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Jun Mo Xie arched his sharp brows, azure holy light gleaming from his eyes! Looking at those sixteen words on the stone wall, a smirk slowly formed on the corner of his lips. "What you can do, doesn't mean I, Jun Mo Xie, cannot do it too!"

At this moment, Jun Mo Xie's gaze fell on that fallen scroll that suddenly moved on its own, flying up although there was no wind. As if it had finished its mission, it turned into dazzling flames before Jun Mo Xie's eyes.

In those burning flames, the green smoke did not dissipate, but instead, coagulated into a round object. Then, in that form, it slowly evolved and formed a picture Jun Mo Xie was very familiar with!

Seven big boards, laid out neatly, surrounded by azure water bodies, the only visible infrastructure was the Great Wall of China that snaked its way across… It was—


Tears appeared in the eyes of Jun Mo Xie without any warning.

My hometown in my previous life!

When can the me in this life go back?

I really really want to go back… I really want to…

Jun Mo Xie experienced an indescribable sourness in his chest. Only after a long while later did he raised his head again slowly. The picture of Earth had already disappeared without a trace, and along with it, the scroll with the Nine Nether First Young Master's handwriting!

When I reach the same level of the Nine Nether First Young Master, I must go back! Even just a glimpse is good enough! Jun Mo Xie told himself in his heart.

After gathering his emotions, Jun Mo Xie began to carefully look through this underground palace!

This was where the Nine Nether First Young Master claimed to have hidden all his treasures he obtained over ten thousands of years! If what he said was true, then this place was the sickest treasure vault in the entire world!

Jun Mo Xie was full of anticipation towards this!

Especially, the Nine Nether First Young Master had said "there is another huge surprise for you!"

But what would count as a huge surprise? Especially when this lunatic declared it to be a huge surprise!

Jun Mo Xie wasn't too bothered about this. That thing would definitely not be easy to find; after all, to be able to find this place of yours was already a extremely huge surprise!

Jun Mo Xie began to feel the nearest stone wall bit by bit.

Because when you looked across this huge stone palace, you would be able to cover everything in one glance. Other than those sixteen large words and a stone table and chairs that could seat five hundred people down for a meal at the same time, it didn't seem like there was anything else…

But with the Nine Nether First Young Master's status and personality, he definitely wouldn't have lied!

This was something Jun Mo Xie was confident about!

He groped along, carefully checking inch by inch! He firmly believed that if there were any mechanisms hidden in this place, it would definitely be along this stone wall!

So all he needed right now was to be meticulous and attentive!

If he was careless, then he would definitely regret it! Because once he left this place, he didn't know when he could come back…

But after carefully groping and checking for almost ten zhang, there were no results!

Jun Mo Xie suddenly stopped.

If I were the Nine Nether First Young Master, where would I situate the mechanism? If I were the Nine Nether First Young Master, then where would I usually be in this place?"

After thinking for a long time, Jun Mo Xie suddenly returned before the stone wall with those sixteen words.

He closed his eyes and imagined carefully. With that sort of arrogance that the Nine Nether First Young Master had, then, if he sat under these sixteen words… Let those sixteen huge and ferocious words be the first thing anyone saw when they met him! This way, he'd feel like a sovereign ruling over the world!

And it would definitely feel extremely pleasing for the ego!

So Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes and carefully inspected the ground. He speculated that a large chair was once located here…

Waving his sleeves, a thick layer of dust rolled up with a hong, but this dust was unlike regular dust. It did not fly around along the wave of his sleeves, but instead, moved as an entire piece, flying aside neatly like a floor mat.

Really creepy… Even the dust at where the Nine Nether First Young Master lived is so amazing…

Young Master Jun shook his head and clicked his tongue.

Just as he expected, there were four places that were a little more worn down. It took one look for Jun Mo Xie to know that this was the result of placing a four legged furniture in this spot for a long period of time. The Nine Nether First Young Master definitely sat in this place.

But… isn't the distance between these four marks a little too darn big? It was around thirteen meters apart…. What sort of chair was this large? Jun Mo Xie rubbed his chin, unable to comprehend. Right next to one of the markings was a bump. A round bump around the height of a finger.

Jun Mo Xie went over and stepped forcibly on it with the tip of his foot.

Suddenly, there was a whooshing noise. A huge object fell from overhead and landed motionlessly in that position without a noise. All four legs landed perfectly in the place of those four markings.

Jun Mo Xie remained stationary at the place of the mechanism—he didn't even try to duck.

Because he knew that the Nine Nether First Young Master would trigger the mechanism in this position. Following this thought, why would the Nine Nether First Young Master allow himself to be hit in the head by it? Thus, although it may look a little thrilling, but when this thing fell, the safest location was where Jun Mo Xie was standing!

Finally looking at the object that had descended, Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but curse. What the f*ck!"

This is no seat! It's basically a bed!

It is a bed! A huge bed—a large, giant, humongous bed!

This humongous bed was so big it could accomodate a hundred people sleeping on it at the same time!

This fellow is truly a shameless, lustful person!

Jun Mo Xie looked at this bed in disdain, but also envy. If there came a day where he could toss Mei Xue Yan, Guan Qing Han, and Dugu Xiao Yi on this bed at the same time… Climb over the Horse and hoist the Spear, Gallop Vertically and Horizontally ….. Hehehe… As he imagined it in his head, Jun Mo Xie began to rub his chin and smile lasciviously…. A green gleam appearing in his eyes….

Approaching the bed, Jun Mo Xie felt his entire body getting warm. He suddenly realized that this gigantic bed was made entirely out of Eternally Warm Jade!

And it wasn't pieced together; this entire bed was carved out of a gigantic piece of Eternally Warm Jade!

Jun Mo Xie sucked in a sharp breath of cold air. Just this bed alone was a priceless treasure!

Eternally Warm Jade could heal all grave and incurable diseases, improve the health and extend one's longevity!

…. Its benefits were endless!

With an unexplainable feeling, Jun Mo Xie touched this warm jade bed, only to be shocked: Where he had touched sunk right in! The texture was smooth and gave an unexplainable pleasure that spread right to the heart…

Jun Mo Xie felt giddy!

This was not only Eternally Warm Jade; it was one of the rarest types of Eternally Warm Jade— soft jade! This was an excellent object that is even more precious than Eternally Warm Jade by a few million times! Even if everything else was disregarded, as long as one absorbed all the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi of this Eternally Warm Soft Jade… there was bound to be a gigantic leap in cultivation!

Jun Mo Xie's eyes gleamed like a wolf! This.. This.. Heaven! Earth!… How do I bring this huge thing away? Especially in this current state where Hongjun Pagoda is refusing to cooperate and help….

But if I don't bring it along… I really am unwilling and can't bear to leave it; who knows if I can come back in next time…

Jun Mo Xie felt as if he had discovered an entire gold mountain miles away from home but was unable to bring it back with him. But if he didn't bring it back, he would feel so repressed he might just die on the spot…

What sort of feeling was it like, for a miser to find a gold mountain but was unable to even take gold crumbs back with him?

Jun Mo Xie signed. This maniac is really too darn good at enjoying life. Just this Warm Soft Jade Bed alone, is already… beyond description. Furthermore, sleeping on this bed, even if there were no beauties in your arms, the feeling is as if countless of gorgeous beauties laid beneath him…

Most men won't even be able to enjoy this feeling of lying on this bed, because within a couple of days, they would lose all their yang energy and die…

But if it were a man who had significant cultivation, and many lovers accompanying him… doing on this jade bed… Drip… Drip… Drip…

Jun Mo Xie began to drool without realizing it. The lustful look in his eyes was something only a deranged pervert was capable of…

Jun Mo Xie pounced onto the bed. Kicking his shoes off, he laid on the bed. Jun Mo Xie felt as if he were basking in the hugs of beauties, from head to toe.

"A true precious item! This person really knows darn well how to enjoy!" Jun Mo Xie moaned in ecstasy.

After lingering for a long time, he finally got back up. Sitting at the position he imagined, looking left and right to double check that this was the position that allowed the Nine Nether First Young Master to show off the most, did Jun Mo Xie begin to inspect the two sides beside him.

If there was a mechanism, it was most likely located on this bed.

And from the way the Nine Nether First Young Master was so good at enjoying life, it definitely wouldn't be located too far from his hands—most likely within reach as soon as he reached out.

Just as he expected, at the places Jun Mo Xie had stretched his left and right hands out, were a few buttons on each side!

Jun Mo Xie smiled gleefully, gently pressing the one nearest to him. Fancy names for sex positions.

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