fun?

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The three throwing knives entered the Brain Eating Monster Servant’s head, followed by an ear-piercing sound. The huge head quickly deflated like a hot air balloon.

The remaining Assassin Alliance member’s legs were shaking.

He looked at Marvin while trembling. "This, what is this thing?"

Marvin shrugged, "Brain Eating Monster, Evil Spirit."

The Assassin’s eyes were blank. He clearly didn’t know anything about these things.

This was actually normal. Because of the protection of the Universe Magic Pool, the Abyss’ Demons and Hell’s Devils couldn’t easily enter Feinan. Even if the Underworld was closer to Feinan, it was also very difficult to come in. In time of peace, people easily forgot the many invasions of the Evil Spirits.

And few Evil Sorcerers or Evil Spirit Envoys would be able to cross over. But under the ruthless rule of the Wizards, it was very difficult for them to gain much influence.

They would be nipped in the bud.

But the Evil Spirits made a big move this time.

Diggles couldn’t have simply sent a few Brain Eating Monsters. Even though those guys could eat a lot of brains, they were clearly lacking in intelligence.

He definitely needed someone more able.

"Wh… What should we do now?" That black-clothed man was shivering as he approached Marvin.

Marvin suddenly moved like lightning and aimed the pistol at his head.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Three bullets were fired in a row into his head!

Marvin’s marksmanship was really not that great, but it wasn’t difficult to hit a target at such close range.


The poor black-clothed man’s head exploded… but he didn’t bleed.

Marvin’s expression was grave. He quickly took a few steps back and kept a certain distance away.

The black-clothed man didn’t fall after his head exploded.

Instead, he staggered for a few steps.

A foul odor emitted from his neck as a huge head grew up.

But that head didn’t have any facial features, it was only an abnormal toothy head.

"Hehe…" That mouth smiled. "You are actually able to see through this…"

"Unexpected, I’m surprised you were able to escape from the inside. I spent so much energy on these wastes and neglected the strongest."

Marvin sneered, "It’s normal. Your intelligence already is better than a normal Brain Eating Monster’s, can’t ask for too much."

"You really think I believe a Brain Eating Monster devised that plan?"

Marvin looked toward a dark area to the side!

A white clothed woman unhurriedly came out.

This was clearly her plan.


When Marvin hurried over, he didn’t have time to check the bodies on the ground and hurriedly threw knives in order to save the survivor, getting rid of that monster.

But then he became aware that something was odd.

He could feel that the guy in front of him reeked of blood.

This bloody smell was faint, but Marvin was sharp enough to notice it.

He immediately checked the number of people and found something wrong.

The backup team had a total of seven people and six of them were lying on the ground. Including that Brain Eating Monster Servant, it reached a total of seven.

Then why was there an extra person?

A Brain Eating Monster Servant shouldn’t be able get rid of seven support members of the Assassin Alliance alone.

They weren’t ordinary people. Even if one fell in a trap, the others would immediately react.

But they had all turned into headless bodies. There was only one solution. Not only did the Alpha Brain Eating Monster attack, but there was also another person.

Thus, Marvin unhesitantly attacked and burst the other side’s head.

Unfortunately, Brain Eating Monsters were a lot different from their easily killed servants. Their recovery ability was very powerful and their heads weren’t vitals.

But for Marvin, that Brain Eating Monster was as threatening as that white-clothed woman.

This woman looked and acted the same as the Bai clan’s Holy Maiden Monica.

Such effective disguising was very rarely seen.

It might only be comparable with the Mask of the Deceiver in his hands...

‘Hold on… Deceiver!?’

Marvin had a flash of enlightenment.

He suddenly realized who this woman was.


Diggles was the most active Evil Spirit Overlord, especially during the Calamity. He kept infiltrating Feinan.

At least a tenth of the players of Feinan Continent received a quest regarding Diggles.

This guy was as famous as the Shadow Prince.

Marvin also knew a bit about Diggles, and he also remembered a bit about his fierce subordinates.

But Marvin hadn’t noticed before because in the lore, the Saint Desert should have been calm before the disaster.

The recent White Deer murders made him realized that his own arrival had created butterfly effects.

But he didn’t care. Marvin only cared about quickly strengthening his territory and increasing his own power.

History had changed? He wasn’t worried!

His own arrival already changed history. If he became helpless from just a few changes, then his transmigration was meaningless.

As long as he was vigilant and clear-headed enough, he believed that even if there were changes, he would be able to make White River Valley a force to be reckoned by relying on his understanding of this world.

For example, he had deduced that white-clothed woman’s identity.


A pitiful person. She had been deceived by Diggles in the game and worked as his right hand.

She wasn’t an Evil Spirit. As for her true race, Marvin wasn’t too sure about it.

But since this was the [Deceiver], Marvin thought, ‘Better than meeting another of Diggles’ subordinates.’

If it was another subordinate, he could only run away.

As for her, Marvin was sure he could convince her to stop working for Diggles.

But she apparently didn’t give him a chance to do so!

The white-clothed woman took a look at Marvin and coldly declared, "I already got a reaction, the White Deer Holy Spirit is already infuriated."

"He will leave the White Deer cave within three days, leaving for the desert to seek his sons’ murderer."

"I’ll go first. If the three of you can’t deal with that guy, then you don’t need to return to the Decaying Plateau."

After saying that, her body rose up and she flew past the sandy dune!

Before Marvin could say a word to her, she already disappeared in the night!

‘Damn, looks like I can only kill those three guys blocking my path.’

Marvin looked behind him and found two of those big brained guys, and then silently shook his head.

One versus three, and they were all Alphas. If this was a normal person, they’d surely be screwed.

What was worse was that while the three Brain Eating Monsters Alphas were surrounding him, the Servants were pouring over from the small village!

They would arrive there in at most five minutes.

If Marvin was surrounded at that time, it would be really dangerous.

At this point, Marvin no longer hid his own strength!

2nd-circle spell, Shapeshift Basilisk!

The next second, a Two-Headed Snake appeared on the cold dune. Before those three Brain Eating Monsters could react, that Two-Headed Snake took the initiative to attack!


Three minutes later.

Three badly damaged bodies were lying on the cold dune. And not far from there, hundreds of headless bodies were also inert.

The servants would also die after the Alpha died.

‘Brain Eating Monster Alphas are truly tough… Thankfully, Basilisks are actually good at fighting them’

Marvin looked at the field of dead bodies and felt a bit sorrowful. These corpses were innocent Sha clansmen.

The reason a lifeform like a Brain Eating Monster was considered to be at the 3rd rank was because of its ability to transform and mount a sneak attack.

Once identified, Marvin didn’t have any issue.

The Two-Headed Snake’s body completely crushed the Brain Eating Monsters. These guys’ attacks were too simple, they could only bite.

But Marvin’s Two-Headed Snake body was huge and had the Soul Absorption ability. Evil Spirits also had a soul, but their souls were evil.

This was the Brain Eating Monsters’ nemesis.

Marvin easily killed the three Alphas.

The following matter gave Marvin a headache.

If he simply returned to the Shadow Valley to report this matter to the Assassin Alliance, he could easily receive a spring of the Fountain of Youth.

The quest would be over.

But Marvin was a bit unwilling.

White Deer Cave… Even if he wasn’t ruthless enough to kill White Deers to open the cave, now that it was open, how could he not want to go in?

From what he knew, there wasn’t just one treasure inside.

Apart from that item able to open a Disaster Door, the [Rainbow Stone], there were at least two other Legendary items inside!

And those two items were very practical. To say he wasn’t tempted would be lying.

He hesitated for a while, before ultimately summoning a Night Crow. He wrote a letter and attached it to the Night Crow. It would relay the information of what had happened here to the High Priest.

After accomplishing this, he should be considered to be worthy of the Bai clansmen’s reward.

Next was to prepare his trip back to the Deathly Silent Hills!

But this was a long and difficult trip. Even with the Night Walker’s speed, Marvin wasn’t sure if he could make it.

Perhaps what would be waiting for him was a cave already plundered by Deceiver.

Thus he pondered and ultimately took out a dark blue parchment and a golden quill pen.

He started to write on the blue parchment!


In a Wizard tower, most servants had already fallen asleep.

A good-looking Wizard was still inside a room brightly lit by a candle. She was diligently deciphering that page’s secret.

She could feel that she was a step away. She was so close.

‘I need more time… Just a bit more time…’

She tightly grasped that page of the Book of Nalu, her eyes crimson.

Suddenly, words appeared on a blue parchment on her left:

– Are you interested in having some fun? –

Madeline was speechless.

She wrote back:

– Fuck you! –
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