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Jun Wu Yi's neck turned red, and his breath grew heavy as he gritted his teeth. "Little rascal, you're really asking for a beating, aren't you?"

Jun Mo Xie laughed complacently. "Third Uncle, what's that Third Aunt of mine doing nowadays? She can't always be hanging around you all day long, right?"

A trace of warmth shone in Jun Wu Yi's eyes as he smiled. "Where would she have the time for me? She's dedicated her entire heart to taking care of those kids, even inviting famed doctors from far and wide to look after them. She even told me that she wants to build a large camp and take in all the poor children in the world with nowhere to go and take care of them… whether they be the children of soldiers who died in battle, or commoners, they would all be treated equally…"

Jun Mo Xie breathed a sigh of relief and nodded his head. "Third Aunt is such a nice person."

At the same time, his eyes flashed and he said in a serious tone. "However, Third Uncle, I'm afraid this matter can only proceed after some time. You should make the necessary preparations; very shortly, we must prepare to move! We will be leaving Tian Xiang City!"

Jun Wu Yi's eyes widened with shock. "Why? Leave Tian Xiang City? Where will we move to? Is there such a need?"

"There is absolutely such a need. We must move to Tian Fa Forest as quickly as possible!" Jun Mo Xie drew a deep breath and continued. "I've come here today to discuss this matter."

Jun Wu Yi's expression grew heavy. "Because of the three Holy Lands?"

"Yes! It will be comparatively safer over there." Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows and said. "Earlier, the three Holy Lands lost nine Venerables and 600 peak level experts at the snowy peaks! And this time at Tian Xiang, nine Saints came out with only a single one returning… the enmity from this matter is too big, to an irreconcilable point! And right now, although I have the strength to protect myself, I do not have the power to protect the entire family!"

"If the three Holy Lands come once again, I'm afraid things will not be as simple. Although matters were rather serious before, it had not reached a point beyond saving! But now that they'd taken such a huge loss, they will definitely not underestimate us again! At that time, I'm afraid one of us will die… the chances of our Jun Family being wiped out is also incredibly high!"

Jun Mo Xie continued helplessly. "So in order to prevent casualties on our side, we must run and hide immediately! We will retreat into Tian Fa Forest! Truthfully, only that place will give me more assurance!"

"If it's really as serious as you say, not only must we retreat, we must also bring the Dugu Family, Duanmu Family, Sikong Family, and the Dongfang Family as well!" Jun Wu Yi said with tightly knitted brows. "Since the three Holy Lands will not spare our Jun Family, the other Families who are close to use will also turn into targets for their vengeance! If anything happens to them, how will the two of us feel at peace?"

Jun Mo Xie shook his head and sighed longly. "Third Uncle, it's too late! Right now, we can only move the most important people into Tian Fa first! As long as the few important people are gone, even with the three Holy Lands' arrogance, even if they're more unresigned, they wouldn't necessarily raise their swords against ordinary folks!"

"In that case, I'll immediately look for brother Duanmu, brother Sikong, and the rest first to discuss further." Jun Wu Yi said decisively. "Mo Xie, you will be in charge of arranging things with the Xuan Beasts. This matter must not be delayed. Since we've decided to go, then we will do so swiftly. The faster the better, in case of any unexpected changes!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled. "Third Uncle, please be rest assured. I've already settled things with Big Bear and the other Beast Kings. We're only waiting for the discussions on your side. After that, we can move immediately! The priority is in the first batch. All the important people must be moved away! After that, we will set up our base in the Tian Fa Forest as quickly as possible. That way, we have a much better chance of facing the three Holy Lands. At the very least, we will not be in danger of being annihilated at any time!"

Jun Mo Xie said energetically. He'd already thought of another thing as well. Although Mei Xue Yan could not come out temporarily, and she was also unwilling to appear in her non human form, she would certainly still be very happy when she knew that she had returned to Tian Fa Forest…

Jun Wu Yi nodded slowly. "This matter cannot be delayed. I will go and make the arrangements immediately!" As his words left his mouth, his body blurred and he disappeared.

Third Master Jun was a very clever man. He could clearly sense that this was an extremely critical time. Perhaps at any time, the vengeance of their enemy would arrive. Since they'd already decided to retreat, they had to act decisively. They could not afford even the slightest delay!

At this time, the only person atop the tall walls was Jun Mo Xie.

As he looked at the roiling dust of the city, he felt an indescribable emptiness in his heart. Or rather… perplexion! These inexplicably subtle feelings were his innermost feelings, his emotions.

Joking around with Jun Wu Yi had triggered his own heart.

He was already 18 years old, and it was about time for him to face the matters of marriage and forming a family…

But right now, there were some contradictions in his heart. As a man, it was only natural that some thoughts would form in his mind when he saw a beautiful girl. Jun Mo Xie was certainly not an exception! Moreover, he already had Guan Qing Han, who was already his woman, and Dugu Xiao Yi, whom the elders of the two families had arranged for him to marry…

Guan Qing Han was gentle and strong willed, cold and honest, and as beautiful as a fairy. Dugu Xiao Yi was lively and cute, stubborn and cheerful. Her appearance was also one among ten thousand!

But Jun Mo Xie realized to his surprise that in this period, he actually did not think of them at all. All his thoughts were placed on Mei Xue Yan alone… Jun Mo Xie himself knew that this was undoubtedly unfair to Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi.

Even when he was masquerading as a debauchee, Dugu Xiao Yi had seen the good in him. She could be said to have done everything she could to gain his affection. Although some of her actions were too overboard and ridiculous, even resulting in serious consequences, it was undeniable that that little lass's heart was truly devoted to him. Jun Mo Xie could clearly see everything she had done and kept them in his heart. How could he remain unmoved against such dedicated love?

Guan Qing Han's selfless sacrifice for the sake of the Jun Family was also something that he could see very clearly! For the sake of the Jun Family, she would rather throw away her own life, and not only once! In order to save his life last time, she hadn't even hesitated to sacrifice her chastity. How can Jun Mo Xie not be moved by such a girl? How could he not cherish her?

Alas, life was sometimes contradictory like that. Although Jun Mo Xie clearly knew all this, and he had also decided to be with these two girls forever, he still felt a little guilty in his heart towards them.

Whether it was Mei Xue Yan, Guan Qing Han, or Dugu Xiao Yi!

A man could not be in love with two women at the same time! Because there was ultimately only one portion of true love to give. The moment one found their one true love, it would be for a lifetime, never to part forever. Jun Mo Xie was truly in love with Mei Xue Yan. Towards Guan Qing Han, it was a sense of admiration and responsibility. Towards Dugu Xiao Yi, it was a protectiveness, liking, and… responsibility!

He had feelings for all of them! Or perhaps, even the most common problem among men. amorousness…

It was an undeniable fact. If Guan Qing Han or Dugu Xiao Yi left now, Jun Mo Xie would not be able to accept it. He would rage, and he would be filled with sorrow! But if Mei Xue Yan disappeared, his heart would completely shatter, and he would completely turn into a maddened state!

Men ah, men. Am I also a man who cannot detach myself from all these things? Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly as he examined this abnormal state of mind. The more he thought, the more muddled his mind became. This was the first time that he felt that a man with a harem was actually an extremely exhausting thing. Not all of them were truly happy!

F*ck, am I still a cold blooded killer?

Jun Mo Xie asked himself with a bitter smile. Would a killer, or a King of Assassins be like this?

This question was seemingly impossible to answer.

Men, like women, were contradictory creatures by nature!

No matter how loyal a man was, he would still turn to take a second look if he saw a beautiful girl in the streets!

An appreciation for beautiful things was something that everyone had!

Since there were no results even if he pondered further, then he would just let nature take its course.

Jun Mo Xie walked down the tower slowly, his heart in a mess.

For the first time in his life, he did not dare confront his feelings. It was the first time he was so affected!

By the time he reached the great hall, Jun Wu Yi had already gathered everyone important, and they were in the middle of a discussion.

Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun were free spirited people who did not have fixed lodgings. To them, it didn't really matter where the Jun Family was going to move to. The ones that truly exceeded Jun Mo Xie's expectations were unexpectedly the Dongfang Family, Duanmu Family, and Sikong Family.

Dongfang Wen Qing had the strongest objection about the decision to move to Tian Fa Forest!

"Third brother, your suggestion is too ridiculous. Although the Jun Family is now considered as a super family, the number of people in your family is actually very little. If you wish to move to the Tian Fa Ferocious Land, it wouldn't be too hard. But our Dongfang Family has only just broken our vows with great difficulty, and we're making a bright comeback. What reason do we have to hide into Tian Fa Forest like tortoises?

"Not to mention other things, that place is ultimately the territory of Tian Fa's myriad beasts. We can interact harmoniously with the Beast Kings, but if you want our Dongfang Family to hide in Tian Fa Ferocious Land, it's absolutely impossible! Even if we took 10,000 steps back and talked, the three Holy Lands has an irreconcilable grudge with only the Jun Family. Our Dongfang Family has never harmed their interests in any direct way before. No matter how narrow minded Mo Wu Dao may be, he's still considered a peak expert of a generation. Surely he wouldn't direct his wrath towards a bunch of worldly families! For these reasons, our Dongfang Family will not retreat!"

Dongfang Wen Dao and Dongfang Wen Jian were of the same opinion as well. Even more surprising to Jun Mo Xie was that Sikong An Ye and Duanmu Chao Fan also thought the same way!

"The Jun Family is the main target, so it's completely reasonable to want to retreat! But there shouldn't be such a need for our two families. After all, the three Holy Lands are well reputed powers. If they really decided to bully us regular families out of spite, that would be too much of a stain on their reputation. They couldn't afford to bear such a shame! Thus, Third brother, you can rest assured about the few of us. Still, we agree with Mo Xie's suggestion. If the Jun Family doesn't retreat, it would definitely receive the terrible retribution of the three Holy Lands…"

"Everyone, the safety of your families should be held in your own hands! How can you bet it on the kindness of the three Holy Lands! Such a decision is equivalent to placing the life and death of your entire families in other people's hands! This is the most unreliable choice! This junior hopes that everyone can reconsider!" Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows deeply and said as soon as he heard the results of this meeting.

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