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This was already the fifth breakthrough of Young Master Jun and he was already extremely familiar with it. But on the other hand, it was the first time Mei Xue Yan attempted it! To the current Mei Xue Yan, the experience of this high-level breakthrough of this high-level skill was extremely precious!

This would become the most important experience for her future advancements! At the very least, it allowed her to know what was going on!

So even at a crucial time like this, Jun Mo Xie did not forget to come in to inform her!

It seems like I need to go through my breakthroughs in the Hongjun Pagoda every time, but why did I come out again right after I just went in? Could it be because of her presence inside that I became muddled?

So Jun Mo Xie immediately flew back in, disappearing with a trail of smoke into the fourth level after making a playful face at the surprised Mei Xue Yan and leaving a sentence. "Uh, I forgot, I can only breakthrough in here—the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in here… you… uh… you get it…"

Mei Xue Yan was completely at a loss for words. Lifting her adorable paws, she pressed them on her eyes. This fellow is too confusing… a muddlehead like him actually has such a terrifying advancement speed… does this even make sense…

It did not take long before Mei Xue Yan distinctly felt the entire Hongjun Pagoda shaking. It started small and gentle, like the breeze causing ripples on the surface of the water when it blew past. But slowly, it became more intense…

Looks like this breakthrough advancement this time will have quite a big movement… Mei Xue Yan recalled what Jun Mo Xie said and quickly activated the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune and stilled her heart and mind. She slowly started appreciating this sort of high level state that only came by chance and not by diligent search…

On the other side, Jun Mo Xie had just sat down cross legged. The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune had broken past his control and started to rebel within his body!

The Spirit Energy that had originally gathered into a ball suddenly spread into ten thousands of different paths, going about back and forth in Jun Mo Xie's meridians. Along with the flow, against the flow, and some even ventured off their path…

Jun Mo Xie clothes also exploded into shreds with a bam! On his distinct muscles, small bumps could be seen, like there was a small little mouse under his skin… running everywhere!

If not for the fact that he was clear that he was undergoing a breakthrough, Jun Mo Xie would definitely have thought that he had already gone mad. Even experiencing a real devil's bite wouldn't be this dramatic… The situation is a little terrifying…

Then a wave of immense and sharp pain hit him, like a burning hot iron needle stabbed into his mind without any prior warning! The intensity of this pain was so immense that Jun Mo Xie could barely hold back his cries!

But he forcefully endured it for only one reason! Jun Mo Xie was constantly worried about Mei Xue Yan. If I really let out my screams, not only will it not help with anything, it may even make Mei Xue Yan think that breaking through is extremely difficult! If this leaves her with a bad memory, that will be really really bad. And it may even become her greatest fear when she breaks through in the future!

So Jun Mo Xie bore through it with all his might, allowing all the muscles and bones in his body to tense and bulge. Although he was in so much pain and agony he was covered in sweat, he still gritted his teeth and stayed still! Not making a single noise!

The intensity of the pain and duration were beyond Jun Mo Xie's expectations! It was completely different from the previous breakthrough of the fourth level!

Although previous breakthroughs were full of pain and suffering, when compared to this one, the pain experienced in the previous instances was the same as being pricked by a needle lightly!

This fifth level breakthrough is too painful!

The effectiveness of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune is indeed first in the world, but so is its suffering! Other arts are counted in terms of years, but this Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune seems to be counted in terms of 'pain'! Each level gets increasingly more painful! Truly a legendary art!

Jun Mo Xie laughed bitterly in his heart. Slowly, he didn't even have the mood to comfort himself anymore…

With an increase in the intensity of the pain, even the little nascent soul in his dantian was writhing about. Being pulled and stretched one second, then mashed into a ball the next second… The nascent soul's aura was extremely weak, seemingly on the verge of breaking down at any moment…

This extent of this pain had truly reached extremes. Jun Mo Xie lost count of how many times he had broken through his pain tolerance already!

Originally, when the suffering had reached a certain limit, the self-defense system of humans would be triggered, causing the person to feel faint. In medical terms, it was known as going into shock. This was also a form of self-protection of humans!

But Young Master Jun's case was too unconventional. As someone with two lifetimes, in his previous life, his experience in assassination required him to constantly remain conscious. Go into shock? What was that? It had never happened before! In this lifetime, it seemed like he had gone through suffering too many times. As his body got used to these painful experiences, even the most painful experience would not put him into shock! Of course, as a result, the pain would continue. And he would endure this pain and suffering in an absolutely conscious state!

This was the most unbearable part!

Finally, after a long time, the pain seemed to begin to fade away. Jun Mo Xie was about to heave a sigh of relief, but he realized that the obstruction to the fifth level of the Hongjun Pagoda still remained unbudged. The fifth level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune also showed no signs of giving away.

What is going on?

Young Master Jun was still wondering about this when another wave of intense pain hit him. Jun Mo Xie felt his entire body convulsing, all his muscles twitching, feeling like his entire internal organs were shattering…

Such acute pain continued to come in waves, hitting him almost nine times! Even with Jun Mo Xie's unparalleled tenacity, he was on the verge of falling apart!

Being conscious didn't equate to his mind being able to support it. This sort of suffering was an extremely horrifying burden on his heart!

The perspiration on Jun Mo Xie's body flowed down like small streams, slowly forming a big puddle on the ground.

Just when Young Master Jun was both mentally and physically exhausted, suffering terribly, in a daze to the point he was almost no longer able to support himself, Jun Mo Xie suddenly realized another thing. This sort of indescribable pain—even I'm about to break down from it. Then… if Xue Yan reaches this level and needs to break through, she'd really have no preparation for it… How would she be able to endure it? How could she tolerate it?

Just when he had this thought, the pain in his body seemed to have decreased greatly because he was distracted by worrying for Mei Xue Yan. While he was distracted, that feeling of pain would also reduce significantly, which was a good thing at this point in time…

The breakthrough process this time was too painful! Too unexpected!

Each wave of pain surpassed the combined pain he felt from all the earlier breakthroughs!

Why is it like this?

Jun Mo Xie didn't know that the fifth stage of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune was the greatest dividing line of the entire set of skills! He could only be counted as a real practitioner after passing this stage!

In other words… only after passing this stage, would Jun Mo Xie really step on his journey to the top!

This stage was to thoroughly rid the human body of all sorts of impurity. Cleansing the entire meridians, from the internal organs to every single part of the body, reforming everything from scratch! The entire body would be a completely new one!

This stage was where the part "Unlocking Heaven's Fortune" in "the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune" came from!

With a series of exploding sounds, the small human in Jun Mo Xie's dantian struggled in pain, finally exploding from the burden and vanishing without a trace…

The moment the nascent soul disappeared, Jun Mo Xie spat a mouthful of blood, as if he were struck by lightning. Even his eyes turned dull and lifeless…

Finally, the incessant suffering came to an end. But Jun Mo Xie no longer had any strength in his body! He didn't even have the strength to move his eyelids! He was thoroughly exhausted!

It was truly too painful! Mentally and physically exhausting!

Suddenly, a stream of colorful and dazzling light came from the top of the fourth level of the Hongjun Pagoda. Then, it slowly turned into a flight of stairs that slowly extended to underneath Jun Mo Xie's feet. At the top of it, a great door slowly opened!

A dense, purple colored Spiritual Qi that hds never been seen before gushed out endlessly!

Prior to this, regardless of how concentrated or dense or even congulated the Spiritual Qi provided by the Hongjun Pagoda was, it was all white in colour. But at this stage, it suddenly turned into a mystical, purple colored Spiritual Qi! A dazzling, mesmerizing shade of purple!

"How could it be purple-colored? Is this still Spiritual Qi?" Jun Mo Xie barely had the time to raise his suspicions. This dense purple Qi engulfed him quickly, drowning him. Entering his body through his mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and the pores of his skin. Blending into his meridians…

After his nascent soul exploded and his entire body was in the midst of breaking apart, the invasion of this purple Qi in his body brought his life back!

The original Spirit Energy in his meridians slowly dissolved away… finally vanishing without a trace. Till the very end, his meridians were completely clogged and filled up by this new purple Qi…

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