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"Why? How on earth would I know? Are they famous?" The person asked astonished. [Are those two wretched and smug looking guys amazing individuals? It doesn't look like it… from what can be seen…]

"Haven't you heard of the 'Pests of the Capital'?" the other person replied in a lecturing tone.

"Are those two 'The Pig Tang' and 'The Evil Tyrant Jun'? The 'Tick in the Latrine' and the 'Fly on the Table'?"

"Correct! Those two are the legendary 'The Fat Pig', Tang Yuan and 'The Evil Tyrant', Jun Mo Xie! They are indeed the 'Tick in the Latrine' and the 'Fly on the Table'. They are this generation's two greatest calamities!"

"No wonder I felt like thrashing them when I first saw them. So that's why! The 'Pests of the Capital' surely live up to their name."

"Yes. And their arrival is a very harmful event. To think that these two pests are qualified to attend the 'Golden Scholarly Talent repose'. Alas… the morals of the public are on a decline!"

"These degenerates are a part of the same generation as me… I wish could grab my head; such a shame!" it seemed like the speaker had let-out a long sigh. This opinion was bubbling everywhere. Everyone slanted their eyes as they looked at the two calamities. They even pointed at them as they whispered. Everyone's eyes reeked of hatred while their expressions were full of disdain.

It seemed like Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan hadn't heard any of it. They continued to behave free-willed.

"Fatty, do you remember what I told you that day?" Jun Mo Xie kept his voice low.

"I can't forget it." Tang Yuan opened his eyes lazily, "Do you still distrust me?"

"I'm afraid that you are a 'dim-witted lard', and your fat eyes may not be able to see properly!" Jun Mo Xie cursed.

"A gentleman does not attach importance to nonsense! Uh, my grandfather always says that," Tang Yuan seemed very proud.

"You dare call yourself a gentleman…?!" Jun Mo Xie retched. [Who else would be able to call themselves a gentlemen now?!]

Jun Mo Xie was quite satisfied after watching Tang Yuan's show-face. [He looks like a real rogue today! It would hard for the rogue-in-me to abstain from killing him!]

[Are we waiting here in vain? How long will I have to wait? Humph! When will I get a chance to showcase my immoral behavior?]

"Hey you; what are you looking at? Never seen a handsome guy?" Jun Mo Xie slanted his eyes and asked a youngster who was looking at him stealthily. The young man had oiled his hair, and put make-up on his face. He belonged to the well-known Meng Family. Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan had been involved with him and Meng Hai Zhou once before. They had falsely accused Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan of cheating after they had lost a lot of money. Hence, he pretended as if he didn't recognize them.

"I'm not looking at anything," Meng Fei slanted his eyes and tilted his head as he shouted and looked at the back of Jun Mo Xie's head. Every influential Family had received an invite. The Meng Family wasn't a small Family either. Hence, they too had been invited.

"F*ck off!" Jun Mo Xie gave a long shout. He pulled-up his sleeves as he advanced, "Who the f*ck are you?! Do you know who you're talking to? Bullsh*t! Your mother won't be able to look at you by the time I'm done with you. I'll dig out your eyes and plug them in your anus; believe me!"

A blue vein popped on the Young Master Jun's neck; his eyes narrowed as the spittle scattered from his mouth.

Fei Meng stood upright in his spot with his oiled hair and powdered face. [Why have I attracted their interested when everyone is looking at them? Why should I suffer when everyone is talking about them?] Jun Mo Xie's curses had turned his face red with anger. His mouth silently moved to mummer a few angry words, but nothing audible came out of it.

"Let it be Third Young Master. There's no need to reduce yourself to the level of these lowly commoners!" Tang Yuan hastily and magnanimous consoled his friend.

The two rogues had been-at-it for a long time; their coordination was seamless. Tang Yuan pulled at Jun Mo Xie and said, "Leave it; we'll go to the throne room soon. And we'll amaze everyone with our brilliant feats. We'll show them our unparalleled talent; and who knows… maybe we'll impress the Emperor. He may bestow the highest official position upon us… then, we can satisfy our desires for a government position!"

"You're right," Jun Mo Xe caressed his hair, and threw it behind his back as he puffed his chest. "I shouldn't reduce myself to the level of these commoners."

The two youths echoed one another, while the people around them had a sudden and fierce urge to vomit. [Getting bestowed with the highest Government position? With that behavior of yours? And your unrivalled talents? This is bullsh*t…]

The donkey that wasn't aware of its place was indeed about to find out…

"Jun Mo Xie! What do you mean?! You think I can't bully you?!" The coquettish and powdered Mei Feng had been stood tongue-tied for a while. However, he suddenly controlled his breathing and let his rage loose as he cursed Jun Mo Xie.

"Everyone look! This youngster unnecessarily creating a scene! You cannot blame me!" Jun Mo Xie played the innocent victim and spread his hands, "I think of every influential family as a friend-family. Therefore, I've come here. Isn't every influential family is a known to the others? Yet this beast is unwilling to let-go of anything that I might have said to him earlier! What is this place? This place is the Imperial Palace! Yet this young man is roaring in such a way. Does he wish to revolt? Or is it that the Meng Family wants to usurp the throne?"

Everyone went dizzy. [That was too shameless! He doesn't have a single iota of shame! His accusation was baseless. This is too much…]

"You… you're… talking nonsense!" Meng Fei became dizzy with anger. His body started to shake like dead leaves in the wind.

The debauchee Jun hadn't overlooked this. He quickly dashed towards the youth, and gave him two loud slaps on his face. Then, he caught hold of the youth's legs and kicked his abdomen. Jun Mo Xie's movements had been very swift throughout.

Meng Fei was caught off-guard. He hadn't anticipated that the opposing party would make such a move inside the Imperial Palace. The youth was left stunned. In fact, he could see the stars as his waist twisted. His body started to resemble a shrimp as he clutched his stomach. The Young Master Jun didn't fall back. He continued to attack even though the enemy was down and in pain. He wasn't going to allow this opportunity to slip.

The powdered face of the Meng Family's Young Master turned plump like a pig soon; in fact, it looked very similar to Tang Yuan's.

Everyone stood up. [This Jun Mo Xie is too much!]

"Let it be, Young Master Jun! Everyone makes mistakes; forgive him!" A youth with an indignant expression blocked Jun Mo Xie as he raised his foot to stomp the Meng Fei again.

Everyone looked at the scene with excitement. The youngsters from the prestigious families looked-on as the city's biggest debauchee, Jun Mo Xie, fell from grace.

"And who are you? Are you here to support him? What is your status? Do you not know what offence this youngster has committed? Did you even see what he did before you decided to show-up in his support?

Jun Mo Xie's lower body was position in a very crooked manner. He twisted his butt, and his body started to resemble an "S" character. He then put his hand on his waist and tilted his head. And now the Young Master Jun appeared like a giant teapot.

"I am Murong Qian Li; I'm of the Murong Family's third generation!" the youth in the ornamented gown answered. His face was full of arrogance as he raised his head slightly to look at Jun Mo Xie. He then calmly addressed Jun Mo Xie in a loathsome tone, "Third Master Jun… oh, won't you give me face? This was merely a misunderstanding; that's all. So why don't we turn this hostility into friendship?"

"Oh shoot! It's the Murong Family… I'm scared… I'm very scared! … Fatty come and save me… I can't breathe!"

Jun Mo Xie pretended to be excessively shocked as he jumped. He even exaggerated his shout as he thumped his chest; in fact, it seemed as if he had received a huge shock and his heart would jump out. Then, his expression changed so quickly that it would seem as if he had suddenly put on a mask, "Are you trying to scare me? Has the Murong Family arrived to pressure me?! Tsk tsk…"

Jun Mo Xie extended his neck towards Murong Qian Li before he smiled and gnashed his teeth, "Haha, Murong Qian Li, you're awesome! Who here doesn't know the famous Murong Family? He he"

Jun Mo Xie continued in an eccentric tone; he didn't give Murong Qian Li a chance to speak, "Do you think that your Murong Family is stronger than mine? He he… Murong Qian Li, you're representing the Murong Family at such an age… It seems that the Murong and the Meng Family plan an uprising in my Tian Xiang City; I can clearly see that," Jun Mo Xie nodded.

"I never said I represent the Murong Family! And, I've never talked about a rebellion! So stop spreading this rumor! Jun Mo Xie, this method that you use on the others… won't work on me!" Murong Qian Li noticed that several of his clansmen were giving him a meaningful expression. Hence, he hastily explained himself in a loud voice.

"You don't represent the Murong Family? Then why were you jumping-about like you do…? Bullsh*t! So any Tom, Dick and Harry can bully me now?! This is immensely disappointing!"

Jun Mo Xie frowned before he looked up straight again, "Why were you feigning to represent the Murong Family is you don't in reality? You're blocking me. Look here, I said look here; dammit! Do you want me to castrate you inside the Imperial Palace and then serve 'it' for sausage? Hurry up and let go of me! Dammit!"

Jun Mo Xie's arrogant and despondent behavior gave rise to a lot of anger amongst the Gifted Scholars and the Young Masters. A lively discussion spurred as everyone started to criticize him. Jun Mo Xie put his hands on his hips, and then faced everyone in front of the main hall of the Imperial palace. Then, he started to engage the crowd in a war of words with his foul tongue; his spittle kept flying everywhere. The torrents of filthy language and curses continued to increase, but he didn't back-down one inch.

It was like an old verse of poetry; No matter the might of the army — I'm the pier that docks them.

Another verse could be used to describe him; He opened his mouth to scold a thousand accusing fingers.

Fatty Tang looked at Jun Mo Xie's slim and lofty figure with a great deal of admiration. He would continuously exclaim; "that eloquence! That reaction! Indeed very shrewd! You're awesome; the other party was rendered helpless! This is going one-way; it like a child is chewing a candy!"

Many mouths had started to voice their opinions, and the public sentiment was soon greatly roused; that too in front of the main hall of the Imperial Palace. The loud noise soon started to resemble that coming from a fish-market. It seemed as if it would soon turn into an all-out fist-fight.

"Such impudence?! This is the Imperial Palace! Who dares to cause such a clamor here?! Don't you want your head intact?!" an extremely loud and dignified voice echoed like a ceremonial drum.

Everyone had been shouting loudly, but they suddenly raised their heads and looked up. They couldn't help but shout-up to the heavens in plea. The big-shots, including the patriarchs of every major family, stood at the gate with a dark expression on their faces. Suddenly, everyone's face became covered with a layer of frost.

"What a disgrace!" Dugu Zong Heng's loud shout spurred their world in chaos.

The face of every youngster suddenly became sullen and their heads lowered. Their hearts were filled extreme hatred towards Jun Mo Xie; [The impression we had so painstakingly built in the minds of our elders has suddenly been lost; we've fallen in the eyes of our seniors — and it's because of this guy! Ugh…!]

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