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"Millions… Don't be so violent!" Jun Wu Yi thought of saying something, but didn't say anything in the end. However, his sentence still came as a solemn reminder to Jun Mo Xie.

"I don't want the Jun Family… to suffer any damage for my sake. I would prefer… not avenging this enmity even if the damage suffered is very minor!" Jun Wu Yi was gazing at the dimly lit courtyard of the Jun Family in a profound manner. One could see deep emotions of attachment on his face.

One begins to understand the value of family once they've suffered a loss!

And, losing someone dear gives rise to regrets…

And, one can't truly be happy if they can't bear their regrets…

"Third Uncle…" Jun Mo Xie's face had an expression of uprightness, "Do you believe that the Xiao Family took revenge because of you? Do you believe that they took their anger on anyone related to Jun Family because of you? The Hall of Hell had engaged in so many immoral activities. But, would they have wrenched so many families apart over just you? Would they have treated those children so badly… that they were left neither dead nor alive? Do you think that you are the only one to be blamed for this? Do you feel that these things wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you…? Is that why you are under so much pressure now?"

Jun Wu Yi suddenly turned around; his tall figure appeared even more desolated in the dark of the night. He said, "Don't say this! Don't say this again!"

"Why shouldn't I say this? You're anyway not letting it go! You are holding onto all those sins, and you're blaming yourself for them!" Jun Mo Xie smiled, "Third Uncle, your current opinion is very silly. But, there's much that you haven't thought about… Our entire Jun Family has inflicted so many sins on millions of people… In fact, even that the Hall of Hell's deeds are insignificant in comparison. Even Xiao family's deeds are insignificant in front of our Jun Family's crimes. It won't be an exaggeration to say that the Jun Family is worst of the lot! In fact, there's simply no comparison!"

"How can you say this? Mo Xie, I know that you regard yourself extremely highly. You've always looked at the heroes of this land in askance. And, you've always talked rudely about them. But, this is because of your natural instincts. So, I ignore it. But, you're an offspring of the Jun Family… How can you say this about your own family?" Jun Wu Yi wrinkled his brows. He felt extremely uncomfortable at his own words.

"Have I said something wrong? This is the truth. However, you and Grandfather… In fact, the entire Jun Family has never accepted this. Perhaps they don't dare to accept this! But, it is the truth. Grandfather has led his army to victories since the day he draped his war-cloak and ventured to battle. Do you think that the enemy soldiers who died under his iron hooves were small in number? Do you accept that there must've been hundreds of thousands of our men who would've died in this process?" Jun Mo Xie spoke in a calm manner. But, there was tinge of cruelty to it as well, "Moreover, Father, Second Uncle, both my elder brothers…. you also fought in the battlefield, Third Uncle! It can be said that countless soldiers from our side have died because of the Jun Family! And, this fact is independent of the causalities from the enemy's side! We can reckon that millions of soldiers must've died in the total! Have you ever considered this?"

Jun Wu Yi glared at him and said, "Your argument is lopsided! The Jun Family bathed those battlefields in blood for the sake the Tian Xiang Empire and its people! Sacrifices in the battlefield are unavoidable. But, this is an ideal destination for a soldier! How can you compare this martyrdom with the selfishness of Xiao Family?"

"Are these two aspects genuinely incomparable!? Soldiers hope to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country. In fact, they wish to pay their country back by dying in the battlefield! But, what about their families…? What about their children? Don't tell me that the children should also die with their father like heroes in the battlefield…? Why should their children bear the consequences of their father's martyrdom? Why should they be forced into selling themselves into slavery and prostitution?" Jun Mo Xie sneered back in reply.

"Millions of soldiers died for the sake of our Jun family over the past many decades. However, the families of those soldiers would've been wrenched apart financial troubles because of the Jun Family, isn't it? So, how many sins should our Jun Family be shouldering in that light? How many orphans and widows were bullied and humiliated because of our Jun Family? How many daughters from good families were forced to go into brothels for the sake of the Jun Family and its military affairs?

"Third Uncle… you're right to say that our Jun Family and Xiao Family are essentially very different. After all, the Xiao Family had done those things for the sake of their hatred, while the Jun Family did it for their righteousness! But, this is the only difference between the two! However, it doesn't matter whether it was for selfish hatred or righteousness… After all, the consequences of both are the same – cruel and bloody! And, no one can deny this point!"

"One successful military expedition is built of a mountain of bones! So, what about the career of a military general…?" Jun Mo Xie continued in a wicked tone, "This matter exists regardless of whether you accept it or not! The hatred and sufferings of those countless family members are grated on the hands of the Jun Family. And, I believe that executing each member of the Jun Family with a thousand cuts will be insufficient to give a vent to their anger! In fact, it would be useless even if we were to die a thousand deaths. But, what difference would it make it you were to take responsibility of all these sins? What would it change if you suffered throughout your life… decided not to marry your entire life… and started drinking wine to forget your worries until you went crazy? What is that going to change?

"Wouldn't our entire Jun Family commit suicide if all of us were to confront these matters by following your example, Third Uncle? How else would you face the grieved ghosts of those countless people?" Jun Mo Xie sneered, "These sins have anyway been committed. You're already shouldering the sins that had originated because of the Xiao Family's actions. But, don't tell me that you can't handle the grieved ghosts who those who died in the battlefield? Especially the souls of those countless orphans and widows who suffered bloody tragedies because of it…"

"Do not say this. Stop saying these things!" Jun Wu Yi was covered with cold sweat from head to toe. He staggered for one step before he was able to stand firm.

"I've already said what I had to. So, Third Uncle should consider these matters by himself. This blame is Third Uncle's to shoulder if he deliberately wishes to bear it. After all, you are the current Lord of the Jun family. So, you understand the kind of responsibility you must bear better than any other person. Do you think you should bear this blame? But, I think that you will let the entire Jun Family down if you bear this burden! And, you'll also let yourself down!" Jun Mo Xie smiled in a fierce and mischievous manner. He then sneaked away since he had said enough.

Jun Wu Yi's heart had been tied in this knot for a long time. And, Jun Mo Xie had always looked for an opportunity to open this. But, he felt that it would be better to let it sediment a bit since the effect would be better that way. However, that was already upon. Therefore, no further delay could be allowed.

Mu Xue Tong had knocked at their doorstep today. This meant that the Silver City's matter was on the eve of unfolding. But, what would happen after the Xiao Family was annihilated? It was quite possible that Jun Wu Yi's temperament would intensify this 'burden' he was feeling. And, that would eventually lead to a calamitous result for him…

After all, these series of tragedies were caused by the romance between Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao if we were to see things from a different point of view. Jun Wu Hi and Jun Wu Meng had died in the battle. Jun Wu Hui's two sons – Jun Mu You and Jun Mu Chou had also died in the battlefield. Jun Mo Xie's mother lay in coma till this date. Jun Family's honor and prestige had declined from its days of glory… Moreover, one couldn't neglect the Hall of Hell's heaven-angering actions either… And, it could be said that Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao were responsible for all this!

Even the extermination of the entire Xiao Family wouldn't allow Jun Wu Yi's temperament to be happy with Han Yan Yao if he wasn't able to put these thoughts aside.

In fact, his guilt would only burden his heart more when they'd be together!

However, why had Han Yan Yao disappeared to those snowy mountains ten years ago? In fact, she hadnt even hesitated in cutting herself apart when she had heard that Xiao Family wanted to kill the entire Jun Family. But, why…?

Who was to be blame for this? Han Yan Yao…? But, which woman on this earth wouldn't wish to experience true and unforgettable love? Which woman wouldn't wish to have her dream love? Which girl wouldn't wish to experience that feeling of being love-birds in the night sky? He was a talented young man, and she was a beautiful young maiden. Weren't they an ideal match…? A match made in heaven?

This is what every young girl dreams of!

She must've been overtaken by passion upon meeting the love of her life. And, how could she be capable of counteracting this intense passion in the light of that joke-like engagement which had been set in her childhood days? Besides, Han Yan Yao was only sixteen or seventeen years old at that time! What can a girl of 16-17 years understand? How could she have told herself to forget her personal interests for the sake of family responsibilities? How could she think of these things when her heart was overwhelmed with emotions of romance, and a possibility of being with her beloved for the rest of her life?

Moreover, she was the daughter of the Silver City's lord. So, what matter could her father not take care of? She must've figured that her father would have to go back on his promise to the Xiao Family if the worse came to worst. And, even the Xiao Family was rather unlikely to object. In fact, they wouldn't dare to object!

So, should Jun Wu Yi be blamed? But, that is even more nonsensical! Jun Wu Yi didn't know about Han Yan Meng's origin at that time. He only believed that she was a rich maiden from a noble family. Therefore, Jun Wu Yi obviously wouldn't have had any scruples about it. After all, the Jun Family was very powerful and influential in Tian Xiang in those days. And, which girl from a rich family wouldn't want someone like Jun Wu Yi for a husband?

It can be said that there weren't many families in the regular society who were capable of coming up with a suitable match for Jun Wu Yi in those days! In fact, no family's maiden was capable of matching up to Jun Wu Yi!

However, the Xiao Family had already arrived at the Jun Family's doors by the time Jun Wu Yi became aware of Han Yan Yao's true identity!

And, things had already become irreversible by then!

These two lovers soon found themselves separated by thousands of miles. One was in Tian Xiang, while the other was in the snowy mountains. And, they were helpless. However, the Xiao Family came looking for their revenge. And, they came very quickly in the most unexpected of manners. And, one tragedy followed after the other in quick succession. Eventually, this legendary Blood General Jun Wu Yi sunk into a quagmire of guilt. And, he was never able to extricate himself from it…

He had sunk into passiveness!

So, was it Xiao Han's mistake? It seemed that there was some wrong in his actions in some ways! His actions were surely a bit over the top. But, he didn't have much of a choice…

After all, could any man in this world put on a gentleman's hat if his fiancée were to elope with another man? Could such a man come forwards in generosity and say, "It is ok. You have my blessings!"

Such an individual could only be considered a saint!

Consequently, Xiao Han came to take his revenge.

After all, the Xiao Family's descendants sat at the top of this world inside the Silver City's snowy mountains. However, some Jun Wu Yi from the regular society had dared to snatch his wife…

This was tantamount to the daughter-in-law of the Chief Minister eloping with the son of a village clerk… So, how could they not think about taking revenge over it?

Therefore, everything rolled-on like the wheel of history… It was inevitable!

So, who was to be blamed in this case if not these people? The peculiarities of the fate? The Human nature? But, that's even more ridiculous!

There was nothing wrong in this matter. The crucial point was to see which side one would take. Anyone who stood on the Xiao Family's side would wish to take revenge from the Jun Family. In fact, anyone who heard the story would recommend the same! The Silver Blizzard City possessed enormous might. So, wouldn't it be a piece of cake for them to handle the Jun Family? And, why would someone submit to the humiliation since they possessed the power to extract their revenge?

After all, it is not in a man's nature to swallow one's anger and smile thereafter!

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