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"Essence of Gold, Essence of Wood, Essence of Water, Essence of Fire, Essence of Earth; these are the essences of the five elements here?!" Jun Mo Xie inhaled a sharp breath of air as he looked at these five different coloured balls.

To think that they were the Essences of the Five Elements!

Could this be the huge surprise the Nine Nether First Young Master left for him?

But it didn't look like it would be that easy to bring those things away!

Because the Nine Nether First Young Master's godly skills had managed to make these Essences of the Five Elements perfectly balance with each other within this unique room as a single entity!

Recklessly retrieving any single one would result in an instant explosion the moment the five elements went out of balance!

Jun Mo Xie immediately calmed down from his excitement and discovered the danger that awaited!

Without a doubt, once the equilibrium was lost, it would set off an explosion!

Jun Mo Xie further noticed that these Essences of the Five Elements in here were all linked to the ground…

If these Essences of the Five Elements were to explode, it would at the very least blow this entire mountain up into the skies! This palace would also definitely disappear without a trace— even Jun Mo Xie might not have a single bone left. And this place was so peculiar; even if he used the Yin Yang Escape to become formless, he may not be able to avoid it completely!

Jun Mo Xie circled these Essences of the Five Elements and sighed. Darling~ This is called giving me a surprise? Or a shock? Or perhaps you want to let me go through another round of transmigration?!

The only choice was to absorb all the Essences of the Five Elements at the same time, but in order to do this, one had to circulate the Power of the Five Elements at the same time! This was an extremely difficult challenge for the current Jun Mo Xie! He had never used three types of power at the same time before, let alone five!

The most extreme instance was when he was beneath the sword peak, circulating both the Power of Earth and Power of Water at the same time!

In order to circulate Power of the Five Elements at the same time, the first step was to be able to multitask—concentrate on five tasks at the same time!

To most people, setting their minds on two tasks at the same time was already extremely taxing and would lead to both tasks being unable to be accomplished. But right now, Jun Mo Xie was forced to put his mind on five tasks!

Speechless. This set up of the Nine Nether First Young Master was definitely intentional!

With a place as big as this, why didn't he just place the Essences of the Five Elements in different places? Why did he put them all in a stone room like this?!

This was the same as opening the safety valve of ten thousands of atomic bombs and leaving them all in a room….. To think that it had been kept so securely for over ten thousand years…

People of Blizzard Silver City were really awesome!

To choose such an excellent place to build your city on! And to reign and live so happily for so many years… Aside from resentment towards the Nine Nether First Young Master, Jun Mo Xie felt admiration for the ancestors of Blizzard Silver City!

You could go up to heaven anytime! Anywhere!

Jun Mo Xie suddenly recalled how he had collapsed the sword peak and snowy mountains earlier and felt weak in the knees! The fact the earthquake didn't trigger this place to blow up was truly… a blessing!

Had any of the quakes caused this place to blow up, not even the Blizzard Silver City on the surface, himself, or Mei Xue Yan and Jun Wu Yi—who were flying their way over—could all have been done for… Perhaps, we could have a mass transmigration together….

"You win! To be this this sinister! You're ruthless! F*cking ruthless!" Jun Mo Xie hollered into the sky, as angry as a tiger suddenly caught in a trap….

Panting harshly, Jun Mo Xie's eyes turned red with anger.

He raged, "Isn't it just using the Power of the Five Elements at the same time? I'll f*cking do it! If I can't even pass this stage, then how would I use you as a chair in the future?! Just you wait!"

In a flash, Jun Mo Xie entered the circle. Sitting right in the center crossed legged, he started wholeheartedly circulating the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune at full speed!

After the ninth circulation, Jun Mo Xie entered a state of clarity!

This process of absorption could be described in three words: succeed or die!

These three words here were the solid truth!

If he failed to absorb or lost the balance in this process, then not only would the entire Snow Mountains disappear, even Jun Mo Xie wouldn't be able to escape, turning directly into ashes!

But if he were to succeed in absorbing such a large amount of the Essences of the Five Elements in one go, the Power of the Five Elements in his body would also improve exponentially!

Reaching a state of great achievement!

Precisely due to the fact that the Power of the Five Elements in this place had always been kept in equilibrium, the amount and standard of the Essences of the Five Elements were almost the same. As long as they were successfully absorbed into the body, they would naturally for a loop of the five elements so the user would be able to bear its powers. If Jun Mo Xie only absorbed one type of Essences of the Five Elements, the power might be too much to bear and cause the insides of his body to be at disequilibrium, which had dire consequences.

The Power of the Five Elements's foundational cultivation methods began to surface in Jun Mo Xie's heart. His mind was as clear as water, and he wasn't thinking about anything else!

The five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, Earth!

They corresponded to the five organs in the human body: metal to lungs, wood to liver, water to kidneys, fire to heart, earth to spleen. These five viscera were not all; there were still links even in the six bowels. Metal to the large intestine, wood to gallbladder, water to bladder, fire to the small intestine, and earth to the stomach.

Furthermore, the five elements matched the emotions of anger, happiness, thought, sadness, fear. And the five sensory organs on the head: eyes, tongue, mouth, nose, and ears! And the veins, arteries, flesh, bone, and skin of the human body!

In other words, if Jun Mo Xie wanted to absorb these Essences of the Five Elements at the same time, he needed to adjust every single part of his body to correspond perfectly with each element type!

This might sound simple, but it was a massive and complicated task! As long as there was a bit of error somewhere, everything would go down in ruin!

This was why Jun Mo Xie was so infuriated and hysterical after noticing what the Nine Nether First Young Master had done in this set-up!

At this point, there were no other choices for him!

So there were only two options: succeed or die!

This young master is going straight for it! I'm betting it all!

Jun Mo Xie molded himself in a complete state of calmness and tranquility. Afterwards, he began to carefully distribute his breathing and relaxed his entire body to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium.

He completely relaxed his head, four limbs, and torso to match the balance!

In his current condition, he could remain afloat on water even without using any of his powers— absolutely at equilibrium!

Then he took a deep breath and activated the Power of Gold first!

When the Power of Gold was activated, the golden ball began to radiate instantly!

But just as that radiance was growing, the Power of Wood was also triggered, followed by the Power of Water, Power of Fire, and Power of Earth! The Power of the Five Elements were all fully activated in Jun Mo Xie's body, and they followed their respective channels until everything met in complete circulation. This was the beginning point of all the five different powers meeting and also the ending point!

This first experiment: success!

But this was merely circulating all five powers at the same time. He had not started to absorb them at the same time!

Jun Mo Xie let out his breath slowly, the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune erupted from his dantian, triggering the Power of the Five Elements to circulate continuously at the same time, sticking to their respective routes!


After twenty five circulations of the Power of the Five Elements in his body, the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune ceased and only the Power of the Five Elements continued to flow in his meridians. The surrounding essences of the five elements shot out a tiny thread of light at the same time Jun Mo Xie shouted, going straight into his body and infusing into his meridians!

Golden light entered the loop of the Power of Gold; green light entered the area of the Power of Wood; blue light entered the circle of the Power of Water; red light entered the Power of Fire; yellow light fused perfectly with the Power of Earth!

This was the official start of the absorption of the essences of the five elements!

Jun Mo Xie began on a treacherous trial as if he were walking on a tightrope with a thousand foot drop beneath him!

To be more accurate, such a description was not even exaggerating—in fact, it greatly undermined the dangers!

If one failed at walking the tightrope, only one person would die. But if he were to fail here, not only was the mountain a gone case, but the numerous people on it too…

The different rays of light were like strands of hair, slowly absorbing into Jun Mo Xie's body. This entire stone room was like a club with dazzling neon lights illuminating it.

Jun Mo Xie shut his eyes, his mind completely calm and tranquil. He quietly controlled the routes of the Power of the Five Elements in his body with his own abilities. In this moment, there was no thought of success or failure on his mind. He was a state of emptiness, nothing.

Time continued to pass…

In a flash, it was already two days and two nights. In this duration, there was not a single change in Jun Mo Xie's posture!

Even his breathing, which was slightly longer initially, had been at the same rate since two days ago.

But Jun Mo Xie's body was already soaked with perspiration. Even his hair had been soaked by sweat into clumps.

The mental strength he used in these two days and two nights was unimaginable! If it weren't for Jun Mo Xie's exceeding endurance, even if it were another expert or a Saint King doing this task, they might not have been able to take this sort of pressure and would break down!

The light entering Jun Mo Xie's body gradually thickened from the strand of a hair to the thickness of an average wild grass stalk. A third of the Essences of the Five Elements had already disappeared!

And at this instant, the light rays thickened once again, into the thickness of a chopstick. The speed of absorption also multiplied again!

The radiance emitted extensively!The five viscera and six bowels are organ entities that traditional Chinese medicine stipulates how the human body works.

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