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The white-robed elder smiled and continued in a confident manner. "It is known that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master and the Nine Nether First Young Master came from the same place! Hence, we can make assume that what the Nine Nether First Young Master is not able to do, Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master also cannot do! And for the millions years of history in Xuan Xuan Continent, the martial arts that have been passed down is always the Nine Nether First Young Master's skills… So the the mutes being able to talk is odd, strange and shocking even, but definitely not a skill from the bloodline of the Nine Nethers!

These words made great sense. Everyone nodded in agreement and felt the worry in their hearts lighten a little.

"And that girl's body who was being controlled… I would discern it to be some sort of high leveled skill, but it might not be a Xuan skill. After all, there are still many things in this world that we cannot understand. Let's talk about the restriction skills of all the various families. We may have the cultivation level of a Saint, but as we all know, we may not necessary know of every single one that exists. They are secret skills that are only imparted within the family, and outsiders are incapable of breaking them… This isn't something uncommon… Haha…

"And lastly, the knife skills of that little girl. Just as the matter with the mutes talking: it follows the same logic! I would speculate that there is an expert in the Jun Residence, without a doubt! But it definitely is not the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master! Although this person's prowess is relatively significant, but it still cannot be compared or likened to the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's!"

With a decisive tone, this white-robed elder denied Chi Tian Feng's deduction!

"And one more important thing…" A middle-aged man donned in purple said. "As legends have it, wherever the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master appears, a type of unfathomable eerie aura follows! And as long as this bizzare aura appears, everything in that area is incapable of growing! This is also why the seniors who were injured at the hands of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master still are unable to recover till date! So… The courtyard filled with all sorts of greenery is the biggest reason as to why the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master is not inside! And…. You guys did not feel that sort of eeriness, right?"

Chi Tian Feng nodded, but he was not very pleased with the deductions of these two people. Since you can create with your skills, couldn't your aura be altered? This wouldn't be difficult for a true master at the peak. Furthermore, other than a lunatic like the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, where else could you find a second madman like this?

If you deny my words like this, you're probably just subconsciously hoping that you are not facing the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master! You think I want to face him? Which normal person, even a Saint King, would be willing to face an insane person like him!

But if your subconscious timidity affects the correct judgement, that it is a more fatal matter!

"Both of you do make perfect sense in your speculations, but this matter still needs to be reconsidered. It is not that I am being stubborn and am not open to other ideas, but I still firmly believe that the person inside is the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master! And we must not be too careless; caution is the parent of safety. When we entered the courtyard, we indeed did not feel any eerie aura, but we did experienced a cold feeling that went into our hearts… This was a real feeling we had felt!" Chi Tian Feng looked over to his two sworn brothers.

Sa Qing Liu and Cui Chang He nodded in sync, proving that he wasn't lying.

"Haha, Brother Chi, perhaps it was just a matter of you lacking confidence; how could that be a basis to determine whether it's the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master?" The middle-aged man in purple robe laughed, his words laced with sarcasm.

"Miao Wu Ji! What do you mean by that? If you are really confident, why do you keep denying that we are facing the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master?" Chi Tian Feng said angrily. "At least I have the confidence to face this cruel scenario! And you—do you have the right to say that I'm lacking confidence?"

Miao Wu Ji laughed. "Whether one is confident or not is not something that can be clarified with the volume of one's voice. Brother Chi, do simmer down; there will definitely be evidence."

"Then I shall wait and see!" Chi Tian Feng sucked in a deep breath of air. Shooting daggers at Miao Wu Ji, he sat down angrily. They had already been a thorn in each other's eye for three, four hundred years, and it still continued today.

The white-robed Saint frowned and said, "Everyone, please don't fight. There is still benefit from the trip by Brother Chi and the rest. At least we can affirm that whether that person in the Jun Residence is the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master or not, he is definitely a shocking character of this world! This is an undoubtable fact! We must not take our enemy too lightly! Furthermore, we definitely must not recklessly act within Tian Xiang City…"

He laughed, but his face was still solemn. "All of us are aware that if we are to unleash our powers, Tian Xiang City will be completely destroyed within seconds in this battle! And this place is filled with such a huge population. Furthermore, the Misty Illusory Manor will naturally intervene! The best method is to lure this person out—then encircle and annihilate!

"That's right! Brother Chen, do you have any plans?" Miao Wu Ji nodded his head and asked.

This old Saint was called Chen Chong, and although his name wasn't extremely tacky, he was the only second level Saint amongst all who were present! And he was meticulous in his considerations and had many stratagems, so naturally, he became the leader of this alliance.

"We could kidnap someone important from the Jun Residence, which is not difficult to do. Though this method is a little despicable, but it is the most simple!" Chen Chong said slowly, crinkling his eyes.

"This plan is perhaps not appropriate!" No one would have thought that the person who had voiced this was the person they all thought had no rights to be involved in this conference—Li You Ran! All eyes were on him the moment he opened his mouth.

A group of saints are discussing; it's already a blessing accumulated from a few lives for an ant-like, insignificant little Jade Xuan cultivator like you to be present! Instead of staying quiet, you need to abruptly say: This plan is perhaps not appropriate?! It's a little too comical, and if put in a harsher way, too impudent!

"Do you care to explain why is this inappropriate?" Chen Chong smiled and asked gently.

Li You Ran also didn't know why he made this objection. Upon hearing that suggestion, he made that objection without taking time to think, as if it were a matter of course.

Even Li You Ran was a little surprised after the words had left his mouth. Almost as if… subconsciously….he did not wished for the Jun Family to perish, did not hope for Jun Mo Xie to die?…

Actually Li You Ran's mind was really strange currently, so strange to the point that even he couldn't understand what he was thinking.

Jun Mo Xie, even if you are defeated, you need to be defeated in the strategies I made! Although your capabilities have already surpassed me, if you are defeated in my schemes, then it still counts as my victory!

This was the rival mentality they had as each other's opponents. As if Li You Ran had already admitted: beneath this sky, only you are worthy of being my opponent!

And one more thing: Jun Mo Xie and Li You Ran were similar in age, but Jun Mo Xie had already became an existence that many people in this world held in high regards! This was like a role model that Li You Ran was chasing after!

Catch up! Surpass him! Then stomp him to death!

If I temporarily cannot catch up, I mustn't allow anyone else to destroy him! Instead, I must protect him at all costs!

This was very strange kind of mentality, to the point that in Li You Ran's heart, there was a vague mentality of worshiping Jun Mo Xie! After all, Li You Ran had never obeyed anyone. Even if they were people of the same generation—unless they were of a different standing, they could not even be mentioned alongside him! So although Li You Ran pretended to be a modest gentlemen, deep in his bones, he looked down on everything.

But this Jun Mo Xie had popped out of nowhere and was much higher than himself… So Li You Ran sort of worshiped him instead… Plus, since the last chat Li You Ran had with Jun Mo Xie, he could vaguely tell that Jun Mo Xie did not hold much animosity towards himself!

Which may be of great aid!

What I, Li You Ran, pursue has never been a Venerable or Saint-level cultivation; those are too far of reach for me! What I want is worldly! What I want is possessions! That's all!

But to gain the aid of Jun Mo Xie, he needed to disburse before he would be able to exchange for it. How Jun Mo Xie was as a person, Li You Ran was very clear: Jun Mo Xie definitely wouldn't let anyone reap benefits without sowing harms… Even if we are to become enemies in the future, you'd still owe me quite a bit of friendship….

This was the root reason why Li You Ran had raised his objection.

Facing Chen Chong, Li You Ran pondered for a while before speaking. "It is not that I wish to be impudent, but there is truly a reason, do listen to my explanation. First of all, our goal. I'd like to ask all the elders present: what is the goal of this operation? Is it to kill that mystery person or to subdue him? After all, this person is capable of creating medicine that defies the heavens; this is too crucial to the future of the three Holy Lands… I believe that it is only when left without a choice that we should decide to kill the person. A decision like this is definitely a poor decision! This matter has been been entrusted to me by the City Lord, which is also the reason why I rashly objected."

Everyone was taken aback; this man wasn't entirely wrong!

"And one more thing: this person's capability! I dare to ask every single senior present here if anyone is confident enough to kill or capture this person… or even just force him to retreat…"

All nine Saints frowned at the same time. This was something none of them were confident about. If they could even win by joining forces was still something that remained to be seen…

Li You Ran, obviously intelligent, had already predicted this. Without changing his expression, he continued. "Also, let's put ourselves in someone else's shoe: if all of you seniors were that someone, and someone had abducted someone you held dear and threatened you with it, how would you react? Perhaps it may not last as a lifelong feud, or become impossible for both of you to live under the same sky, but I'm afraid that there may not be any opportunities for any form of collaboration in this lifetime."

Everyone nodded.

"And there is one more reason: Jun Zhan Tian's personality. If we want to kidnap someone, only Jun Zhan Tian is capable of putting up a fight! But this old man has an extremely irascible personality! And he wouldn't allow himself to be insulted! If he were to die due to this… then three Holy Lands will definitely become the target of this expert's vengeance and revenge. After all, his disciple had left the house to him, but in a couple of days, the most important person died just like that… Had it been you seniors, what would you do? Even if the three Holy Lands didn't mind, it is still not a good thing. At the very least, we must take complete advantage of him before cutting off ties."

What would we do? Of course go berserk! Seek revenge! Take out our anger!

All the Saints nodded slowly. How could they not mind? A master of such capabilities—even if three Holy Lands were to face off with him, they would still be in trouble. If that weren't the case, why would nine Saints all gather here?

"So I think that the best method to handle this expert is to fight fair and openly!" Li You Ran continued. "First, it will show that we are open and aboveboard. Second, it is more suitable of our statuses—at least, it wouldn't attract too much disgust. Third, I dare guess that when you have attained such a level of cultivation, you may feel a little lonely. Upon meeting an expert that is almost at the same level as yourself… Haha, I believe you'd be happy?"

"This does make sense!" Chen Chong looked at Li You Ran and said. "That's right; it is just as you said!"

"Senior has flattered me…." Li You Ran replied humbly. Li You Ran was truly good with his words. After his speech, all the Saints nodded their heads in agreement.

"It is better to fight in the open, but the problem is, how do we get him to do so? After all, we do have the upperhand of number of people."Miao Wu Ji scratched his head.

After he had asked this question, they all realized that they had gone back to the beginning. After half a day of discussion, nothing was solved…

"Letter of challenge, lead the way or startle them!" Chen Chong gritted his teeth and said. "We shall act based on these three methods for now! We definitely need to lure him out! Only one person is to go each time, and do not stay for longer than ten breaths. If there is no success, immediately return!"

Everyone nodded. Ten breaths was an essential preparation time to take control over Saints like them. Even a Saint King couldn't control a Saint as he wished. Ten breaths was the most basic period of time that was needed to communicate with the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi and convert it into an energy that could be used to control Saints!

As long as a Saint was not controlled in his actions, then no one could stop him as long as he wished to leave! Even if its were the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, there was this safety guarantee.

Everyone nodded and this matter was temporarily decided.

Thus, in the following few days, people visited the Jun Residence at night in waves, continuous and never ending. Always leaving quickly; even if they stayed, it was for the duration of a couple of pants of ordinary people.

Provoking with their aura, encompassing with their spiritual ability, or disturbing and alarming them with strange sounds. Even a gold-ironed letter of challenge was very formally delivered into the Jun Residence.

When faced with all this, the Jun Family was like a prideful princess, facing the whistles of gangsters and scoundrels. They remained motionless!

They didn't even bother to take a look!

There was no choice; even if they wished to take action, they couldn't…

Even with the entire family's forces combined, it wasn't enough to compare to the force of a single Saint blowing out in one breath. What actions could they take?

So everything was put on hold for discussion later, and time continued to pass slowly by…

On the other side, in the snowy mountains, Jun Mo Xie was experiencing one of the most bizarre encounters he had ever experienced before…

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