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The new purple Qi in Jun Mo Xie's dantian was increasingly rich and heavy. With the passing of time, it formed an unique whirlpool that began to whirl. With each rotation, as if the the ocean of purple Qi in the Hongjun Pagoda had found its target, it began to gush into Jun Mo Xie's body at high speed!

The whirlpool in the dantian increased in its speed, from slow to fast, slowly creating a wheezing sound like wind and thunder that could be clearly heard coming from his body.

When the whirling reached its peak, a loud bam came exploding from the inside of Jun Mo Xie's dantan, and following it, all the purple Qi in his dantian also vanished instantly!

There was only complete silence and deathly stillness.

Jun Mo Xie was alarmed! Don't joke with me… If my dantian is going to remain this empty, am I going to lose all my skills…? He immediately used the energy in his meridians to check and see what was happening, only to find out that there was really nothing happening in his dantian. Gathering his focus and taking a look inside internally, all he saw was emptiness in his dantian. Only a cloud of grey mist flooded the place. But it did not budge and was hard to mobilize. His original Spirit Energy was gone without a single trace!

And in the center of that peculiar grey cloud was a tiny glow. This small thing was only the size of a dust particle, emitting weak light! If he had not carefully checked, he might have just missed it!

Like that small, shiny star far away in the endless night sky, shrouded by mist and clouds…

His original nascent soul and that large amount of Spirit Energy had all disappeared!

What is this? I have already broken through, but why did I lose all my skills instead? Even if it is the so-called 'rebuilding after being broken, success after defeat,' it shouldn't be like this!

Jun Mo Xie was just wondering about the numerous changes happening to his body when suddenly, like a ray of light amidst darkness, a few lines of words appeared in his mind. Its meaning was difficult to comprehend, reflecting directly in his heart!

This was not something new to Young Master Jun. He had had similar experiences before; this definitely had to be the directive chants of the fifth level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune.

"The beginning of time, the secret of heaven and earth; growing and multiplying without end, unchanging throughout time; heaven is heaven, earth is earth; life and death is the continuation; the process of reincarnation— life after life is all up to fate, nine deaths of the soul, a state of solitude…"

Jun Mo Xie was suddenly hit with a sense of enlightenment. Looks like from now on, I have really stepped into the gates of the cultivation of unlocking heaven's fortune! And this fifth level is the first step to the beginning!

The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune is definitely not an art that purely for cultivating or fighting!

Its essence should lie in 'unlocking heaven's fortune'!

Right now, my skills are completely still, like of the state of the world before heaven and earth were created in legends! Like that misty cloud of gas in my dantian, still and unmoving!

Only by making the cloud move properly, slowly developing it, and changing it until it was able to emit the first ray of light—like the formation of heaven and earth, the pure rising and the impure sinking, and the distinction between the two—would the development of the sun, moon, stars, and days and the process of the creation of all lives naturally lead to fortune!

This was the evolution of the existence of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune!

Only like this did it genuinely signify unlocking heaven's fortune!

The fifth stage I am at right now is the very beginning of everything! It is also the most crucial stage; only with this stage as the starting point could the subsequent process of 'unlocking fortune' happen. The four levels prior to this were only to develop the foundations!

Jun Mo Xie chuckled bitterly, attempting to circulate the energy in his body only to realize that all the endless energy previously in his meridians had all vanished. He had no way of doing any circulation. What remained was only a wisp of faintly discernible purple Qi!

And this indistinct, purple Qi was completely unfathomable. There was no way to determine whether it was powerful or not. Jun Mo Xie didn't even know if he had improved or regressed in terms of his abilities! Did he gain everything? Or had he lost everything?

Jun Mo Xie continued brooding over this, slowly making his way up to the fifth level of the Hongjun Pagoda.

It was easy to go from rags to riches, but difficult to go from riches to rags. Young Master Jun, who had gotten used to flying about in the air, couldn't get used to being reduced to having to walk with his feet!

The space of the fifth level of the Hongjun Pagoda gave Jun Mo Xie a peculiar feeling. This fifth level seemed like a small little chamber, cramped and narrow… But just as he thought of this, he suddenly felt like this little fifth level was clearly an endless space, vast but indiscernible, and grasping a sense of it was completely impossible.

These two feelings were extremely contradicting, completely opposite of each other, but both feelings were real and existed.

Which one is real? Which one is false?

Jun Mo Xie suddenly had this doubt in his head. Of these two feelings, which was real? Which one was false? And in the instance this thought popped up, his feet stopped advancing. Not because he wished to stop, but he was forced to a stop, as if there was a solid iron wall before him, making it impossible for him to take a step forward!

But clearly, from what his eye saw, there was nothing but emptiness ahead of him!

This question Jun Mo Xie asked himself, but it was as though the Hongjun Pagoda was also questioning him. But one thing Jun Mo Xie was clear about was that if he could not answer this question, then he could forget about stepping foot into this place! Not even a single step!

Reality? Falsehood?

Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes and pondered. After a long while, he opened them again and said indifferently. "What is real? What is false? Reality and falsehood are all in my mind. If I say that it is real, even if it is false, it is real! If I say it is false, it is false! Even if it isn't! Reality and falsehood are just thoughts in my mind. But there is only one thing that is real: I am the owner of this place, and only I am real!"

He took a step forward after he finished saying this. As if he had forgotten about that invisible impassable obstacle!

But after he had taken this step, he really managed to enter easily…

The fifth level of the Hongjun Pagoda!

Suddenly, a small table with a book placed on it appeared that in originally empty space, right before Jun Mo Xie's eyes.

Jun Mo Xie was about to go forward to see what it was all about when there an indescribable, subtle feeling in his mind halted his steps and left him standing there silently. Before him, two lines of large, golden words slowly appeared in the air.

Do you wish to accumulate good fortune with kindness?

Do you wish to serve justice through massacre?

Yet another two choices!

Will you use a kind heart to practice the path of cultivating a good fortune, or will you massacre and purge the world with a bloodbath?

Jun Mo Xie quietly thought for a while. Suddenly he laughed involuntarily. What was kind? What was evil? Before the development of time, were there any distinction between good and evil? These two choices were complete nonsense!

I had never regarded myself as a kind person, but I am also not a demon!

I may not be a good person, but I definitely am not a bad person either!

I act on my own whim with a clear conscience!

"If kindness has never left the heart, how could massacre befall the world? I determine fate with my own eyes; I serve justice as I wish!"

The answer was the same: everything is determined by the heart!

Those two lines of golden words vanished suddenly, as did the small table. Only that book remained, floating amidst the emptiness. But in a second, it turned into a vast, golden light and entered the space in between Jun Mo Xie's brows.

"The millions of existences in the universe is nothing; everything returns with a new beginning. Birth and death happen on the same day, and today is everlasting!"

The Solution to Chaos!

This was the title of the book!

After that, images of tactical formation diagrams trickled through Jun Mo Xie's mind like a little stream, clear and thorough.

"The first everlasting formation, the brilliance of heaven and earth formation, formation of the evolution of the sun, moon and stars, the heavenly four divisions formation, extermination of the five elements formation, universal six directions formation, the mysterious seven stars in the sky formation, life and death from all eight directions formation, the return of the Nine Palaces formation, extermination of the ten directions formation…"

There were thousands of different tactical formations of varying scales!

For ensuring life, for ensuring death, for causing a massacre, or for defense—there were all sorts of variation!

Jun Mo Xie let out a long breath. All these tactical formations and diagrams were undoubtedly a significant asset to ensuring his life in the future! Although he had yet to obtain any actual skills, he had gained so much realization!

And as long as these tactical formations were appropriately arranged, it would be the biggest insurance for the safety of his family members.

To the current Jun Mo Xie, it was the most practical and useful item. With these tactical formations, Jun Mo Xie was happier than if he were given ten new unique skills!

Since Jun Mo Xie entered the Hongjun Pagoda, Mei Xue Yan was in a state of deep meditation. Although the temperature in the Hongjun Pagoda was pleasing, but there were no distinctions between day and night. Thus the person inside also didn't know how much time they had been meditating inside, but it doesn't seem like Jun Mo Xie had any intentions of coming out yet.

Mei Xue Yan cultivated until she woke up, realizing that Jun Mo Xie had yet to come out. But she was not anxious about it because she knew that closed-door practice was a long-term process. Advancing at the insane speed Young Master Jun did was abnormal.

Mei Xue Yan checked her own accomplishments. Extremely happy with her improvements, she returned to meditating until the next time she woke up… She had already repeated this nine times!

Right now, her small body was completely enshrouded by that thick white mist. Mei Xue Yan pleasantly noticed that her current cultivation level was advancing gradually and she could count it with her fingers.

Second level Xuan Beast, the beginning stage of second level, the mid-level of the second level, the top-level of the second level… peak! Then, with a series of cracking and popping noises of the bones and an unexplainable suffering, it was the third level… then with accumulating advancement… all the way to the peak of the third level!This is the "unlocking heaven," or 开天, part of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's FortuneThis is the "fortune," or 造化, part of the Art of Unlocking Heaven's FortuneA Buddhist concept describing how the heart creates everything in existence.The four divisions of the 28 constellations in the sky: Azure Dragon, White Tiger Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise.Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, WaterUp, Down, North, South, East, WestBig DipperBuddhist term of all the ten directions—heaven, hell, east, west, south, north, life, death, past and future.

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