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The thick Spiritual Qi that had surrounded Mei Xue Yan's little frame vanished. She absorbed all of it into her body and turned into her own powers. The surrounding spiritual Qi no longer gushed over.

The practice had reached bottleneck point. She needed to practice even more steadily so that she could breakthrough and advance into the next stage of cultivation.

But such progress speed left Mei Xue Yan unusually surprised. This cultivation speed was too fast!

Although there was no day or night in the Hongjun Pagoda, Mei Xue Yan could still tell that she had not been practicing for a long period—three to five days at most. In these few days, she had forged ahead vigorously from a level lower than a regular Xuan Beast to a third level peak! This speed was a little too terrifying!

Although this had clearly occurred to her, Mei Xue Yan still felt as though she was dreaming time to time! It was truly too wonderful!

Looking at the dense, misty spiritual Qi in the surrounding, she felt as if she were in an immortal realm!

There was no other reasons; with her many years of experience, even when she was at the peak of her cultivation level, even the spiritual Qi gathered in the place most abundant in spiritual Qi in Tian Fa Forest could not compare to even one percent of the concentration of the spiritual Qi in here!

A world of a difference!

Mei Xue Yan roughly estimated that the difference in the concentration of the spiritual Qi of both places was more than a hundred times!

Although the spiritual Qi in the Tian Fa Forest was significantly more concentrated than the mortal world, but the quality of it was more poor. After absorbing it into the body, it still required purification before it could be absorbed into the body for her own use. But in here, it was completely pure! Completely natural! It didn't even need any purification! It was literally essence itself! If she was to really compare the concentration of the Spiritual Qi, perhaps the one in her original body was poorer than the one here!

I spent merely a couple of days in this place at most, but I've leapt from a no-level to a fourth level! I've advanced past almost twenty tiers!

Although not much energy was required for such low-level advancement of Xuan Beasts, but levelling up at such a godly speed had never occured in the ten thousand years of generations of Tian Fa Forest!

In more modern terms, it was as quick as sailing upon a rocket ship!

Even Tian Fa's Saint King would be stupefied and flabbergasted upon seeing such a terrifying advancement speed!

Stretching herself, Mei Xue Yan observed the silent interior of the Hongjun Pagoda and climbed up the little tree. She glanced at the door of the pagoda, waiting for Jun Mo Xie to come out of his self-seclusion.

Suddenly, she heard Jun Mo Xie's voice. "I determine fate with my own eyes; I serve justice as I wish!"

Mei Xue Yan perked up. This familiar voice calmed her heart suddenly, moving her and making her feel warm.

A feeling like this is great; it really is!

Mei Xue Yan suddenly came to realize her true feelings for Jun Mo Xie…

A flash of white appeared and Jun Mo Xie landed lightly before her, a wide grin on his face. "Heh, were you anxious from waiting?"

Mei Xue Yan blinked her eyes and turned her head away, refusing to look at him.

Jun Mo Xie was about to pick her up in his arms, only to see her disappear in a flash. Her small white body bolted around the Hongjun Pagoda at incredible speed. She squatted on the ground far away, rolling her eyes at Jun Mo Xie. Hmph! Still planning to take advantage of me? How could it be so easy? Even if I cannot beat you and I cannot bear to bite you, I am still capable of being fast enough not to get caught by you!

Jun Mo Xie laughed, but he wasn't in a rush to chase after her. He squatted on the ground and chuckled. "You still want to run even now? Hehe, when you've recovered, I'll carry you off to bed! Let's see how you'll run!"

Mei Xue Yan blushed and covered her face, even hiding her white furry tail under her body. Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly and exited the Hongjun Pagoda in a flash.

He had just stepped out when he was caught by surprise.

At the burial spot of Chi Tian Feng, Sa Qing Liu, and Cui Chang He, a man in black sat silently, as if he were a statue, quietly and unbudging.

It was Demon-Eyed Saint, Leng Tong!

Leng Tong didn't seem surprised by Jun Mo Xie's sudden appearance. "So you haven't left," he said indifferently.

Jun Mo Xie looked at him cautiously and said, "Do you know me?"

Leng Tong wore a dull smile. An inexplicable sorrow was evident on his face, and the look in his eyes was gloomy like endless swamps, completely incapable of revealing any emotions. But he spoke extremely bitterly. "Looks like you aren't aware. Three days ago… I witnessed the battle between the five of you."

He paused before looking up at Jun Mo Xie. "Right here. I… watched you killed them!" His voice turned more aggressive on that last line.

"I see." Jun Mo Xie frowned and took in a deep breath before asking, "But may I ask why did Saint Leng remains waiting in this place?"

"I didn't attack back then, and I will not attack now! The reason why I remained here is not because I was waiting for you." Leng Tong shook his head slowly, sorrow flashing across his eyes. "I am here because my comrades lie beneath here. I need to guard their grave for seven days! That is all. And this is also the only thing I, Leng Tong, can do."

"Since Saint Leng is such a frank person, then I shall not offer my condolences. I was the one who killed them; saying things like that will make me seem like a hypocrite. I admit that I am not a good person, but I am no villain! I believe Saint Leng is aware of why I killed them. We are all well aware of everything regarding this matter. If Saint Leng does not wish to seek revenge, then I shall take my leave now."

Leng Tong sat quietly with his head hung low, looking at the ground. He said coldly, "This matter was entirely the wrong of the three Holy Lands! I couldn't find a reason to seek revenge for them. These comrades of mine are dead, and that is all there is to it. I, Leng Tong, am not someone incapable of differentiating right from wrong! And it is beneath my dignity to be involved in those unacceptable, despicable acts! Furthermore… This pathetic life of mine… cannot end before the War for Seizing the Heavens… It is not worth it to die in your hands!"

He paused and turned away. "Furthermore, you guys also need to participate in the War for Seizing the Heavens… and at only eighteen years of age, you already have this level of cultivation. Your future is endless. I believe you'll live a longer life than any of us…"

He continued bitterly. "Perhaps, in the next War for Seizing the Heavens, we still need you to take charge and lead everyone. I may be stupid, but I can still clearly tell this difference concerning such a crucial juncture."

He raised his head and looked at Jun Mo Xie. "So no matter what, I shall not go against you. Seven days later, I will make my way to the Pillar of Heavens Mountains and quietly wait for that War for Seizing the Heavens in a year and seven months' time. Everything else in the mortal realm—the gratitude and grudges of the world—will no longer have anything to do with me, Leng Tong!"

Jun Mo Xie nodded. "Then I shall wish you a safe and sound journey! Perhaps, a year and half later, we may meet again! And we will… have the opportunity to fight alongside each other!"

Leng Tong did not reply, slowly turning around to face Jun Mo Xie. Seemingly mumbling to himself, he said, "The Saints, Saint Kings of the three Holy Lands may still be able to choose the path of the greater good. But… Mo Wu Dao will definitely not let the person who killed his brother off… The arrogant Illusory Blood Sea will also not allow themselves to suffer such a great disadvantage! After this, who knows how many foul winds and bloody rain will be triggered… perhaps… seeking refuge for now is the best choice. The three Holy Lands are still unaware of what had happened here, but… it can't be kept hidden for long… Sooner or later, they will learn of it… There isn't much time left…"

After saying this, Leng Tong continued to sit quietly, not making a single noise anymore.

Jun Mo Xie sighed and cupped his hands. "Thank you for the reminder! Take care!" Then, he disappeared in a flash.

Leng Tong continued to sit silently before the grave, the cold wind gently lifting the fabrics of his clothes. Sorrowful and desolate, almost as if his entire body joined the four Saints that lay buried before him as one…

Through that conversation with Leng Tong, Jun Mo Xie understood that he had spent three days and three nights in the Hongjun Pagoda.

Chen Chong and the rest did not manage to send any message out, and clearly Leng Tong did not report to the three Holy Lands. In other words, he still had some buffer time.

Following this train of thought, it would be half a month later when the three Holy Lands finally confirmed this news and sent out the next batch of people. And he could make all the necessary arrangements within this half a month… but the matter involving the royal family of Tian Xiang needed to be sped up… if it slowed down, then he really wouldn't have enough time to sort it out…

On this journey, Jun Mo Xie could sense that his original Xuan Qi had vanished for good. But it didn't mean that he had lost all his martial arts because what had replaced it was some sort of mysterious energy. This energy was not as powerful as his original Xuan Qi, but it was extremely flexible!

This seemed to be a new starting point!

Although there was no significant improvement in his skills, but his meridians had gone through a complete change. If his original Spiritual Qi could be compared to regular cotton threads. then this current, vague, purple Qi was the silk of the divine silkworm!

After this change, his meridians became extremely light and flexible, allowing him to accomodate more spiritual Qi! And while the purple Qi that had replaced the spiritual Qi occupied a small margin of the space in there, the energy and strength it was capable of exuding was almost the same as the combined strength of his normal Qi before this metamorphosis!

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