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One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
Author :Boo_Productions
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4 Portgas D. Ace

A few months later...

The Red Haired Pirates soon arrived back in East Blue and headed towards Fuschia Village. Flying in the sky near the ship, Luffy explored the once familiar seas around him. After five years of training, not only had Luffy mastered all three Haki to a certain extent, he had also gained complete control over his Devils Fruit and learned many new techniques

His arms which had used to be the wings in his half phoenix form are now free whilst a beautiful set of wings appeared on his back. Luffy could now fight using both his arms and legs freely in the air.

"Oi Luffy we're almost there come back! It's almost dinner time!"


Luffy then flew back onto the ship and released his phoenix form as he landed softly on the deck of the ship on his two feet

"How long until we arrive?"

"Hmm, within the next three days at most. Are you excited to see Makino and Dadan? Maybe Garp will be there too."

"Yea! Of course, I do, though I hope gramps won't punch me for not following him to be a marine like he wanted me to.."

"Hahaha! Good luck Luffy! After bringing you there, we will go to some other places for a while after visiting Makino's place. We'll contact you via the Den Den Mushi when we come back."

"Alright see you guys soon."

As the ship landed at the dock at Fuschia Village, Luffy could see all the townspeople standing at the dock and awaited the arrival of the Red-Haired Pirates

Luffy stood on the bowstrip of the ship as the rays of sunlight shone upon him which made it hard to figure out who it was standing up on the bowstrip

"Who's that?"

"No wait look! Don't you see the straw hat?"

"That means?!"


Luffy standing on top of the bowstrip looked down toward the Fuschia Village villagers as he smiled and looked for a certain person

"Luffy! You're back!"

"Makino nee chan! I'm back!"

He then jumped off from the ship and landed on the dock as Makino ran toward him and hugged him

"Hahah, Makino nee chan, it's already been five years huh? I'm almost as tall as you now"

"Hehe, you brat, after five years of not seeing each other you seem to have learned how to tease people haven't you?"

"Hehe, nothing to say about that"

Luffy then looked toward the crowd and shouted "I'm back!"


Luffy then went into Makino's bar along with the Red Haired Pirates and partied until dawn, the Red Haired Pirates then left at dawn whilst Luffy went to look for Dadan


"Hmm, who's the kid with a straw hat? What's with his clothes?"

A young man who barely fit on a tree said as he got closer to Luffy who wandered around to look for Dadan

"Hmm? I seem to have forgotten where Dadan lived..."

"He's looking for Dadan? Is he a marine? But he doesn't look like it.."

"Well let's test him out."

The young man on the tree jumped off the tree and punched forward toward Luffy who had noticed him long ago thanks to his powerful Kenbushoku Haki and dodged with ease

"What the? How did you dodge that? I was sure you didn't notice me. Even Gramps would get hit sometimes, though he wouldn't feel a thing..."

"Who are you? Why did you suddenly attack me from the tree? Also, why have you been following me as soon as I stepped foot here?"

"Hmph, some strange kid appeared out of nowhere and says he's looking for Dadan. How will I know whether or not you're a marine in disguise?"

"Well.. I might be a bit young for that... but anyway my name is Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy."

"Hpmh, I'm Ace, Portgas D. Ace and you better not forget!"

Ace then stood up as he patted his butt

"So why are you looking for Dadan?"

"Oh, Gramps let me meet her more than five years ago. I was supposed to stay here and live with Dadan but I ran away, haha."



"Yea my grandpa, Garp."

"You know him?"

"Your grandpa is gramps? Of course, both of you have the name Monkey D. how could I forget that..."

Ace than facepalmed himself before showing Luffy the way


"Hey, Dadan! Look who's here for you!"

"Ace? Who could be looking for me... Wait is that you Luffy?!"

"Hey, Dadan! I'm back, how have you been?"

"You punk! You ran away after Garp left you in my care, do you know how much I got scolded?"

"Ehehe, sorry about that. So is gramps here?"

"Yea, he's on holiday and went out to do something. He'll be back soon and then you two can have a nice 'talk'."

"Yikes... Maybe I should run away now that I have the chance..."


Suddenly from outside, a large man sends a punch coated in Haki towards Luffy


Luffy blocked the attack using his Busoshoku Haki for a bit before being blown back

"Ouch! Gramps, why'd you hit me so hard and with Busoshoku Haki too?"

"You brat! If I didn't, you wouldn't feel anything! You! You were supposed to follow me and become a marine. How could you follow that Red-haired brat and become a pirate?!"

"Cmon gramps, you always knew my dream is to become the King of the Pirates!"

"Nonsense! Come let me beat some sense into you!"

Luffy then got up and flew out using his full transformation form with Garp chasing him whilst throwing cannon balls coated in Busoshoku Haki
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