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Yes, tossed out!

Like a person who had eaten something bad, eagerly excreting the disgusting, foul-smelling object out of his body with a swish….

Jun Mo Xie was caught unprepared and got sucked straight in. It all happened quickly, and he was left dazzled and unable to see clearly. Then, his body hit a stone wall. Real and solid!



Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but howl in pain, feeling as if every bone, muscle, and tendons was in extreme agony and pain!

After a long while, he finally regained consciousness. Biting his teeth as he opened his eyes to look around, he took in a deep breath of cold air at the sight.

This place… what the f*ck… It's too beautiful!

Following that strange flow, he found himself in an unusually big underground palace! It was a thousand feet wide and about a hundred feet high! Looking across this place, it was full of glittering jewels and treasures; everything one could think of existed in this place!

Yes, everyone is reading correctly. The place Jun Mo Xie had entered was not the same place as the secret chamber Han Feng Xue mediated and trained in! Or rather, that secret chamber lied above this huge palace, and this palace Jun Mo Xie entered was under it!

Well, the distance in between… It wasn't measured before….

The thing that thoroughly captivated Jun Mo Xie's attention was the huge, sixteen words!

Sixteen tyrannical and domineering words!

Carved into the stone wall right in front of him!

And those sixteen characters were of the same colour as the stone wall; it shouldn't have been easy to read, but it was oddly striking! Anyone who just entered this place would naturally notice these sixteen large words!

As if these sixteen huge words had a soul of a human and were flaunting their arrogance! As though they were about to fly off the stone wall and into the skies!

Since ancient times, there has been no one like him—the Nine Nether First Young Master!

It's the words left behind by the number one lunatic of all times!

And even the arrogant Young Master Jun was deeply moved by those sixteen words!

Suddenly he felt a little envious. Godd*mn it, look at how other people live, and look at how they mingle! Then look at yourself…. you simply cannot speak of the two of us on equal terms….

Jun Mo Xie removed the Yin Yang Escape art and kept the Power of Earth before getting back up on his feet and dusting the dirt off his body. Too bloody weird; I was clearly using the Yin Yang Escape, so I'm technically formless, but where did all this dirt come from? Whatever, let's not harp on things that cannot be understood. Putting his hands behind his back, he began to tour around the place ostentatiously, like a king inspecting his own territory.

Hmph, so what if you're super strong? Now this entire place belongs to the surname Jun!

Jun Mo Xie laughed and was about to inspect the goods when suddenly the stone wall with those sixteen characters rumbled. With a whoosh, a scroll fell from the top, falling right in his face.

This scroll wasn't made of gold or jade and was extremely soft. After falling onto the ground, it opened up on it's own. The first five words were like five strokes of lightning that hit and penetrated deep inside Jun Mo Xie's soul!

Jun Xie, you have come!

Jun Mo Xie felt all the hot blood rush to his head! He felt as if he were seeing stars! He gasped for air heavily, as if he were suffocating! The shock in his heart seemed almost as if it were going to shatter his soul completely!

It was clear that this was the handwriting of the Nine Nether First Young Master! And he had written, "Jun Xie, you have come!" and not "Jun Mo Xie, you have come!"

There was a difference of only one word, but there was a vast difference between the two!

Jun Xie was his name in his previous life!

And in this life of Jun Mo Xie, there was no one else who could know of this name!

Reading it forward was his original name and flipping it around was his nickname!

Jun Xie! Evil Monarch!

But how did this legend of a millions of years, the Nine Nether First Young Master, know of his name?

And the name of his previous life?!

Suddenly, a huge doubt began to surface in Jun Mo Xie's heart!

Tian Xiang City, the second prince's residence: Secret Room!

Twelve people gathered and sat in three directions, but all of them wore an especially solemn and gloomy expression.

The owner of this space, the second prince Yang Dan, was not present, simply because he had no rights to engage in this high-level discussion.

Or rather to say, other than Li You Ran, all the other people in this room had the ability to destroy the entire Tian Xiang City easily.

"That's the gist of it." Chi Tian Feng said slowly. "So the three of us did not dare act recklessly, returning back to discuss what should we do about this situation with all of you here… We still need everyone to come together to make a decision together. My side thinks that we shouldn't act too impulsively; after all, that person's capabilities are truly terrifying. I will not even talk about his fighting abilities; based on what we had witnessed today, all those brilliant and skillful methods go way beyond our experience and knowledge. If any sudden change occurs, there will be a very high risk. And the War for Seizing the Heavens is drawing close; if we were to engage in battle, regardless of how it ends, it is still too early to tell…"

Li You Ran, Chi Tian Feng, and the other two occupied the seats facing east. Chi Tian Feng finished sharing their encounters in the Jun Residence.

The four seated that were seated toward the north, donning white clothes, were people from Elusive World of Immortals. Two were elderly with white hair, white brows, and a white beard, with a very simple and tranquil appearance. Besides them were two middle aged men with gentle expressions.

The Illusory Blood Sea members sat facing the south. Zi Jing Hong sat in the last seat, while three other middle aged men, donning purple robes, sat beside him.

After listening to Chi Tian Feng's description, one of the white-robed elderly men frowned. His long eyebrows tilted down and he said, "If it is like Brother Chi has said, looks like… it may really be the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master inside? But wasn't the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master sealed in Tian Fa Forest? How did he suddenly reappear in here?"

"I was also unable to decide because of this. If it was really the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master in there… But based on all this few evidences we've gotten so far, there is really no one else that I know of in this world who can do it!" Chi Tian Feng said hesitantly.

"To completely restructure a Xuan Beast that can only reach level seven at its peak. Other than godly skills, I believe it requires a substantial cultivation level as well… And to act like this, the way I see it, is basically recklessly destroying heaven's work! It was probably because of extreme boredom with nothing else to do."

The old Saint in white robe stood up slowly and walked around with his hands behind his back. Frowning, he said, "No doubt the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master has this ability. If he had nothing to do when he was sealed and was extremely bored, it makes absolute sense for him to have made a mythical Xuan Beast…. But there are also countless other experts in the continent; the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master may not be the only one who was extremely bored. Let me ask everyone, in that endless drought and boredom during practice, how many people could really…. Hahahaha…."

He did not spell it clearly, but the meaning was obvious. Everyone present couldn't help but nod in agreement, deeply empathizing. When one reached a position as high as a Saint's, most people wouldn't attempt to steer away from loneliness. They needed to sit quietly in solitude, trying to figure out the secrets of heaven and earth and seek that sudden stroke of enlightenment. Only then could they experience another breakthrough!

This required silence and only silence!

But everyone was still a social animal in inside! Being away from people—that sort of loneliness was enough to drive even the most cultured of people insane! And at times like this, they needed to find some sort of entertainment…

So everyone generally tried to soothe themselves by planting flowers or growing some magical herbs, purely for the sake of diverting their boredom. To give themselves something to do. And with the spiritual air of the magical plants, more Spiritual Qi might get attracted over. In the long run, it would also become a form of wealth for their descendants.

So the reason why those from three Holy Lands advanced so quickly in their practice was because of this.

"Secondly, roses only bloom in warm summer… A heaven defying situation like this, from what I know, is not achievable by human abilities! If someone was able to do it… haha, everyone, even if it were that Nine Nether First Young Master from a million years ago, he might not even be able to do this either! If we are to determine that it is Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master based on this, we may be thinking too highly of him… He may not be capable of this!"

The elder continued to with a heavier tone. "Human abilities may not be enough to achieve this, but if you have enough physical materials, it's not entirely impossible!"

Instantly, all the other people in the room had an expression of sudden realization!

"Everyone here has vast and wide knowledge; I'm sure you will catch what I mean quickly. Let's use some rare, but not completely impossible to find, objects as examples. Such as the Jade-cored Jewel, Heaven Earth Spirit Vein, orJade-vein Hot Spring, which stays warm for thousands of years… One could just bury a treasure of this type into the ground to create a scenery that defied the seasons! So this evidence is not enough to prove that Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master is present!

"With regards to the two mutes that speak with their bellies, the restructuring and reforming of abilities… Such skills have never surfaced in the continent before. I do agree that it is extremely weird and requires more consideration. But thinking of it from another way, it is this suspicious scene that gives me the confidence to guess that the person inside is definitely not the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!"Evil Monarch is read as Xie Jun 邪君, which is the same as Jun Xie, read backwards.

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