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This proved that the Power of the Five Elements in Jun Mo Xie's body were almost the same as the Essences of the Five Elements outside! If this helped him gain an overwhelming advantage in the future, then Jun Mo Xie's hard work would be considered a successful accomplishment.

Another day passed and Jun Mo Xie still remained seated peacefully, his face seemingly a little bit more relaxed. It was an extremely positive sign.

Jun Mo Xie exhaled slowly and the five colorful chopstick-thick lines surrounding him increased their speed again, pouring into his body in a frenzy. The five colored orbs had been absorbed to around the size of the fist. With this last intensive absorption, they were visibly shrinking very fast until they completely vanished.

In the next moment, all the respective colored stands began to radiate dazzling light, as bright as the sun! But it only lasted for a moment and the entire room soon turned into complete darkness, as dark as the night.

Jun Mo Xie, who had succeeded smoothly, let out a long cry before slowly getting back up. Every single joint of his body was cracking! All the hair on his head began to float up—every single strand stood straight up on his head, creating an extremely bizzare sight! More bizarre than a person's hair after receiving an electric shock!

And this sight was still far from ending. In an instance, it turned dark gold, then reddish gold, then radiant gold! Then in the next moment, the gold faded and became a dark forest green, then lightened to a dark green… Subsequently it turned dark blue, sky blue, scarlet, red, dull yellow, bright yellow, and many other colors…

When the standing hair morphed into a shade of light yellow, it began to flutter down slowly, returning to its initial color as it landed on Jun Mo Xie's shoulders.

Black! A black that was as dark as the night sky!

Absorbing the Power of the Five Elements came to an official end here.

Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes, revealing his unfeigned fear of the consequences and traumatic stress. This whole process had looked smooth-sailing and peaceful, but it was extremely demanding and taxing on the user's ability to control his own mind!

One mind, five tasks! As long as there was a slight bit of carelessness or a flaw, there was no hope of reprieve! As long as there were any clog ups of the absorptions, distribution, circulation, or integration of the five elements, it would have been completely over!

So in these three days and three nights, Jun Mo Xie's entire mind did not dare relax at all!

Only now did he really let out a huge sigh of relief.

This process that had looked completely harmless was even more threatening than battling a few Venerables and Saints!

Jun Mo Xie analyzed his rewards from this risky journey. He could see those different colored energies blending together with the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune, forming into a colorful orb in his dantian. Only at this moment did Jun Mo Xie affirm and confirm that he had actually perfectly accomplished this seemingly impossible task!

In the next moment, Jun Mo Xie could also distinctly feel an exhaustion that was ineffable all over his body; every single joint and muscle was aching! It was extremely difficult to muster the strength to even move a finger!

If someone were to barge in right now, as long as it was someone who could use a knife, he could easily end Young Master Jun!

These three days were truly not easy!

Be it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—he was thoroughly worn out!

Jun Mo Xie, who was so exhausted he could die, knew that it was not the time to rest yet. He used the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune with great difficulty to recover his energy. He did not forget that there were seven tunnels and he had only entered two. There was still five more; would they hold an even greater surprise?

Actually, even if the remaining five tunnels were just empty traps, Young Master Jun wouldn't be too disappointed. After all, this surprise was really too good already.

He had his fill of the Power of the Five Elements. All that was left was for him to use the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune to slowly cultivate the Power of the Five Elements stored in his body. Since they were all in his body, there was no big deal anymore. It was just a matter of time!

After circulating eighty-one times, Jun Mo Xie, who had greatly recovered his strength, drifted out of the room like a flowing cloud. As he exited, he wore a grin, looking back in the place meaningfully. Waving his sleeves, he returned to the center of the palace.

And this completely empty stone room, a spiritual conscience vanished without a trace.

This gigantic stone palace had truly become a possession of nobody!

The Nine Nether First Young Master may have left this test, but he was still worried, so he had left a strand of his spiritual conscience as protection. Everything had the possibility of change; if there were any accidents, he could still be of aid. An opponent as excellent as Jun Mo Xie was really too hard to come by; if he were to be injured here, it would be regrettable.

But Jun Mo Xie never used this last safety measure from beginning to end. So this spiritual conscience automatically faded away as Jun Mo Xie left the stone room…

Somewhere far away, a nefarious, young, and handsome youth was watching with a smile. Countless of beautiful young ladies surrounded him. Shaking his hand, he laughed and exclaimed: "Good lad!"

His face was surprisingly full of admiration….

As Jun Mo Xie looked at the third stone room, he thought it to be the biggest one of all the rooms! Even bigger than the central hall! This place looked as though it were linked to another room!

In the center was a heap of rare medicines!

No, it wasn't apt to describe it as such. Because all these rare medicines were still full of leaves, growing from the ground!

The large variety and number of rare medicinal herbs here was enough to make this Young Master Jun, who has seen many things in this world, flabbergasted.

These rare medicines in were old beyond words because this stone room was directly linked to the vital energy of the ground! In other words, these medicinal herbs were all grown in this stone room! It was safe to speculate that they had been growing in here for ten thousand years or more!

And how could the rare medicine that the Nine Nether First Young Master collected be common goods?

But all the rare medicine of this world had an expiration date. Like ginseng—it could exist for thousands of years, but beyond that, most ginsengs would turn into Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi on their own. Ling Zhi, Zhu Guo, Snow Lotus, Shou Wu and other rare medicinal herbs were the same!

But in this stone room, this restriction was broken, almost as if there were no such expiration restrictions! Because Jun Mo Xie finally realized, that it was neither soil or stone wall or even Xuan Ice beneath this room, but an entire layer of Warm Soft Jade!

The entire piece!

Jun Mo Xie finally realized how that Warm Jade bed had came about…

So this entire place is full of this! No wonder he was so lavish with the the Warm Jade silk and everything… This place had this giant piece that could be retrieved endlessly from!

No wonder these rare herbs won't wither and fade away. Under the nourishment of this type of Warm Soft Jade, the endless Spiritual Qi was sealed in the body of these rare medicines and would become part of its medicinal property… Even ten thousand—no, even a million years later, these medicines would continue to grow in this place with no accidents!

Jun Mo Xie was sincerely troubled.

These rare medicines were undoubtedly priceless, with ten thousands years and above of age, but once they were harvested, if not consumed quickly, would vanish in an extremely short time!

And there are so many of them… how do I bring them away? The Hongjun Pagoda is on strike right now… Do I… hug all of them and carry them out? Then even if the Nine Nether First Young Master comes, it'll be enough to crush him to death…

But leaving them behind here doesn't seem apt either…. who knows when I can come back next time?

Besides, only god knew what sort of idea the Nine Nether First Young Master had. If this place was sealed up after he exited, then he would die from regret!

So many rare medicines! And any random one was of a type that he would be unable to digest currently! Even if it were an ordinary Ling Zhi—it would have at least ten or twenty thousand years of age… if he really ate it right now, he might get so bloated he would explode!

Another option was to just directly refine them into pills. But there was no need to use such high quality ingredients at this stage. Compromising and using them was not only an act of tarnishing heaven's treasures, but he also did not dare to use it! Because a large amount of Spiritual Qi would leak out as they were refined into medicine, which had a relatively large risk as well!

It was really too tempting… Jun Mo Xie estimated that the herbs here was enough to cultivate pills that were about five to eight levels of the Hongjun Pagoda! If they could be packed into the Hongjun Pagoda and brought along, it would really save him a lot of energy….

At this moment, Jun Mo Xie felt giddy. Hongjun Pagoda let out a hong and emerged from a faint light in between Jun Mo Xie's brows!

That small little pagoda descended before Jun Mo Xie, slowly turning and radiating thousands of beams of light. Then it slowly got bigger, becoming as tall as a human, flying into the fourth stone chamber with a whoosh.

Jun Mo Xie was stunned!

Since he had entered this palace, there was no movement from the Hongjun Pagoda. Jun Mo Xie had been wondering why this fellow was so desperate to enter this place, but remained silent the whole time afterwards. Even if you overate and couldn't digest properly, there shouldn't be a need to go to this extent, right…

To run out directly from his conscience!

Jun Mo Xie quickly followed after it and was stunned at the sight in the fourth room!

In the center of the stone room, a vague object floated in mid-air, radiating a strong, white light all over. When the light reached a meter in diameter, it suddenly exploded into colorful lights, slowly turning without stop!

The Hongjun Pagoda floated and approached this object gradually, but didn't conceal its anticipation or excitement! Jun Mo Xie felt as if it were a mother who had finally found her lost son after being separated for many years! Or a pair of brothers who were reunited in the streets after being separated for ten, twenty years!

With a pop, the radiance of the object floating mid-air, after noticing Hongjun Pagoda, blended together with the radiance of the Hongjun Pagoda! Then it let out an elated and happy cry, like a child running into the hug of his long lost mother!

In a flash, it appeared above the Hongjun Pagoda and slowly descended, turning into five colorful pearls, fitting perfectly on the tips of the roof of the Hongjun Pagoda!

The Hongjun Pagoda's aura changed in an instant, becoming long and desolate, as if in that moment, everything in this world underwent reincarnation! In this moment, Jun Mo Xie could distinctly feel that the Hongjun Pagoda's aura had suddenly become stronger by thousands and hundreds of folds!

There were no major changes to the appearance of the Hongjun Pagoda, but Jun Mo Xie distinctly felt it. The current Hongjun Pagoda was the real Hongjun Pagoda—the complete Hongjun Pagoda!

The Hongjun Pagoda slowly floated back and shrank dramatically before Jun Mo Xie's face. Then, it entered the space between Jun Mo Xie's eyebrows and returned back into Jun Mo Xie's conscience.

The doors of the pagoda opened and waves of Spiritual Qi rushed out as if in celebration!

Jun Mo Xie felt his whole body become extremely comfortable, but a bitter smile appeared in the corner of his lips.

He finally understood!

He finally understood what the Nine Nether First Young Master's surprise was! It wasn't those Essences of the Five Elements, or the clothing, or even the rare medicine from earlier!

The real surprise for Jun Mo Xie was this pearl!

This pearl that had originally belonged to the Hongjun Pagoda!

This was the real surprise!

Jun Mo Xie also finally understood that his transmigration was definitely due to the Hongjun Pagoda!

But Jun Mo Xie firmly believed that this was only reason. He could tell from the Nine Nether First Young Master's message that there were many many civilisations in this universe, but why did he specifically transmigrate here?

It was all due to this pearl!

It was due to the connection and attraction between the Hongjun Pagoda and this pearl that led to his transmigration here! It could even be said that had this pearl not been here, he could have just died back then! And really reincarnate like other, ordinary people!

But why would this pearl be here? Jun Mo Xie pondered for a while before found a somewhat suitable reason. The Nine Nether First Young Master mentioned that he had suffered a great disadvantage back on Earth, so he had to rush back.

Or perhaps, escaped back.

Obviously, the one who made him suffer that disadvantage was the Hongjun Pagoda!

And it was the Hongjun Pagoda at its peak, in the hands of the Great God Hongjun!

However, despite suffering a disadvantage, in his last blow he managed to damage the Hongjun Pagoda and break it into two! And he, not knowing for what reason, grabbed this pearl and ran…

Jun Mo Xie finally understood. And he couldn't help but feel deeply moved.

As the saying went, "From every single drink to every single bite, there is nothing that is not preordained." No wonder!

He had found it odd that the Great God Hongjun had left a treasure like the Hongjun Pagoda in the Kunlun Mountains instead of bringing it along with him. Why would a treasure of such great might fall into the hands of foreigners?

And why would a magical treasure like this give him a petty gain?

Everything had been revealed in this moment!

It must be due to that battle the Nine Nether First Young Master had last time! That led to so many causes and effects afterwards! This sort of heavenly treasure naturally had its own fate, so at that moment the pagoda and pearl had separated, as unwilling as the Great God Hongjun was, he had to let Hongjun Pagoda wait for its own destiny!

So two thousand years later, an Evil Monarch of his generation transmigrated!

The new owner of the Hongjun Pagoda!

And this great number one heavenly treasure was finally completed again in this different world!

And the person who gained the most was undoubtedly Young Master Jun!

He truly was a lucky bastard, to go up in the world just like this…

And it was really going up, or perhaps even reaching heaven in a single bound!

Jun Mo Xie comprehended the entire cause and effect of this matter in an instant.

He sincerely felt a genuine sense of admiration of the vast and endless sky above his head.

Don't try to doubt the will of the Heavens!

He suddenly recalled that sentence the Nine Nether First Young Master had said: "I finally understand the logic of 'Heaven.' "

Jun Mo Xie gave a resigned laugh in his head. Not only did you understand, this young master has more or less also understood a little….

Jun Mo Xie carried the recovered Hongjun Pagoda back into that stone room with medicine with great haughtiness.

Pointing to the numerous rare medicines, Jun Mo Xie flipped his hair back and declared tyrannically, "Take all of it!"

A loud hong reverberated and a huge pit appeared before Jun Mo Xie. Not only was the rare medicines gone, even the entire layer of Warm Soft Jade too…

Young Master Jun was very shocked. This was too tyrannical! More ruthless than locusts invading! He quickly entered the Hongjun Pagoda in his head to take a look, only to see that an vast empty space had appeared in the second level of the Hongjun Pagoda. And the entire piece of jade and medicine rested peacefully there, surrounded by a milky white layer of Spiritual Qi. Compared the the vitality of the earth, the vast Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi was a much better form of nourishment for these medicines…

Jun Mo Xie rubbed his head and mumbled. "What is this? When you reached your maximum capacity, you could not even fit in an extra stalk of grass. Great, now you took the entire ground along with you. Describing this as locusts passing by the area is already an understatement. This is too much! But…. I like it."

Following the arrogant, tyrannical hollering of "Take it all!", the entire palace was completely cleaned up within minutes… And only a mess was left!

In a blink of an eye, all the treasures the Nine Nether First Young Master had collected and accumulated over ten thousand years was completely plundered by Young Master Jun….

After freely plundering the place, Jun Mo Xie wanted to go out immediately. After all, there was still a big matter he needed to see to personally back at home, but after going about in circles, he felt like he missed out on something…

What is it that am I forgetting? Young Master Jun was really confused; he had clearly thoroughly plundered this place already, and there shouldn't be anything else… But there was still that lingering thought in the back of his head saying that he had missed out on something. He couldn't pinpoint what it was, but he couldn't get rid of the feeling either. How could this be?…

After going around once more, Jun Mo Xie propped his chin and began to think as he stared at the hollowed ground.

A light bulb flashed in his head!

Why is it that in this entire palace, and only this place, has Warm Soft Jade? And nowhere else?

Could this place have something more?

Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but want to try and find out whether this thought was true or not. In the next moment, he was already on this empty patch of land, surveying its perimeter everywhere. The density of the Spiritual Qi in this place was a little peculiar!

He rolled his eyes, used the Yin Yang Escape, and activated the Power of Earth. Without a sound, he tunneled into the soil! Checking it out firsthand was always the most effective method!


Jun Mo Xie's head hit right into an extremely hard stone that was neither gold nor jade! A gigantic bump began to form on his forehead!

"F*c'k!" Jun Mo Xie felt giddy. This was the first time he had hit a wall since he had mastered the Yin Yang Escape! The most he had experienced was just resistance or minor obstructions; never once had he hit something so badly into this current state. If his family were to hear of this, they'd definitely laugh until their stomachs hurt! No one must know of this! I'm taking this with me to my grave…

The top of this plot of land was extremely soft, but what lay below hard and solid! How could there be something so bizzare?!

Jun Mo Xie got up holding his forehead and was about to start cursing to vent this anger when his eyes widened as if he had discovered a new continent. "What the f*ck! Soul Replenishing Jade! And such a big piece! I- Ouch…." "

Right before him was a giant piece of jade that was giving off a gentle glow—about three zhang wide and fifty zhang in length!

Soul Replenishing Jade!

Jun Mo Xie didn't dare believe his eyes. Carefully looking at the two pieces in the Hongjun Pagoda, he then compared them to this giant piece as large as a small mountain. He rubbed his eyes multiple times before he finally confirmed that this was indeed Soul Replenishing Jade!

Oh my God, the whole Xiao Family combined only had two pieces the size of a finger and they already treated it as an heirloom. It had that sort of miraculous ability…. But there's a whole mountain of it here!

My God!

The drool on the corner of Jun Mo Xie's lips was already hanging at his chest level!


I really hit the jackpot this time!

Forcefully suppressing the excitement in his heart, he activated the powers of the Hongjun Pagoda again to pull this giant block of Soul Replenishing Jade from the ground.

Jun Mo Xie slowly stroked the jade like a pervert obsessively stroking the thighs of beauties as he drooled….

"Too gorgeous….Too beautiful….. Especially in that dazzling colorful light inside…. Looks like this Soul Replenishing Jade is definitely more powerful than the one from the Xiao Family by multiple folds…." Jun Mo Xie mumbled to himself.

Pressing his face against it gently, an extremely soothing feeling came over him. It was as if in that moment the Soul Replenishing Jade came in contact with him, it turned into gentle spring waters and surrounded his entire body, warm and soothing…

A sudden conscience from Hongjun Pagoda imprinted itself onto his mind, and in a blink of an eye, the following words emerged in Jun Mo Xie's mind: Heaven and Earth Spirit Vein! Spirit Stone Immortal Milk!

No wonder the Nine Nether First Young Master said there was a Spirit Vein hidden in here! Jun Mo Xie jumped about in joy. The Spirit Stone Immortal Milk could be said to be the number one treasure in this world. Reviving the dead and regrowing flesh from white bones were just some of its basic abilities!

Consuming only a single drip was enough to bring a person from the beginning stage of a Silver Xuan to a Great Master level!

Of course, this was based on the presumption that they could actually bear it without exploding.

And how many drips were there inside a Spirit Vein of this size?

If it were used in refining pills, then…

A wave of giddiness came over Jun Mo Xie. He felt like he couldn't bear with this sort of unimaginable happiness. His heart had already reached a point where it was severely lacking in oxygen. He fell onto the ground, legs twitching uncontrollably, almost passing out from joy!

After a long, long time, did he finally stand up again. He carefully whispered "keep!" This time, there wasn't that sort of haughtiness from earlier in his tone…

The gigantic Soul Replenishing Jade was instantly tucked into a space in the fourth level of the Hongjun Pagoda.

Jun Mo Xie heaved a sigh of relief and went around to survey the place again. Hmm, this young master shall kindly accept this bed and these night pearls. You don't treat it like a big deal… but this young master does, so I shall not stand on ceremony… After all, you left all this behind for me, right?

However, one cannot be too ruthless. There are severe consequences to the surface with the entire Spirit Vein gone. It was most likely the reason why the Hongjun Pagoda was attracted to the energy on Han Feng Xue. And now that Blizzard Silver City and my family are related by marriage… it's not good to be too ruthless in my acts!

Jun Mo Xie hesitated for a while. With a painful expression, he gritted his teeth and cut a cube around the size of a meter from the edge and placed it back….

I didn't cut off the roots completely….Who knows, after ten thousand years and I return back here, there might be another Spirit Vein?…

Ha ha ha…

After confirming he had packed everything, Jun Mo Xie vanished without a trace….only leaving a palace full of holes. A scenery like this was even more tragic than when a village was invaded by foreigners… Young Master Jun had sincerely thought about it: if the Nine Nether First Young Master returned someday to see this, he might just vomit blood on the spot! There was no sweeter revenge than this. That would really be an exhilarating experience.

Who knew if the Nine Nether First Young Master would vomit blood when he returned someday, but Jun Mo Xie didn't know that someone else who needed to vomit blood had already vomited blood! At that moment when Young Master Jun had kept the entire Spirit Vein….

In a stone chamber somewhere above Jun Mo Xie's head, the Old City Lord of Blizzard Silver City, Han Feng Xue, was practising while sitting in his lotus platform. Countless Spiritual Qi in the form of glowing mist entered the lotus seat beneath Han Feng Xue…

All of a sudden, the surrounding Spiritual Qi drastically weakened…

Han Feng Xue immediately noticed this, his eyes widening in shock. The change in concentration of the Spiritual Qi had been over ninety percent in that short moment!

What is happening? Han Feng Xue was overwhelmed by anxiety. He looked at everything that had just transpired, completely dumbstruck. He felt like his heart had sunk to the deepest valley, slowly turning cold…

This place was a spot for relaxation the Nine Nether First Young Master had created in extreme boredom, drawing out the Qi of the Spirit Vein in the ground. Although it was weak, but it was still much stronger compared to any other place. Its miraculous effects led to the hundreds of years of glory of Blizzard Silver City.

But now… Young Master Jun had taken away almost the entire Spirit Vein. All the Spiritual Qi with miraculous effects of boosting one's cultivations would also naturally decrease drastically…

Although it was still stronger than most places, there wasn't a significant difference anymore. Only through nourishment over a long period time would it be able to return to how it was… But it was destined that old Han Feng Xue wouldn't live to see it…

After he returned to the surface, Xue Shuang Qing bombarded him with concerns and questions. Jun Mo Xie was a natural born liar, and without batting an eyelash, he spun a flawless reason and lied his way through. Meanwhile, he was sweating bullets in his head: Why is this Lady Han so naggy… as if she's my mother…

Now that the matter had been resolved, he immediately called Condor King and bid farewell to all the people in Blizzard Silver City. Condor King let out a cry and flew into the skies, carrying Young Master Jun, who had an extremely fruitful and rewarding trip. Like a shooting star, he cut across the skies and flew straight back to Tian Xiang!

But the Jun Family in Tian Xiang City had already met a moment of life or death!

Saints will always be Saints. After numerous days of testing and provocation to no avail, they were finally suspicious again!

What sort of expert would have such a good temper? To not make a single sound and let himself be provoked and taunted? What difference was that from a coward?

As long as one was strong, they'd naturally have their pride and temper! If you don't have a single bit of temper, how could you be considered part of the strong? It was the stubbornness, persistence, and conviction of the powerful that was admirable! One could only truly stand out when equipped with those qualities to become an existence that was the only one of its kind!

Take those down to earth people, for example. They only lived their life like ants, fading away from the world without achieving anything once their time was up. Even Confucian Scholars didn't live past a hundred years…

Only those who were extraordinary, those who went against what fate had in store for them, those who resisted with an attitude defying the heavens, those who went through countless pain and torture, loneliness and solitude, would emerge as a powerful person of their generation.

What was the purpose of becoming a powerful person? For the sake of not yielding to anything in this world! To not be restrained or stepped upon by anyone else!

A powerful person always sought freedom! Pride! Self-improvement!

So how could someone like this allow others to keep provoking them without any response at all?

So in the second day of their testing, Chi Tian Feng and the rest were finally doubtful.

At this moment, shocking news arrived. The Holy Land had sent a messenger pigeon: The nine Venerables who had headed to Blizzard Silver City, including Mo Xiao Yao, and all five hundred and eighty experts, were all dead without a single survivor!

At the same time, the Sword Peak had collapsed!

This news made all nine Saints turn pale! Such a powerful lineup… even if they couldn't win, they should be able to escape! But in such a short duration, such shocking news had arrived!

A complete wipeout!

Then what level of capability had the Jun Family, or rather, Tian Fa, reached?

When they were still thinking about this question, they saw the answer!

The sky was suddenly covered with stormy dark clouds, covering the entire sky! Then one by one, ninth level peak flight-type Xuan Beasts landed in Jun Residence, full of a victorious aura!

The Saint Chen Chong from the Elusive World of Immortals felt an overpowering aura. His eyes narrowed and two cold gleams shot from his eyes.

Have they returned?!A type of medicinal herb in Wuxia novels that bloom and bear fruit once every hundred years

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