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The team members of the Heavenly Destroyers and Soul Devourers were weaker in terms of cultivation. The Jun Family's soldiers and guards were even weaker. These people simply kneeled to the ground with 'plop' sounds. They had bent towards the ground under the tremendous pressure of this grandeur. In fact, many people had straightaway prostrated themselves in admiration!

Jun Mo Xie had suffered a frantic attack of enormous pain and unprecedented huge pressure as soon as the enemy had withdrawn. He couldn't bear the sufferings anymore, and gave out a painful cry. Then, he disappeared with a 'brushing' sound.

He didn't even get the time to have a look at the Jun Family's losses. In fact, he didn't have the time to take a look at the injuries suffered by his grandfather and third uncle. His entire spiritual energy had been crushed by now. So, he was sucked-in by the Hong Jun Pagoda!

He had disappeared without a trace!

Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi had earlier thought that they'd be dead in no time. They were already despairing, and had no expectations of being saved. However, this mountain of danger had suddenly changed its course. Therefore, they braced their wounded bodies, and stepped forward to thank their savior. But, their savior suddenly disappeared into thin air…

[He's an unusual man!] The father and son thought the same thing. However, the two men couldn't contain their happiness as they thought that this ferocious person had turned out to be Jun Mo Xie's master. After all, this meant that the Jun family wouldn't have to deal with any mishaps for a fairly long time.

Jun Zhan Tian heaved a sigh as he looked around the chaotic courtyard. But, he was still happy somewhere in his heart. [We were lucky that there weren't much causality today. Indeed, this has been a lucky day!]

He issued an order to have the courtyard cleaned and restored to its former appearance, and told his people to get some rest. The Old Lord of the Jun Family hadn't spoken in an amicable tone, but his manner of speaking was extremely cordial. In fact, the people present on the scene had clearly sensed the affection in his voice.

Old Man Jun had clearly realized… [These people present here are the real backbone of the Jun Family! These are the people who can be trusted!]

[These people will be one of us in the future. And, one doesn't need to be thankful to one's own family. But, it is the responsibility of the Family's Lord that he wholeheartedly strives for the welfare and success of his entire family.]

However, Jun Zhan Tian had made plans for the ones who hadn't showed up this time… [Let these turbulent times pass… I'll banish them after that! Would they only stand along-side their family to enjoy the good times? Why should they stay here if they can't share the troubles as well?]

Jun Zhan Tian quickly ordered Jun Wu Yi once the arrangements had been made… [Make haste and go looking for Jun Mo Xie. See how things are with him. Such a huge incident took place. So, why didn't he show up?] Jun Wu Yi accepted the order, and quickly left.

However, Mei Xue Yan's mind had wildly spiraled into a shock on the other hand…

Mei Xue Yan had been standing the closest to Jun Mo Xie. And, she was also the strongest among the ones present on the scene. Jun Mo Xie had groaned in pain a moment before he had disappeared. That sound had been nearly inaudible, but Mei Xue Yan was sharp enough to catch the sound of his voice. She had felt a wave of shock, and her heart had begun to palpitate… [Why would this unrivalled entity groan so painfully? And his voice… why does it resemble Jun Mo Xie's voice? Is it possible that this mysteriously powerful man is none other than Jun Mo Xie himself? Was this merely another one of his mysterious tricks?]

[But… how is it even possible?]

Snake King tottered towards her and asked, "Ah? Has that mysteriously capable senior left?"

Mei Yue Yan stood motionless as she pondered over her doubts in a daze. She didn't even hear what the Snake King had said. She was trying to remember each and every word Jun Mo Xie had uttered. All his words were echoing in her ear. His voice continued to echo in her ears, and things gradually became clearer. Then, she suddenly groaned… [It was Jun Mo Xie's voice!]

[His… It was his voice… But how?]

[He was able to kill an expert who possessed strength greater than the Great Master Level. But, one has to pay an extremely disastrous price for this if they forcefully draw support from an external force! This is the basic reason why people don't use such high-handed methods on regular basis. And, Jun Mo Xie can't be an exception to this either. Jun Mo Xie had already intimidated everyone early on. But, I had previous stated that I would kill that bastard. Is that why Jun Mo Xie pushed himself?]

[Did he do it for me?]

[Was it him? Or was it not? Did he do it for me? Or did he not? Did he? Or, did he not?]

Mei Xue Yan had been in touch with Jun Mo Xie for a long time. So, she knew a lot about him. [I've seen him smile… I've seen him curse… I've seen him shout… I've seen him lash out in anger… I've seen him in almost all kinds of situations. But, I've never seen him this way. I've never seen him cry out! I've never seen him groan so painfully!]

[We were in the Southern Heaven City in the past. I had put him inside my World Cage, and I had mistreated him very horribly at that time. But, he hadn't groaned out so painfully at that time. He was made to suffer throughout his journey from Southern Heaven City to Tian Xiang City. Anyone else would've been intimidated by those endless sufferings if they had been in his shoes. But, Jun Mo Xie was as unshakeable as ever. I had again beaten him outside the Tian Xiang City. But, he didn't break down like this even then…]

[In fact, this man seemed to feel no pain!]

However, Mei Xue Yan had clearly heard him groan in pain a moment ago. And, a strange emotion had filled her heart as a result. In fact, she felt as if her own heart was in pain…

She didn't open her mouth to speak. Instead, she turned her head around and flew towards Jun Mo Xie's courtyard. She desperately wanted to confirm her doubts. After all, such a big incident had happened today, but Jun Mo Xie hadn't showed up. Mei Xue Yan had been hoping that Jun Mo Xie would've fled this entire time. However, she somehow knew that he wasn't a man of such character.

[This man is indifferent towards life and death. He's a man of such a lofty and awe-inspiring character. Why would he timidly run away from an enemy?] Mei Xue Yan couldn't believe that Jun Mo Xie would've fled for this life…

[However, he didn't show up the entire time! This is extremely strange!]

[Maybe he went to find his master. But, the fact that he has such a strong support on his side makes it even more improbable for him to escape. Moreover, he shouldn't have been afraid of the enemy once his master had appeared in front of everyone. In fact, the enemy has even withdrawn now… But, Jun Mo Xie still hasn't showed up!]

[Being able to find him in the Jun Family right now will prove that he isn't that black-robed man. But, if I can't find him…? What would that painful groan indicate in that case? What does that mean?]

[And, what price did he have to pay for everything he did if he is that mysterious man?]

Mei Xue Yan was at a level of experience where she knew that there were countless things in the world which couldn't be explained. In fact, she could've also drawn support from such secret methods when she was in her prime before she had sustained those internal injuries. However, she would've had to pay a huge price for using those secret techniques. In fact, that price would've been so high that she would've been pushed into a mortal situation. And, she believed that no one would've been stupid enough to use such a method…

[Is it possible that Jun Mo Xie had used one of such techniques? Did he genuinely touch upon some heavenly energy a moment ago? But, how can he bear such a majestic power? Perhaps even I would've had to pay the cost of my life for such a thing! So, how could a Spirit Xuan Jun Mo Xie endure it? But, this can clearly explain that painful groan…]

Mei Xue Yan flashed into Jun Mo Xie's courtyard like electricity. She ransacked the courtyard, and came out like lightning to search throughout the Jun residence. She spread her spiritual sense in all directions, and searched everywhere… She didn't even miss a single nook or corner…

She even forgot the searing pain in her internal organs. And, she entirely neglected that blood was still slowly overflowing from the corners of her mouth. In fact, she had forgotten about all of it in its entirety! Instead, she earnestly searched every nook and corner of that place with extreme anxiety in her eyes.

Mei Xue Yan eventually came to a stop. But, she was extremely disappointed. She was standing in front of the Elegant Fragrance Courtyard. Everything was the same as before in the Jun residence. However, Jun Mo Xie was nowhere to be seen. He had mysteriously disappeared many times in the past as well. But, Mei Xue Yan knew that it was different this time.

It was entirely different this time!

Snowflakes were falling down at a moderate speed. Mei Xue Yan had always been fond of this weather. They had just escaped from a great danger, but Mei Xue Yan's heart was still full of sadness. She stood with the support of the pillar at this time… She had felt weak for the first time in her life…

[But, where did he go… where!?]

She gently closed her eyes. And, a teardrop slowly oozed out…

[Would I have sustained those injuries if I had acted more decisively when I had been ambushed by those ten experts? Would he have had to act so rashly if I had been of more help? Why…]

Snake King slowly came towards her. She was very worried, "Big Sister…"

Two very fierce expressions suddenly gleamed in Mei Xue Yan's eyes.

She stood still for quite a while, but the hair at the back of her head had started to flutter. Then, she abruptly turned her head, and her eyes suddenly exposed an expression of indifference, "Tiger King and Bear King?"

"Yes, we're here Big Sister!" Bear King and Earth Cracker were covered in bruises and scars. But, they stepped forward to face Mei Xue Yan.

"You two, why didn't you two use the weapons Jun Mo Xie had given you? You two were blindly using your fists and feet to fight! Are you dumb?" Mei Xue Yan began to reprimand them.

"I… I… I…" Big Bear and Earth Cracker were tongue-tied. They wanted to say 'we didn't get the time', but they didn't dare speak to up. Instead, they lowered their faces in shame. The fact was that these two Beast Kings hadn't gotten accustomed to carrying their weapons around. Therefore, they had madly charged out to kill the enemy when the fight had broken out. And, the fight had already gotten over by the time they remembered about their new weapons…

"But, it may be a good thing as far as the matter is concerned this time around. The people from the Three Holy Lands might have misjudged your strengths. So, you two will return to the Tian Fa Forest at once. Don't hesitate in killing anyone who blocks your path. And, remember one thing very clearly — those two heavenly weapons aren't for decoration! I want those pills returned back with safety even if you two have to sacrifice your lives in doing so!"

Mei Xue Yan's voice had sounded as cold as a millennia-old block of ice…

"Moreover, inform every peak-ninth level Xuan Beasts in the Tian Fa forest — they must make breakthroughs in two years. I will wipe them away upon my return if they fail. Why should they stay if they're so useless? All Xuan Beasts who are at the bottlenecks will be treated the same way… no matter what level they're at! You and Third Crane won't be an exception either. You will also be treated similarly. Upgrade your strength as much as you can. Then, assemble in the Tian Fa Forest, and wait for my command! If… if… if he's dead… I'm going to the Three Holy Lands if he's dead! In fact, I'll bury the billions of creatures who walk on this continent!"

A bloodied murderous intention had seemingly congealed in Mei Xue Yan's tone when she had stated those last few words. Moreover, her tone had been extremely decisive. It was evident that there was no room for margin…

Could people exploit a person of noble character? But, this is what can happen to people with conspiring nature when the anger of a person with noble character explodes…

The Snake, Bear, and Tiger King listened to Mei Xue Yan's words, and couldn't help but tremble out of fear. [Big Sister looks very angry and anxious right now. It seems that many of our brothers in the Tian Fa Forest are going to be in a problem. Breaking through the bottleneck is easier said than done…] But, how could they dare to refute her at this time? They had no choice but to comply in unison, "Yes! We understood!"

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