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"Yes! I'd never loved before, so I didn't know what it felt like! Thus, I couldn't pass that trial!"

The redness on Mei Xue Yan's face deepened, but she still admitted the fact straightforwardly. "I had no choice but to exit from my cultivation and directly kill my way into the Elusive World of Immortals to demand an explanation from them. Although our strength was great, their numbers were too many. In addition, it was their territory, so they had the advantage. I fought against Mo Wu Dao for an entire day and night, before I was forced to retreat. But on the way back, I was actually ambushed by 10 Superior Supremes, risking their lives and going all out! Because of my previous exertion, I was not even at 80 percent of my peak strength. In addition, the long battle had caused me to become incredibly exhausted. I was not willing to kill as well, allowing them to finally succeed, inflicting a great wound on me!"

"That grevious wound caused me to become weak for a long time. Despite slowly recuperating for many years, my injuries did not get better and could only be forcibly suppressed! Although I managed to recover from those wounds because of you, my strength had only returned to the peak of the second level, and I could not breakthrough! After I returned to Tian Fa, I… thought hard day and night…" Mei Xue Yan's face had turned as red as a rose, but she still continued courageously. Because, this was also part of her cultivation breakthrough experience. If she did not tell them the whole process truthfully, everyone might misunderstand and become misled when it became their turn to make the same breakthrough.

"Day and night, I… pined, sleepless with longing… At that time, I finally understood the bone-cutting feeling… to miss somebody! From that, I finally understood, what love is! On that very night, in that very moment, I instantly broke through that last trial of the seven emotions, and stepped into the third layer of the Venerable realm!" Mei Xue Yan said everything with a single breath.

The group looked at each other with some disbelief. To think that breaking through from such a profound realm would be so difficult. This mysteries of this world were actually like that.

"Then, what is your current comprehension of love?" Jun Mo Xie's eyes glinted as he asked with a smile.

Mei Xue Yan smiled lightly and did not reply. This kind of question was not something that she could answer in front of others. However, her face turned gentler, and the way she looked at Jun Mo Xie was filled with tenderness, as if she wanted to reach out and hold Jun Mo Xie's heart tightly…

Although Mei Xue Yan did not say it out, Jun Mo Xie instantly understood. Mei Xue Yan's love was the kind that loved in spite of everything! I can change for you, and I can disregard the entire world… for you! All I want, all I need, is only you!

A selfless love!

There was actually no need for her to say anything, and everyone could easily imagine for themselves. Just how fervent and intense must the love she harbored had been, for her to be able to breakthrough the seven emotions trial and directly ascend from the second level to the third level of Venerable!

Jun Mo Xie's heart grew hot, as if a part of it had melted. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Mei Xue Yan's jade-like hands tightly.

A rarely seen warmth appeared on Mei Xue Yan's face, and she allowed her hands to be held in Jun Mo Xie's gentle grasp. She felt the warmth of his palms and smiled happily, "Beyond that, the trial from the third level of Venerable to the fourth level will have to do with the might of Heaven and Earth!"

Jun Mo Xie's body shook, as he suddenly thought of something. His eyes gleamed darkly as he raised his voice, "Connected to the might of Heaven and Earth? Could it be the power of lightning?"

"Exactly!" Mei Xue Yan nodded with a serious look. "From that level onward, one will truly be considered as a powerful expert that stands among the top! But, if one is unable to withstand the lightning tribulation, their body will be burnt into ashes, and their soul scattered! Furthermore, every breakthrough a cultivator makes in the future will be accompanied by a lightning tribulation! And the stronger one is, the more powerful the tribulation will be! Back then, when the Saint King broke through, I heard that the lightning tribulation lasted for an entire day. Over half of the Venerable realm Beast Kings and Saint realm Beast Kings protecting him were killed and injured before they managed to barely pass through the trial at the end! As for the Saint King himself, he was nearly left with just a single breath of life after it ended!"

"Saint realm?" Jun Mo Xie instantly picked out the keywords.

"Yes, Saint realm! Above the Venerables are the Saints! It's similarly split into four levels. However, it's still too difficult for me to differentiate those realms. In fact, I do not even dare to think about it! One thing that I know through the old sayings is that every breakthrough in level for a Saint is a hundred times more difficult than for a Venerable!"

Mei Xue Yan sighed and shook her head with a dark expression. "There are definitely a few Saint level experts among the three Holy Lands! Those people are all legendary characters who participated in the last War for Seizing the Heavens. In fact, a few of them have even witnessed two Wars for Seizing the Heavens! On the other hand, the Venerable and Saint realm seniors of my Tian Fa Forest are all stuck inside the Misty Illusory Manor's Beguiling Mist, watching over the Nine Nether Secret Sanctuary! If that were not the case, even if the three Holy Lands had ten thousand more guts, they wouldn't dare to do anything to me!"

"In that case, the Saint realm is actually not the highest realm!" Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows in deep thought, before uttering in a slow manner.

"That's correct! Our previous Saint King had precisely broken through the fourth level of the Saint realm and reached a new realm: an unprecedented height!" Mei Xue Yan had a worshipful expression on her face as she continued. "From what I know, there's no one in the current world whose cultivation surpasses his. Perhaps there might be experts of the same level at the Misty Illusory Manor and the Nine Nether Secret Sanctuary, but they… have practically stopped appearing in this world!"

"In other words, the Saint King is still not the highest!" Jun Mo Xie's voice was bright and firm! He steadied his breath and continued. "Above the realm of Saint King, there might still be many more levels, many more realms of power! To this point, I am certain! However… that's still a matter that's very far away for us!"

Everyone looked speechlessly at each other, and only Mei Xue Yan nodded calmly. "I didn't think that you would speak this way. According to the records, the Saint King had also left behind some words after he broke through, and those words were similar to yours."

"What words?" Everyone asked in unison.

"'To think that I've only finally begun my path today!' That was what the Saint King said back then." Mei Xue Yan recited slowly. But the moment they heard those words, everyone turned speechless.

The Saint realm was just a starting point?!

What kind of words were that!

If he had just begun his path, then, what are they who were sitting here worth?

"Hur hur… the mysteries of the Heaven and Earth, as well as its possibilities, are endless! There's no need to be too adamant. Do the few of you know how far away that thing is from us?" Jun Mo Xie suddenly began to laugh while everyone was engrossed in their thoughts. Smiling smugly, he raised a finger and pointed to the brightest star in the sky.

"How far? It must be extremely far away! Who can say for certain about something that's that high up in the sky!" Everyone rolled their eyes and looked at him. They obviously knew that this Young Master Jun was only trying to readjust everyone's mood.

"Yes, it's indeed very far away. I can guarantee that even if the fastest Xuan Beast started flying nonstop at its greatest speed from the time it was born, it might not be able to reach that star even if it flew like that for ten thousand years!" Jun Mo Xie smiled lighty and continued in a shockingly energetic tone. "But, I can guarantee that someone has definitely gone up there before! Although the date of that feat might be hard to determine!"

"!!!" The group was shocked speechless as they looked dumbly at him. This time, even Mei Xue Yan revealed looks of disbelief.

"There's no need to feel so shocked. That person might not be from our Xuan Xuan Continent. Or perhaps, it might be someone who came from a place that none of you have even heard of before." Jun Mo Xie sighed lightly and continued. "Perhaps you might not believe my words; but such a person definitely exists. With just a single hand, he would be able to lift up the entire Xuan Xuan Continent. With a flick of his fingers, Xuan Xuan Continent would cease to exist! These, are not just some exaggerated words…"

As soon as his words came out, everyone agreed instantly that this little fellow must be suffering from a great fever and was speaking nonsense. Jun Mo Xie only smiled lightly and did not explain anymore. After some time, he asked again, "If experts are so plentiful as to be as common as the clouds in the sky, why are Supremes regarded as the peak experts in this world? That's the thing that I want to know the most."

"There are a few reasons for that. Firstly, it's because of the requirements for the War for Seizing the Heavens. The three Holy Lands constantly elect experts for that purpose. Secondly, a person who reached the realm of Superior Supreme would have basically lost all interest in the mundane world, and most of the experts would detach themselves from society. Thirdly, once the common experts entered the three Holy Lands, they would be like you all…"

Mei Xue Yan looked at Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun. "You are extraordinary figures in the world and could walk uncontested and unrivalled across the mundane world! But if you were suddenly brought to a place, where everyone's cultivation was higher than yours, and some powerful experts could even fight a hundred, a thousand of you… how would you think? What would you do?"

Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun exchanged a glance and replied without any hesitation. "We'll of course focus all our heart on cultivation. Who could stand being stepped under the feet of others constantly?" The moment these words came out of their mouths, the two both gasped with realization!

So that's how it was

As long as it was a person who had tasted some sort of accomplishment before, they would definitely not allow themself to be stepped under the foot of someone else forever. This was especially so for these experts who had been so domineeringly unrivalled in the world they knew. Even if the person stepping over them was an even more impressive legend from the past, they would still be unresigned to such a fate!

Thus, the moment they experienced something like that, realized how small they were, and how weak their strength truly was, it would be easy to understand the effort these people would put in at that point to regain their spots at the highest peak. Once a person developed that kind of mentality, how would they still have the leisure to roam the pugilistic world?

There were also countless opponents to train against in those cultivation grounds; even if one did not wish to compare notes with anyone, others would still seek them out to fight..

Because of this, experts had become so rare on the mainland…

As a result, "Supremes" became the overlords of the mainland. Or in more apt words, the monkey reigns in the mountain in the absence of the tiger!

"Of course, much of the current situation can be attributed to the joint agreement held by the three Holy Lands! Long ago, the three Saints who founded the three Holy Lands were all truly righteous people! They made the rule that Superior Knowledge Supremacies and above were beings that had transcended the common world and would be banned from participating in the struggles of the common world!

"Because at the level of Knowledge Supremacy, a single person could easily handle an army of several thousands; retrieving the head of a general protected by a million soldiers would be as easy as flipping a hand. The lethality of such experts were simply horrifying to the common people; if they were allowed to act as they pleased, they would cause great calamity in the world!

"Experts at the Knowledge Supremacy realm and higher are also people like all of us. If they received any great provocation, it is not impossible for them to carry out a great slaughter. Throughout history, there were many cases like this, and the three Holy Lands would always dispatch their experts to deal with it! But the three Holy Lands have changed greatly after so many years… growing greedy of power. It's fortunate for the common people that they have still stood by this policy."

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