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Dongfang Wen Xin laughed and hugged Guan Qing Han with her other arm and said with a grin, "Yes, you're all my daughter-in-laws! Haha, I finally will get to wait to be a grandma…"

In Jun Mo Xie's courtyard, Ye Gu Han sat alone on a stone bench at night, humming an unknown sad tune. He was down and lonely, but his eyes were focused at the stone table in front of him.

There were scripts on it.

During everyone's reunion, Ye Gu Han sat here in solitary and repeated a name on the stone table: Xiu Xiu…

The fragrance of wine diffused into the evening air. Ye Gu Han smiled tragically as he threw away the knife and grabbed the wine jug. He lifted it up and poured it all into his mouth. His adam's apple bobbed as he gobbled but his eyes remained fastened on the names.

Finally, the wine was finished and he was drunk.

Ye Gu Han slowly pressed his cheek on the stone table against the cold characters as he opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Xiu Xiu…

A stream of tears flowed out and dripped onto the table top without a sound. It dripped right on top of the characters, and the moisture slowly froze and turned into a petal of ice…

The Jun Family was the party that issued the statement, and also the party that had completely disrupted the world. They could be called the initiator. Jun Mo Xie's statement instantly wreaked havoc across the continent and made the world more chaotic!

The Jun Family, the initiator, was probably the most relaxed one at the moment!

But the other families were uneasy.

In the palace, the emperor had a table full of luxurious food and wine, but he frowned and could not enjoy the taste. He did not even have the interest to move his chopsticks.

The rise of the Jun Family could not be stopped and was so rapid!

Previously, they were only a normal family. Although they had the honor of being the family that produced so many legendary generals, they were still the subordinates of the imperial family. But now, they even dared to say that anyone who followed them would prosper and anyone who were against them would perish!

This was undoubtedly challenging the imperial family!

If they did not have real power, how could they make such a threatening comment?

Although he didn't want to admit, but the Jun Family now was definitely beyond the control of the monarch! Even the imperial family had to rely on them!

The last time, when the second prince was scared to the extent that he wet his pants, Jun Mo Xie did not even try to cover up anything. He simply brought the two perpetrators home and did not make an explanation. It was as if nothing had happened!

His Royal Highness was hurt by the Jun Family's guests, and the family did not even try to do anything!

They pretended nothing had happened. This was a complete disregard of the imperial rule!

But the imperial family just left the issue as it was!

In fact, even if the royal family wanted to do something, they could not do anything.

If they tried to hold the Jun Family responsible, it would end up even uglier!

Nowadays, who didn't know that the third young master of the Jun Family was an unreasonable person? He dared to murder in the broad daylight. And everyone also knew that the Jun Family was very powerful now. Even Supremes and Superior Supreme could only approach and wouldn't be able to leave.

And the whole family was one of the strongest super families! Even the most powerful, like the three Holy Lands, could only leave with casualties. What could others do?

What was imperial rule to them?

The superior imperial rule to a commoner was no longer incontestable in the eyes of the Jun Family!

As he thought about this, the emperor closed his eyes in dismay. He raised his neck and drank a whole cup of wine, but he choked and coughed. The originally sweet and delicious liquor now tasted bitter and was difficult to swallow!

Normally, if a super family like the Jun Family emerged in a nation, it would be a fortune to the country. The country would enjoy hegemony and stability for hundreds of years! This sort of family would not participate in expansionism, but would definitely not allow others to invade their country!

Such a family would be a powerful amulet for any country!

But now, this amulet had become poison for the Emperor of Tian Xiang!

And it was the most fatal type!

Jun Wu Hui… it's all because of you!

The emperor could still picture his serious face, full of wisdom and calm. There was generosity and mercy in his determination and firm decisions. As he tried to conquer the world, there was still nonchalance!

He was a war god, that Jun Wu Hui!

The general in white!

Do I regret? If I did not make that decision, the Jun Family would now be my biggest aid, wouldn't they?

The emperor shook his head bitterly. I don't! Even if I were given another chance, I would do the same. Because I am the Emperor! I don't allow that kind of thing from happening!

Since you are called Wu Hui, I also don't have regrets 1 !

It's just fate toying us around!

After all, the winner will be the king and the loser will be the villain!

The emperor swallowed the wine with difficulty. It was as if he had tasted everything in life.

I don't regret it! Regretting solves nothing!

Jun Mo Xie, I will see how long you can wait!

Thinking about Jun Mo Xie, the emperor recalled the final effort he had put in. On the day Jun Wu Yi took Guan Qing Han as his foster daughter, the emperor had a long conversation with Jun Zhan Tian.

The emperor could only smirk bitterly in memory of that encounter.

"Brother Jun, we haven't drank together for so many years. You are still a fierce drinker like the old days," the emperor referred to Jun Zhan Tian in a way that he used to when they were still conquering the world together. He had not used it in many years.

"You flatter me, your majesty. As an old man, my glorious days are long over, haha." The emperor clearly heard that Jun Zhan Tian referred to himself as an "old man" instead of the usual "your old minister." This clearly indicated how Jun Zhan Tian now viewed imperial rule.

"No way, Brother Jun. You are still healthy and strong." The emperor pretended that he was not aware of the nuance. He then revealed his intentions as he felt a tipsy feeling. "Brother Jun, you asked me about the marriage half a year ago. Haha, I am going to shamelessly ask again today. Is it possible between Ling Meng and Mo Xie?"

"Haha… as for the marriage, your old man, I, really cannot chose on behalf of Mo Xie anymore. For example, Qing Han… She sacrificed so much for that little bastard; how can the Jun Family let her down? Furthermore, there is Dugu Xiao Yi… Yikes, they really wreaked havoc then. Mo Xie is born a playboy; how can he be worthy to marry her highness Princess Ling Meng?" Jun Zhan Tian graciously declined the offer firmly.

"Miss Guan had indeed sacrificed much for Mo Xie. What a woman of great courage and wisdom! She is definitely a suitable match for Mo Xie and should be the head wife. I will not break up the affectionate couple. I am sure Ling Meng will not be bothered as long as Mo Xie treated her as a wife 2 …"

"How can a princess become merely a wife? How is that different from her being a mistress? The royal family will lose face!" Jun Zhan Tian sounded really righteous and refuted firmly. It even sounded like he was caring for the royal family.

How ironic! It was only half a year ago when Jun Zhan Tian lowered his stature to ask the emperor to marry his son to the princess in order to sustain the Jun Family. He was rejected. The emperor could well imagine how hopeless and embarrassed the General Jun must have felt.

But only half a year had passed, and it was his turn to feel this rejection! The content of their conversation remained the same, and Jun Zhan Tian rejected him so firmly just like how he had done back then!

It was all the same, only the roles was swapped. The pleader had become the denier and the denier had become the pleader!

Well, the geomantic cycles turns in ten years 3 , but it apparently didn't take ten years…

Half a year and everything is turned upside down!

The emperor turned hopeless that night! He had known the result! The only thing he didn't know was how Jun Mo Xie would deal with him.

But this didn't matter. Nothing really mattered!

In another corner of the palace, the empress and Princess Ling Meng sat facing each other, both speechless. It was New Year's Eve and the night of reunion, but the emperor and the empress both rejected this suggestion. Both palaces were dead silent.

Lately, Ling Meng lost her weight at an observable rate. Her eyes looked larger, but her originally healthy looking face had slowly paled. She was becoming too skinny.

"Meng, stop torturing yourself. Matters concerning our generation should not be your responsibility," the Empress said in an especially heavy voice. She patiently comforted her daughter. "Fret not, I will help you take charge."

Princess Ling Meng shook her head slowly and looked at the shining candlelight blankly. Two drops of tears rolled down her cheek. "Mother… I am not trying to take up the responsibility; I just feel… hurt."

"Feeling hurt? Why?" Murong Xiu Xiu was stunned and bewildered as she looked at her daughter.

Princess Ling Meng muttered wistfully. "This is all fate from past lives. How did it develop to this day, why, how…" Her usually beautiful eyes no longer showed liveliness. They were full of uncertainty and pessimism!

Murong Xiu Xiu was experienced, especially when it came to sentiments. She suddenly thought of an incredible possibility and uncontrollably cried out softly. "Daughter, are you in love with Jun Mo Xie?" "Wu Hui" means "no regrets" in Chinese In ancient Chinese polygamy, there is a head wife, wives, and mistresses This is a term that means "every dog has its day."

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