One Piece Ultimate : My Legend
10 The Ohara disaster
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One Piece Ultimate : My Legend
Author :lol_looolz
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10 The Ohara disaster

Two years later a beautiful looking boy with two pairs of deferent eyes was training in an underground room.

"damn I am starting to be like might guy from naruto shippuden , I am truly becoming a training manic". It has been already two years since Alex started training his body. "till now, I only could use a bit of my devil fruit powers because it taxes my body a lot. As for my sword skills I should be around zero when he was in east bleu"

The one piece world is divided in to east, north, south, west bleu areas.

Like that Alex went out of his training grounds to his leaving room to take a shower. "so we are already in the year of 1502, this should be the year of the Ohara disaster . this year robin should be 8 years old, she is intelligent and methodic but the most important part is that she is kind" after he made his decision Alex continued "I need to make her by my side, I am so attracted to smart and kind people. Hoping she will like me I can't force her sight …"

After dinner Alex went to his father's office

"DAD!" (Alex)

"yes, Alex ?" said Danial who was in the middle of a mountain of papers.

"dad, I have a request" (Alex)

"I am listening " said denial while looking at his sons beautiful eyes

"actually I want two things. First, I heard that the CP agents have a martial art technique called the 6 powers. I want to learn them " (Alex)

"no problem son I can have my hands on one of the copies" (Danial)

"thanks dad, as for the second one. I want to create my personal spying team , something like the CP agents but it will report only at me"(Alex)

"woahh this is a big one". While patting his beard he said." Financially we can support such a thing, but the problem is how to hide their presence from the world government. As for the members I

have some ideas, do you remembers the team I created while looking for my cousin ?" (Danial)

"yes you mean that team that you dismissed "(Alex)

"yes son, that team. They are not that powerful but they have some skills when it comes to spying , if you want them I can give them to you" (Danial)

"DAD!" said Alex with a serious face "I want loyal subordinates, as long as they are loyal I don't care about their powers ".

"and here I was wondering he might not be able to control them , I guess me and Sarah gave birth to a real genius" (Danial thoughts), with a smile he replied to his son. " relax son, they are, I chose them personally depending from some trust testes"

"fine then dad, I want them but they need to pass some of my testes. So please ask them to come here in our mansion. I know it's hard to cover them so just let them disguises themselves as slaves."(Alex)

"oh son you are so smart, why don't you come help your father with some papers here ?"(Danial)

"no! I am only five years old and I want to live my life hhhhh, see you dad " (Alex)

Alex didn't wait for his father's reply and only went out in a rush .

"I need to make Amina the connection between me and them because I need to train more. And I will select some of them who have devil fruit abilities or are strong to make a special team in case I need to kill someone or defend a place hhhhhh I can't wait to see my personal CP-like organization ".

While laughing like a crazy scientific, Alex went to find Amina.

"Amina" ( Alex) .

"yes Alex, do you need me"(Amina)

" come to my chamber I need to talk to you about something" with a serious face Alex said.

Nodding her head Amina followed her young master to his room.

Inside Alex gestured to her to sit down after he did set. " Amina, you and my father are the only two persons I trust. So i will give you a job that is important to me". Amina only nodded with serious face

" I will create an organization that is like a CP organization. As I am too absorbed in my training I will make you it's head. as head you will have full authority and you will only report to me wherever is something important."(Alex)

" I understand young master. Could you please tell me more details " (Amina)

After that Alex started to tell her about all the things to know about his secret organization. at the end he added.

"remember even the world government doesn't know about it, so please be careful in the future " (Alex)

"I understand" (Amina)

While saying so Amina bowed to her young master and left.

after that Alex opened the book his dad gave to him 2 years before, after 3 hours Alex closed the book with a tired gaze.

"damn, I finally learned this language, it sure took a lot of time. 2 full years! "after some seconds he added "but it was worth it, from now on I can learn about the world before 800 years. This sure is interesting, hhhhh guess if you want to motivate a scientific you have my create mysteries. "

After that Alex slept.

In a certain place in mary geoise. " are certain about this information"(???-1)

"yes sir this news have been confirmed by the CP0 team"(???-2)

" I will report this news to the five start" (???-1)

After some minutes the same person came back with a dark face

"what is it sir, what happened?" (???-2)

"that five stars, have made a decision "(???-1)

"what is it sir?"(???-2)

"they have decided to destroy Ohara island and kill everybody there" said (???-1) with a heavy voice.

"daaaa das that mean to mobilize the Buster Call sir" (???-2) with fear and shock in his voice.

(???-1) only nodded .

The "Buster Call" is the strongest military action possible, performed only under special circumstances. The target of a Buster Call is usually to destroy anything from a criminal or group of criminals to an entire island that has proven to be extremely dangerous to the World Government.

...…[till next chapter]
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