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"…..Hmm, you are a teachable child! Jun Mo Xie, your temper can be said to be your biggest weakness in this lifetime. You get this angry when faced with a little teasing by this young master from ten thousand years ago. Tsk tsk, I must say, if that temper doesn't change, there will be a time where you'll be at a disadvantage!"

Though this sentence still had a little hint of provocation, the words were a little heavy. Instead of calling it teasing, it was closer to a word of advice, or even a more serious warning!

Jun Mo Xie was stunned and felt like his head had cleared significantly. He cooled down immediately. In his mind, he said, "thank you!"

Although he thought that if this teasing wasn't from ten thousand years ago, no one else in reality could really enrage him so. But no matter the reason, it was a fact that he had lost his temper! So Jun Mo Xie decided to face it calmly.

The subsequent content seemed to also be more formal!

"…. Nine Nethers, is really a peculiar place. But the extent of its peculiarity cannot be described in just a few sentences! The Land of Nine Nethers is also known as the land of perished Gods! Or the land of perishment! There is not a single glimpse of light all year round! Many people spend their whole lives in this endless darkness, from start to end! And this place is filled with bloody battles, disputes and killing! All the living things in the Nine Nethers face massacre the moment they are born!

"…. perhaps it is survival of the fittest. All the living things in Nine Nethers are born with extremely powerful battling capabilities! All sorts of skills and arts are sealed in their heads. But they do not come without effort; they need to keep clearing and breaking through stages, constantly challenging their own limits! Only when they have pushed beyond their limits will they gain the imparted skills that were sealed. And only a small portion of it! It is only by constantly breaking through can they gain more and more imparted skills. No doubt, this requires firm and unyielding willpower! Only then can one breakthrough, slowly, bit by bit, to unleash their strongest capabilities! So the Nine Nethers Clan has always been the strongest clan! But those who can stand at the peak can be counted on mere fingers!"

"…. Similarly, the Nine Nether Clan is also a clan that can never be satisfied. They are full of insuppressible ambitions! The Nine Nether Clan's lifespan is extremely long; if it were to be calculated in the Xuan Xuan Continent's terms, any random person could easily live past a few thousand years old with no problem!"

Jun Mo Xie took in a sharp breath. What sort of monstrous clan was this Nine Nether Clan? To be this different from others! No light all year round; then what did they eat? They didn't need to do labour? Didn't plants need light to photosynthesize? Why did this sound similar to the Asura realm in the Six Realms of Existence?! [1. For Buddhists, the six realms represent all possible states of existence.] [2. Asura is the realm of anger, jealousy, and constant war. They are demigods who are powerful, fierce and quarrelsome.]

"At the peak of the Nine Nethers Holy Land is a door that leads to the heavens! For many generations, countless of Nine Nether seniors wanted to pass through it! Because according to legend, as long as you pass through that door, you will be able to reach paradise! There is light! Flowers! And grass! In white, green, red…. and all these were the greatest desires of the Nine Nether Clan…

"But there were indescribably dangerous obstacles before the land of paradise. If one wished to reach paradise, if they wished to pass through the door that leads to heaven, they needed to pass through all those perilous inhibitions. This journey to heaven, in the Nine Nethers realms, is a journey to death! In the billions of years, those who had managed to successfully pass through, from what I am aware of, is this young master alone! All the other seniors who had attempted to pass through the door that leads to heaven all died in that door…."

Although this paragraph was a little prideful,, Jun Mo Xie could tell from that bitter handwriting that there was also great sorrow!

"Since this young master had came onto this continent, I was mesmerized at first sight by this place! It was truly beautiful! It was called paradise for a reason! So this young master swore on the day he stepped foot on this continent that he would conquer it! Make it my personal backyard! Throughout time, only I alone shall be revered! So at the same time as I made this vow, this young master set off on this expedition eagerly!"

Jun Mo Xie sighed. You really can't blame this lunatic. If anyone came digging their way out of a place that was completely dark and was greeted by a spectacular scenery of mountains, rivers, flowers and plants of every shade, they'd have the same mindset. Perhaps this shouldn't be called ambition, but instead, a type of unexplainable possessiveness and desire to monopolise. Put in more common terms, it was a case of jealousy and envy! The Nine Nether First Young Master was like this, so so were the subsequent Nine Nether Young Masters!

"Not long after, this young master discovered that the people of this world are really too weak! So weak that this young master could barely imagine! There were still a few who claimed to be strong, but even when they joined forces, they couldn't even make it past hundred strikes of this young master! That made this young master extremely unhappy! Alas, in this entire world, there was no one who could put up a fight! It was not easily to walk up the lonely peak… That sort of loneliness really made the heart of this young master cold!

"Furthermore, the martial arts of this world may be extremely weak, but it was full of deceit and schemes, full of mutual deceptions, and most of the operations to defeat this young master all began like this! And this young master always pretended like he didn't know of it and stepped right into their traps, then broke through from them! This made this young master feel some happiness. Perhaps it is only like this can I find some slight entertainment."

"What a sicko!" Jun Mo Xie sighed, at a loss for words. As he read on, he realized the next paragraph had further proven the Nine Nether First Young Master's nickname of 'maniac'. It was extremely lonesome to be unrivalled, and when one was extremely lonely, they could only create some sort of entertainment in things that weren't entertaining!

"This Young Master is immune to all sorts of poison, and no weapons are capable of hurting me! Broken limbs can be grown back again, and my energy knows no limit! This bunch of mere ordinary people can have all sorts of methods and schemes, but how would they be able to do anything to this young master?

"So, in two hundred years, this young master finally got sick of it. With a lack of better choices, I could only accomplish my long awaited goal and become the supremacy of this continent! Whatever the Nine Nether Order passed, no hero in the world could disobey! But a pity, after that momentary joy of accomplishing this goal, this young master had no other goals… Haha, since there were no goals, then just create a new one! So this young master created a set of 'Seven Color Exquisite Battle Arts' that were tailored to the physical capabilities of the people in this continent. I spread it all over the world and accepted disciples!

"But there were people who were blind that said this young master's cultivation methods were rubbish! How could this young master not be enraged! So I burnt and destroyed all the ancients books and records in under the sky! In ten years, I brainwashed all the experts. The rest that refused to comply—killed! Those rotten scholars—slaughtered!"

The eerie intentions behind his words appeared vividly on the paper!

Even Jun Mo Xie, who tried to stay calm, couldn't help but feel a shiver. How many people did he have to kill to achieve this?

"So another few hundred years passed, and the Seven Color Exquisite Battle Arts could be seen everywhere on the Xuan Xuan Continent. All those original martial arts completely perished! Those rubbish martial arts are not even worthy of existing in the same world as the cultivation methods this young master had created! This Young Master has a clear conscious! Following the name of Xuan Xuan Continent, the Seven Color Exquisite Battle Arts adopted the name of 'Xuan Qi'! I spent another few hundred years, thoroughly completing this set of skills—a set of powerful arts that could create truly powerful and strong people! I accepted disciples, imparted these skills, and had good pupils all over the world!"

So this was how the martial arts of Xuan Qi on the Xuan Xuan continent came to be!

Formerly, when this person destroyed all the records and brainwashed people and imparted Xuan Qi, this set of skills was only just a draft! Jun Mo Xie broke out in cold sweat…. Is this person not worried that people might suffer a backlash and go mad? There weren't even any follow up skills, and to do it so ruthlessly…

No wonder the legends called him a lunatic!

But this also made sense; if he had considered so meticulously, then he wouldn't be that Nine Nether First Young Master!

"Following the passage of time, this young master's cultivation also got higher and higher. I came to a sudden realization that after coming into this world, aside from looking for ninety-nine wives, I didn't do any great or memorable!"

"F*ck!" This sentence left Jun Mo Xie flabbergasted! He couldn't hold his tongue and began to scold!

"Are you a f*cking breeding pig? Ninety-nine wives! Are you not scared that you'd get sucked dry? How many do you have to change in a day!" Young Master Jun scolded. "Truly, a real, super huge lecher! Old lecher! And… you already conquered the continent and converted it so that everyone practised only your martial arts! You already had sovereign authority over the world, and you dare to say that, 'I didn't do any great, or memorable'? Are you being humble? Or showing off discreetly?"

For a short period of time, Young Master seemed as if he sustained internal injuries triggered by this single sentence, madly spitting out significant amounts of blood!

Then what must you do to have the rights to say 'I have done a lot'?!

This was too hurtful to his pride!

"Thus this young master has already dwelled long enough on this continent, so I began to think of going to other places for a stroll…" This sentence of Nine Nether First Young Master had inflicted another significant blow onto Jun Mo Xie.

There was no doubt, that 'think of going to other places for a stroll' was definitely not going sightseeing, but to go for a stroll on other planets!

Jun Mo Xie lost the mood to even scold…

"…. but the ninety-nine wives weren't high enough in their cultivation, so there was a delay of a thousand years; a thousand years later, this young master brought his beautiful wives and successfully left this place and went to an odd place called 'Earth'…"

Jun Mo Xie buried his face in his hands and groaned. So this asshole really went to Earth! Then the fact that Earth could still exist till now was truly something amazing…

"… That place called 'Earth' was even more beautiful than this paradise. This Young Master was a little indulged in pleasure that I had forgotten my home, anyhow finding a number of new wives…"

Jun Mo Xie felt like his heart was on the verge of breaking down…. Old Lecher! You're already an old thing of ten thousands years ago, and you have the cheek to scourge young ladies! Jun Mo Xie felt like he couldn't put his disdain towards this asshole into words. It was as endless as the long rivers and as wide and deep as the oceans!

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