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The mechanism was triggered…

A sluggish and soft whirring sound could be heard, unlike the loud noises most mechanisms would trigger. It only lasted for a while, then it became silent. Jun Mo Xie looked at the giant stone door that had appeared at the other side, full of shock.

That was the place Young Master Jun had been carefully groping around earlier, and he didn't even find a single crack. But all he did was press the mechanism and this door just suddenly appeared! This alone was astonishing! How exquisite must one be to do this?

This Nine Nether First Young Master was not only the grand master of martial arts, he was also a master of mechanism study! Such an exquisite set up was the work of superb craftsmanship! Especially when it was designed in an underground place, which made it even more remarkable!

From the momentary noise to the current silence, Jun Mo Xie also understood that the noise was merely a result of the mechanism not being activated once in the past ten thousand years. So naturally it'd create some noise, but the noise from the mechanism had only lasted for a short moment, which showed that this mechanism was already used to the current rhythm!

It was only in the blink of an eye!

A mechanism from ten over thousand years ago! Recovering its vigor just like that?

Jun Mo Xie was a little dumbstruck. But there were more shocking things awaiting behind.

Or rather, this was just a prologue…

A wide and long passageway appeared behind the hidden door. About seven meters in height and ten meters in width, it was extremely deep, and from the looks of it, it was at least three hundred meters in length…

Although the passageway was long, it wasn't dark. It was full of gentle, warm light. There were two neatly aligned night pearls on the ceiling of this passageway every two steps. Each pearl was the size of a child's fist, exuding a gentle and faint light, lighting the entire passageway!

Night Pearls of this size—any single one was a priceless treasure! Even if the richest family, or the Palace owned one, they would keep it in a precious jewel box and treasure it carefully. Else, it might be used to adorn the crown of the most extravagant Emperor and Empress. But in here, it was lavishly embedded onto stone walls, turned into a tool for emitting light!

But it wasn't exactly accurate to use 'lavishly' to describe it; the number of night pearls in this place was a little too much, and had it been someone who didn't know how to recognise treasures, they might have just missed it. No matter how precious an object was, as long as it appeared in large quantities, it became somewhat common. So Young Master Jun was taken aback only at the beginning… subsequently…. he didn't find it as shocking anymore!

Jun Mo Xie sighed sincerely. He slowly walked to the entrance of the passageway and felt a wave of warm and charming fragrance hit him, not dissipating away. Jun Mo Xie halted. From this fragrant smell, this obviously that was the place the Nine Nether First Young Master's wives resided in.

The passageway looked like it was never ending. You could imagine that both sides were full of the women's rooms… Jun Mo Xie sighed and stepped into the passageway. As expected, every few steps was a button, and a stone door opened quietly with every press of the button, revealing the extravagant and gorgeous interiors…

Bed, dressing table, study table… all necessary furniture was available. No more beauties remained, but the fragrant smell lingered. But these waves of fragrance belonged to ten thousand years ago…

Jun Mo Xie walked around and counted: there were a total of one hundred and thirty six rooms in this place!

In other words, this Nine Nether First Young Master alone had one hundred and thirty six wives! Didn't he claim to have ninety-nine wives? Why were there one hundred and thirty six bedrooms here?! Jun Mo Xie suddenly recalled… That asshole seems to have scourged ninety-nine in this world, but when he was at Earth, he probably managed to pull quite a number of them back. So based on the number of rooms, it looks like he brought another thirty seven wives...

He seriously is too f*cking powerful!

Beast! No, he is worse than a beast! With so many beautiful babes combining forces, why hasn't this fellow died from excessive ejaculation?!

The Heavens are blind!

Jun Mo Xie was close to speechlessness. He walked out with a dejected and depressed face. He had only entered the first room and didn't even open the rest to look.

With the Nine Nether First Young Master's personality, he definitely would not hide the treasure in the rooms of his numerous wives! Actually, even Young Master Jun wouldn't do so! In fact, Jun Mo Xie felt like he had sinned when he entered the first room.

Jun Mo Xie had no hesitation when faced with a lunatic like the Nine Nether First Young Master. He would even dare to scold the Nine Nether First Young Master if he stood before him! But towards his wives, Jun Mo Xie couldn't, and he wouldn't.

What sort of taste did the Nine Nether First Young Master have? All of those women he had fancied; how could any one of them be ordinary or common?

As a result, Jun Mo Xie held admiration and respect towards these ladies. He left quickly and let all these rooms, that were still exuding light fragrance even ten thousand years later, to be sealed once again.

Pressing the button, he closed this stone door. In the instant the door shut, flashing lights suddenly appeared and a piece of cloth fell down over the door. A ball of flames burst out, and in those flames, a young, handsome, haughty, and untamable baby face emerged, smiling. This smiling face said, "As expected of a legendary character of Earth—Evil Monarch Jun Xie! Had you not exited this passageway within the time of an incense finished burning, then all the other mechanisms would have been sealed permanently! Even that old fellow possessing you [1. This refers to the Hongjun Pagoda] and all his special tricks won't help you escape from my set-up! Not bad, not bad, truly not bad! This Young Master suddenly likes you a little…"

Then the smiling face in the flames blinked and disappeared as the flames faded out.

Looking at this smiling face that suddenly disappeared, Jun Mo Xie suddenly had a feeling that the battle with the Nine Nether First Young Master had begun the moment he entered this palace. Even at this present moment, they were already battling!

Without a doubt, he was always pressed into a disadvantageous position, and even now, he just barely managed to change the situation a little!

And this change, which was more of a coincidence, was only possible because he had the same pride and arrogance as the Nine Nether First Young Master! Respecting the enemy's kin was also respecting the enemy! And this respect had exchanged for a repayment of equivalent value!

Looked like this Nine Nether First Young Master, like himself, was someone whose temperament was unwilling to allow others to take advantage of themselves for free!

Jun Mo Xie thought for a while before returning back to the Warm Jade bed. Suddenly, he made a decision. He pressed down on the seven remaining buttons.

All at the same time, long passageways emerged in all the directions of this palace.

Jun Mo Xie randomly chose on that was the nearest and walked in confidently.

Young Master Jun was completely at peace. With regards to everything that was happening right now, he only felt like it was expected as a matter of course, with not a single bit of astonishment!

You may have created a shocking palace with uncanny workmanship and revealed your immense and powerful capabilities, but you must know that I, Jun Mo Xie, will also have this day sooner or later!

Furthermore, you have already lived for ten thousand of years. If you are not even capable of this, then even I would look down on you…

In this stone door was a storehouse. Or rather, it could be said to be a huge closet!

It was relatively spacious inside, but there were only nine articles of white clothing hanging on clothes rack. It could not be determined whether if it was for males or females—it seemed to be unisex. Jun Mo Xie could tell with one look that these clothes had never been worn by anyone else before!

Randomly picking one, Jun Mo Xie was taken aback by what he had touched. The material, which wasn't silk, was warm to the touch, flowy and soft like water, weighed like nothing, but still extremely supple and strong!

On the stone wall, a few lines were carved into it. "Warm Jade Core Silk, impenetrable by weapons, water, and fire. It's a treasure for protection. Made from the core of Eternally Warm Jades refined by the fire of the soul. It can ensure that your kin will not come to harm. A mere token of my feelings; don't mention it."

Jun Mo Xie was stunned. What did this mean? Did he really foresee that Jun Mo Xie's family was going to meet with harm's way? So he intentionally felt these few pieces of clothing?

Jun Mo Xie pondered. Picking up one of the clothes, he channeled as much energy as he could onto one palm and struck out with maximum power, directly onto the clothes! The clothing swayed gently, with not even a single scratch!

This Warm Jade Core Silk was this tough!


Jun Mo Xie was elated; there were nine pieces of clothing here. The safety of his mother, grandpa, third uncle, Guan Qing Han, Dugu Xiao Yi, and Mei Xue Yan were ensured!

But Jun Mo Xie couldn't understand; no matter how he counted, even if he added third aunt, he probably only needed seven pieces, but there were nine hanging here! What did this mean? Didn't he predict the future? Why did he miscalculate?

Jun Mo Xie couldn't figure it out after thinking for a long time, so he just grabbed all nine articles of clothing and walked out. More was always better than less! Just as he had expected, the moment he stepped out, the door closed perfectly, without a single crack.

Jun Mo Xie placed these nine treasured clothes onto that Warm Jade giant bed and walked towards the next passageway.

These nine treasured clothes were good, but still far from Jun Mo Xie's expectations.

He entered a stone room—a big space with only five small stands. The first stand was about as tall as a human, glowing gold from top to bottom. At the top was a round ball about the size of a human head radiating blinding gold light.

The second stand was green all over, also with a round ball, and emitted thick, green light.

The third stand was completely blue; similarly, a dazzling blue ball sat above it.

The fourth stand was red all over, and at the top was a dark red ball that was burning.

The fifth stand was majestic, bright and yellow. At the top was a round ball that like the sun, radiant and dazzling!

These five stands formed a pentagon! Or rather, formed a perfect circle!

Jun Mo Xie's attention was immediately captured!

He had never expected such a huge surprise to await him the moment he opened this stone room!

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