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Jun Xie turned, exited the shop and walked home. Don’t think that the Jun Family didn’t have any carriages because of this. In fact, the Jun Family had relatively luxurious carriages. However, Jun Xie preferred walking with his two legs. As an assassin in his past life, he could only feel true safety when he walked with his own feet. If he took a carriage or a boat, he would feel as though his fate wasn’t within his own hands. Jun Xie could not simply overlook such an uncomfortable feeling.

It was a habit of Jun Xie’s. His fate should rest in his own hands!

The bodyguards assigned by Grandpa Jun were sent away as well. Jun Xie knew very well that those bodyguards assigned to him were just for show. Regardless of where Jun Xie went, there would most definitely be someone secretly following him. And that someone was the ‘real deal’. Jun Xie had never seen that person before and his current level of cultivation was inadequate to locate the person. Yet, he was able to feel the person’s presence ever since Grandpa Jun assigned him follow Jun Xie.

This awareness was unique to top assassins. Although there was no reason for Jun Xie to believe that he was stalked, Jun XIe was confident about his judgement! Right now, Jun Xie was extremely interested in his stalker. Although his current strength is incomparable to that of his past life, his spiritual sense had far exceeded that of his past life by leaps and bounds! He tried to get rid of his stalker several times with his own counter-tracking techniques. However, his stalker still remained like Jun Xie’s very own shadow. It was rare for such a person to exist.

From an external perspective, Jun Xie seemed to be wandering around aimlessly. In actuality, he had his spiritual senses spread out, with his every action coordinated with intent, similar to that of flowing quicksilver extending to all corners. Also, although Jun Xie was not moving fast, any potential stalkers would realise that every move and direction Jun Xie took was unpredictable. If an average Joe was tailing him, he would have already lost sight of Jun Xie’s shadow.

And yet, the one tailing Jun Xie had never been shaken off, not even once! To be honest, the stalker already lamented bitterly to the Heavens countless of times in his heart! He agreed immediately when Grandpa Jun requested him to protect Jun Xie unnoticed. How difficult was it to protect a debauchee who spent his time idling? He was confident that Jun Xie would never notice his presence even if he were to tail him for the rest of his life given his skills and experiences.

After two days, who would have known that this high-level tracker would end up feeling heavily inebriated? The brat’s actions were completely illogical. When he concluded that Jun Xie was heading east, Jun Xie would change directions suddenly. When he managed to locate Jun Xie, rationalising that Jun Xie was heading west, he would then find out that Jun Xie had gone towards the south instead...

This person was considered to be at the pinnacle of the tracking profession. However, in just two days, he managed to make several mistakes when tracking Jun Xie’s movements. He would have lost Jun Xie a long time ago if not for the fact that Jun Xie has a low level of cultivation! After committing successive mistakes, he became so pessimistic that he was on the verge of insanity; that he plucked put several strands of his beard!

Several times, he just felt the desire to jump out and grab the brat's collar and asked: ‘You son of a bitch! Why did you go through the East Gate and get out from the West Gate of this establishment? What were you thinking, wandering here and there? Could you just behave yourself?’

Could it be possible that the debauchee brat noticed me? He dismissed the thought almost immediately as he observed Jun Xie’s wanton demeanor, it is obvious that the brat was not capable in noticing me! The only possible explanation for his actions is because he simply has no idea what he wants to do!

As he pondered, he realised that Jun Xie increased his pace and walked towards a rouge watercolour shop. He could not help but exclaimed in his heart. It was expected of a debauchee to barge into a place meant for women. Startlingly, Jun Xie did not come out after a period of time. Being impatient, he went to the vicinity and stole a glance at the shop and noticed that Jun Xie was no longer inside. He became depressed: ‘The brat left the shop using the back door. How could I be so dumb? How could I not have anticipated this?’

He rushed, like the winds, towards the back door in search of Jun Xie.

Jun Xie finally determined that the tracker’s aura had fully disappeared after gaining a considerable distance away from him. Thereafter, he slowly sneaked out of the rouge watercolour shop. He bowed courteously and thanked the people in the shop and backtracked his way and marched off.

The ladies in the shop were flabbergasted as they stared at him with their eyes wide opened; ‘That Young Master looked handsome and healthy, why would he have a sudden stomach ache just after entering the shop? Also, he occupied the toilet for such a long time, that we were almost unable to hold our bladders anymore…’

As the sun began to set, the sky became dark. As the shadow of the night opened its grim jaws, the evening’s atmosphere was left to worry. Waiting for the last traces of light to fade so that it may swallow the whole world!

Before backtracking and turning into another path, Jun Xie walked for a bit. Thereafter, he turned towards the rogue watercolour shop’s backdoor and continued walking in that direction. He laughed with a sense of victory in his heart: ‘It seemed that I have sent him on a wild goose chase today.’ The senior was very accomplished in jungle hunting. It would be really weird if I could not even handle a ‘wooden club’ like you. Young brat, you are way too inexperienced to go up against me...

The person went to chase after Jun Xie as expected and he could not find traces of Jun Xie. Immediately, he realised he was tricked so like a gust of wind he returned to the shop. Before standing in front of the rouge watercolour shop, he searched high and low in all directions. He observed the people coming in and out as his face turned green and red. It was as if he was opening a dye shop. He felt helpless!

His tracking techniques had dominated the world for decades as it had never failed before. And yet, today he lost to an inexperienced young brat. Also, the brat was an incompetent and ignorant debauchee! This was the biggest joke in the world! He cried out in his heart: ‘I have completely lost my pride this time!’

How shameful! What an unexpected situation!

What kind of grandchild did you nurture Jun Zhan Tian? How could he be so heretical?

Jun Xie chuckled as he was very pleased, He preferred to be left alone although he knew that the stalker had no malice intention against him. It was unspeakably distasteful to have someone tailing him around like a ghost. In brief, he felt uncomfortable! Now he finally felt relaxed as he had gotten rid of his stalker.

As Jun Xie was walking, his body suddenly became stiff for a moment. Thereafter, hr relaxed his body, his shoulders quivered once and a flying dagger slipped down into his palm.

Some of the chilling aura of darkness and coolness come together in all directions. Their goal is nothing more than Xie Jun is currently traveling the street.
This aura is one he has encountered before, he is very familiar!

A cold feeling of darkness converged from various directions were brought by a few chilling aura. Their target was none other than the street Jun Xie was on. In his past life, he encountered an aura like this before, he was very familiar with it! Assassins!

‘Seriously? I just gotten rid of the one who was sent to protect me only to end up being an assassination target right after? Wouldn’t this become a joke if I really ended up killed here?’ Jun Xie laughed bitterly in his heart. Yet, a long absent feeling of excitement rose from the depths of his heart: ‘Secretly brought the scent of blood - Finally, I will be able to see my fellow peers in this world. I hope you would not make me...disappointed!

When a group of people approached, the sound of neat footsteps was heard. There was a sedan chair in the middle of these people. The sedan chair was clear yellow in colour with pearls hanging on the sides. A golden bell hung blow the string of pearls. The bell swayed gently and made a crisp ringling sound. Listening to that ring would make anyone feel happy.

This was the Royal Court’s Princess Ling Meng’s imperial sedan chair!

Could it be that the assassins’ target was Princess Ling Meng and not me?

Jun Xie pondered and felt that this possibility was high. As it was just a spur of the moment for him to enter this street. There were far more suitable places before, if these assassins wanted to assassinate him. There was no reason for the assassins to not take any actions and continued to follow him!

However, what kind of people would have be so courageous to assassinate Princess Ling Meng in the open when she was still close the the Imperial Palace?

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